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Somalis seek unity in statewide council (The Associated Press - Friday, April 09, 2004) Mohamoud Mohamed wanted to leave clan divisions behind ..

SPR Calls For the Arrest of Somali Warlord Col. Abdullahi Yousuf ! Galkaio City, Somalia - Somali Peace Rally - ( 9th April 2004 ) It has now become an open secret that Puntland’s dictator, Col. Abdullahi Yousuf, is on his way to

DHIBAATO KALA SOO DERISTAY SOOMAALIDA DHANKA BAASABOORADA ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 9th April 2004 ) Waxaa waayadan danbe si aad ah u soo kordhay dhibaatada ay dadka Soomaalidu ku qabaan isticmaalka..

Somalia: Child Malnutrition in Parts of the North (IRIN) (April 8, 2004 ) About 20 percent of the children in the drought-affected northern Somali regions of Sool and Sanaag

Concern over 'mystery containers' off Somalia (April 08 2004 ) Mogadishu, Somalia - A number of mysterious containers seen in the waves off the coast of Somalia
ON THE LIMITS OF SURVIVAL April 08 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - If one compares the genocide in Rwanda to what had happened in Somalia one reminds him or her the Syrian proverb that goes: "I had no shoes; and I was sad; but then I met a man who had no feet."
What Clinton Knew About Rwanda Genocide (East African Standard) Nairobi )   DECISION MAKERS at the highest levels of the United States government received extensive ...

Somali Leaders Seek Museveni Help ! Kampala, Abubaker Mukose,New Vision - ( 7th April 2004 ) UGANDA holds the key to the resumption of the Somali peace-talks which stalled last month, the ....

Busy first day for new police boss ! Nairobi,Kenya - Story by MARK AGUTU and STEPHEN MUIRURI - ( 7th April 2004 ) New police commissioner Brigadier Mohamed Hussein Ali yesterday spent a busy first day in office..

Ethiopia reburies Mengistu dead ! Addis Ababa , BBC News - ( 6th April 2004 ) Ethiopia says it has reburied the remains of 87 people killed during the rule of the former........

Family to sue over hospital desecration London,UK- Hugh Muir of the Guardian - ( 6th April 2004 ) Relatives of the Muslim woman whose corpse was desecrated with bacon as it lay in a hospital.......

Army brigadier is new crime buster Nairobi,Kenya - By Dominic Wabala of the East African Standard - ( 6th April 2004 ) President Kibaki yesterday sacked Police Commissioner Edwin Nyaseda and replaced him with a.....

Al-Qaeda Link Seen in Attack on Aid Workers JEDDAH, 5 April 2004 — The interior minister of the northern region of breakaway Somaliland

Yemen pays tribes to not shelter al-Qaida cells Sana'a, Yemen - Associated Press - ( 5th April 2004 ) Yemen, the ancestral home of Osama bin Laden, has dismantled 90 percent of al-Qaida cells in the...

ROOBAB KA CURTAY SOOMAALIA ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 5th April 2004 ) Roobabka xilliga gu'ga ayaa ka curtay meelo ka tirsan gobolada waqooyi iyo kuwa dhexe ee dalka.....

Finding truth, and horror, in pictures New York City - Ellis Henican, ( 5th April 2004 ) There is writing it — and then there is showing it. "People will simply not believe it unless you..

Somalia seeks help from UAE ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By Stanley Carvalho, Gulf News Staff Reporter - ( 4th April 2004 ) Somalia is seeking the cooperation of the UAE in regulating the hawala system of money transfer....

WEFDI DAWLADDA KMG AH OO LAGU QAABILAY DUBAI ! Dubai,UAE - By ( 4th April 2004 ) Wefdi uu hogaaminayo Wasiirka Gaashaandhigga Dawladda KMG ah Mudane Adam Axmed Cabdi oo beryahanba.

Somali held here for two years without trial Tel Aviv, Israel - By Ruth Sinai, ( 4th April 2004 ) A Somali citizen who fled his country fearing for his life has been held without trial for 2 years

The Secessionist Campaign in London: An Eye-Witness London,UK- Commentary by By Professor Abdi Ismail Samatar - ( 3rd April 2004) The debate pertaining to the integrity of the Somali nation has entered a critical phase as the....

Gruesome images stir bad memories of Mogadishu Falluja,Iraq - The New Zealand Herald - ( 3rd April 2004) Graphic images of Americans being mutilated in Iraq could shake US public support for the........

Somali Journalists Create Press Freedom Monitoring Network ! Toronto, - ( 2nd April 2004 ) For the first time in Somalia, press-freedom violations will be systematically documented and.....
'Taken over by Satan' April 02- 2004 - By BBC - In 1994 in the village of Nyarubuye, Rwanda, the Hutu majority went on a killing spree in the local church, slaughtering neighbours and friendsf
Rejoin peace talks, Somalia leaders urged       MOGADISHU, Somalia, April 1 (UPI) -- Leaders of war-town Somalia have ...

