Ain't That Somalia's Shame?

By Muhiadin M Ahmed "Abaas" lives in Ottawa, Canada

Proud to be Somali
In my own way
Always represent my country by actions and deeds.

Always Respect and Solute to those who lost their lives
A Somalia nation
A flag, identity, language, culture.

Forgotten realization, but it's my way.

True Somali
With pure Somali original blood
With no colonization, no tribalism ties
And, Above all, no division among Somalia people
Somalia Golden days
Where everyone is treated almost the same
That is my Somalia era.

At one point, the proudest people on earth.

Somalia got sick with a mysterious disease
Diagnosed, but
Not curable
Tribalism is the cancer of the Somalia Nation
The deadliest disease in Somalia

Somalia's future depends on,
How it cures this deadly disease.

Those who are suppose to cure
Get ill with same disease
Unable to function properly

For that end
Somalia lost hope
Stuck on a dead end road.

Somalia needs assistance
Outside help
Push it a bit

To restart all over again

For that Admission itself,
Makes us all ashamed to be ourselves

If you aren't at that stage
You're living on another planet.

Remember, Revive and Represent Somalia