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Somali community mourns the death of Abdulle Rage, a well-known and respected poet

The daily papers in Mogadishu are reporting that the Somali communities in Somalia and abroad are mourning the death of Abdulle Rage (Daraawil).

Abdulle was a well-known Somali poet that has inspired many Somalis with his "Gabey".

Abdulle has lived through the worst days of the civil war in Mogadishu and has spoken many times against the former dictator as well as the senseless fighting waged by the warlords.

The Somali Intellectuals in Mogadishu and here in Toronto issued a statement that with Abdulle " a great man which was a bridge between the traditional Somali society and the modern society has died, but his words will live in our hearts forever".

Like most of the Somali poets Abdulle's poems were recorded, and in some instances, memorized by his contemporaries.


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