Peace Demonstration Held in Mogadishu (Muqdisho April 01 2004) Several thousand Somalis, mainly women and children, demonstrated in Mogadishu's main stadium

KUSIMIHII MUSE SUUDI EE USC/SSA CALI AXMED (BEEREEY) OO LAGU DILAY KAARAAN (Muqdisho) ( Warar la hubo ayaa sheegay in Kaaraan xalay lagu dilay Cali Axmed Maxamed (Cali Beerey) oo ahaa

Top gun dies in 'friendly fire' (News24 on April 1 2004) Mogadishu - A senior Somali militia commander was killed in Mogadishu

U.S. vows not to back off as it did in Somalia ! Washington D.C. By Mike Allen, The Washington Post - ( 1st April 2004 ) After yesterday's brutal attacks on American civilians in Iraq, President Bush and his aides......

Somali Ministers arrive in Tripoli ! Tripoli,Libya - By ( 1st April 2004 ) The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Transitional National Government of Somalia Yousef Hassan..

XIISADDA QUNSULLIYADDA OO WELI TAAGAN ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 1st April 2004 ) Iyadoo maanta laga joogo muddo todobaad ah markii Danjirayaasha Dawladda KMG ah u jooga dalalka....

Sudanese Islamist leader arrested ! Khartoum,Sudan - BBC News - ( 31st March 2004 ) Sudan's authorities have arrested the opposition Islamist leader Hassan al-Turabi over an alleged..

Diary from a Somali aid operation Bosasso,Somalia - BBC News - ( 31st March 2004 ) Somalia has a reputation as a difficult and dangerous place for aid workers. Marcus Prior is......

Hopes of Revitalising Peace Talks (Nairobi) The facilitators of stalled Somali peace talks are hoping to make progress this week with the start

Capsized ship 'kills 100 Somalis' (BBC on March 30 2004) As many as 100 Somalis may have died after their boat capsized as they tried to reach Yemen, reports

Somalia Hospital Bosasso,Somalia - Mark Corcoran , ( 30th March 2004 ) In Somalia, the devastation of 14 years of civil war and famine is evident throughout the country -

Somalia rids itself of the plague of polio (March 29 2004) Nairobi - The United Nations has removed conflict-ravaged Somalia from a list of polio
Talking Point: BACK TO SQUARE ONE Mach 29- 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - I hate to go back to the first peace conference in Djibouti in 1992 to examine the antics of the warlords and their hell bent record to keep the status quo, come what may. The result of subsequent peace talks (14 of them) is shameful ....
Somali peace talks stall at critical stage (East African Estandard) (Monday, March 29, 2004)   The chickens seemed to be coming home to roost on the Somali peace

Living in fear: my week with the hidden asylum seekers (Sunday March 28, 2004) (The Observer ) As the police crack down on the trade in

SHACABKA SOMALIDDA OO KA CAROODAY GO'AANADII MAXAEMED DHEERE ( ) Go'aankii Gudoomihaya isku magacaabay inuu ka taliyo Gobolka Shabeelada Dhexe ee

Somali women held for wearing Muslim veil (March 28 2004) Mogadishu - Seventeen women have been arrested in southern Somalia's Middle Shabbelle region for

Americans hunt for al-Qa'eda in Mogadishu ruins (By Adrian Blomfield in Mogadishu ) Even the crumbling buildings seemed to be holding their breath as the column of Somali gunmen crept

Prosecutors: Somali took money from two groups linked to terror SAN DIEGO - Federal prosecutors filed additional charges Friday against the head of a San Diego

US missions to reopen in UAE; ‘threat was likely a hoax’ (Khaleej Times) DUBAI - The American missions in the Emirates were ready to reopen two days after closing due to a t

Immigrants win fight for health cards (March 26 2004) (Free Press Reporter) A London immigrant who battled for 10 years with provincial and federal officials to get correct off

Bantu refugees begin exodus to Oregon (March 26 2004) (Portland News) The first several of about 150 Somali Bantu refugees slated to be resettled in the Portland area hav

Somali rivalry, not terrorism (News24) (25/03/2004 10) Dubai - A man detained in connection with a "specific threat" against the US embassy in the United

Commentry: Editor for BBC Somali Section Continues to ignore fair and balance reporting (Originally from (By M Karaani ) As the surviving family members of the Somali civil war, we are horrified after listening to the BBC

Desperate Somalis yearn to escape to UK (Mail and Guardian) (25 March 2004 ) A knack for making the best of a poor situation is a prerequisite for most

Arab fund reschedules $280m Sudanese debt ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - Zawya (Gulf News) ( 25th March 2004 ) In an unprecedented move, the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) has rescheduled Sudan's debt to the fund....

US missions in UAE shut after dubious tip-off ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - Gulf News Staff Reporter - ( 25th March 2004 ) The US embassy in Abu Dhabi and its consulate in Dubai were closed yesterday following a dubious...

