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Aid agency pulls out of northeast Somalia after failed attack

International NGO Action Against Hunger have pulled out of northeastern Somalia after a grenade was thrown over the compound wall at night. It hit the roof but didn't explode.

According to UN sources, the failed attack on 13 June was from a disgruntled job-seeker.

Last month, MSF-Holland pulled out of the northeast when a man threatened one of its staff in an unresolved issue over a contract.

There are only five international staff left in the northwest region of Somalia, said a UN source.

A recent order by the Puntland authorities that aid agencies stop using militia as hired protection, and use police, remains "under discussion" UN sources told IRIN.

Aid agencies still need to hire militia men, said the source, because no police have been provided. Puntland authorities are "holding back" on the original directive, said the source.



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