Somalia and Iraq: Looking Back and Ahead (By Mickey Z.) (March 24, 2004) The preamble to the United Nations Charter begins, "We the people of the United Nations determined

Alert hits German leader's tour ! Djibouti, BBC News - ( 24th March 2004 ) German President Johannes Rau has cancelled a visit to Djibouti because of a "concrete threat of an

Somali Warlords Have Vested Interest In The Perpetuation of Somali Civil War ! Galkaio,Somalia - ( Somali Peace Rally ) - ( 24th March 2004 ) Since the collapse of Somali State, Somali warlords have wilfully and brutally caused mass killings

U.N. condemns killing of Somali aid worker UNITED NATIONS, March 23 (UPI) -- U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland Tuesday
Finnish researcher sees Somali-born young men as "first true Europeans in Finland"   (Tuesday 23.3.2004 ) The lives of young men from Somalia who found themselves in the Helsinki region as children are powerfully influenced by a worldwide family network which is independent of national boundaries.
CABDIQASIM OO KA GILGISHAY EEDEYNTII SOMALILAND ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 24th March 2004 ) Madaxweynaha dawladda KMG ah Cabdiqasim Salad Xasan oo shalay la hadlayay Danjirayaasha Soomaaliya.

UGANDA-SOMALIA: EC gives €14 million in humanitarian aid Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( 23rd March 2004 ) The EC has allocated €14 million (about US $17.5 million) in humanitarian aid to vulnerable people

ETHIOPIAN FOREIGN MINISTER VISITS EMIRATES ! Dubai,UAE - By ( 23rd March 2004 ) The Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin was yesterday received by Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid....
Talking Point: DON'T FORGET HUMAN RIGHTS: CANADIAN FOREIGN MINISTER Mach 21- 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - In a speech at the UN Commission on Human Rights, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Bill Graham has highlighted over a ground I had previously covered in my TALKING POINTS in this website.
WASIIRKA GAASHAANDHIGA DKMG AH OO NIAMEY SHIR UGA QAYB GALAY ! Niamey,Niger - By ( 23rd March 2004 ) Wasiirka Gaashaandhigga ee Dawladda KMG ah Mudane Adam Ahmed Cabd
Crimes anger Somali leaders
  (March 22, 2004)   SOMALI community leaders say they are furious and embarrassed by a recent string

Somalia: Two Aid Workers Killed in Somaliland ! Hargeisa, North Western Somalia - Allafrica/IRIN ( 22nd March 2004 ) Two aid workers working for the German development agency (GTZ) in the self-declared republic of...

DANJIRAYAAL BOOQDAY RUGTA CAAFIMAADKA CARAFAAT EE MUQDISHA ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 22nd March 2004 ) Waxaa shalay Xaruunta caafimaadka takhasusiga ah ee Carafaat oo ku taala magaala madaxdan Muqdisha.

Somali talks under threat ! Nairobi,Kenya - By Konchora Guracha, The Sunday Standard - ( 21st March 2004 ) The protracted Somali peace talks were headed for further trouble yesterday as a group of faction..

Dozens of Somalis killed in clan fighting MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) - Fighting between rival clans in central Somalia over grazing land Somali leaders threaten peace talks walkout (ABC News) (Saturday, March 20, 2004)   A group of Somali leaders are threatening to quit the
MAGOOL OO KU GEERIYOOTAY DALKA HOLLAND !   - Amistardam,20ka Marso,2004 -   Waxaa shalay (19/03/2004) ku geeriyootay magaalada Amistardam ee dalka Holland Xaliima Khaliif Cumar (Magool)oo ka tirsanaan jirtay aas-aasayaasha Hobalada Qaranka ee Waaberi .Allaha u naxariistee , waxay Xaliima ku bilowday fankeeda dabayaaqadii kontameeyadii, iyadoo marka hore heesaha ka qaadi jirtay Raadiyo Hargeisa, kadibna
Shaqaale samafal oo lagu weeraray daafaha Hargeisa ! Hargeisa, North Western Somalia - bbc Somali News - ( 20th March 2004 ) Wararka naga soo gaaraya magaalada Hargeisa, ayaa sheegaya in gabar u dhalatay .

Somali accused of terrorism may face more charges in US (March 20, 2004) US prosecutors are considering more charges against a Somali man suspected of having terrorist links

Banaanbaxii gooni isutaaga Somaliland ee London lagu qabtay ... (by Waxaa magaalada London ka dhacay shalay galabnimadii dibadbax lagu dalbanayo sidii ictiraaf dowladee

Children's play gives Somalis stake in culture (March 19 2004) (Pioneer Press) Mohamud Noor knows that culture — whether it's his own Somali ancestry or American popular norms

Somali president hails peace talks (REUTERS - THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 2004]) MOGADISHU: Somalia's President Abdulkassim Salat Hassan on Thursday hailed developments

Children saw school-gate killing ! Birmingham, UK - BBC News - ( 17th March 2004 ) Young children witnessed a fatal stabbing as a 39-year-old man collected his child from school in ..

Somali delegates open talks on power-sharing (AFP - WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17) NAIROBI: A third round of talks aimed at restoring a functional government in Somalia resumed

Eritrea: Eking Out a Living in Emkulu ! Massawa, Eritrea - Allafrica/IRIN - ( 17th March 2004 ) As the blazing sun mercilessly beats down on her, Halima Abdi Adam squints and tries to find some..

SOMALIA: IGAD and observers dismayed by arms inflow Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( 17th March 2004 ) The members of Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) facilitation committee for the...

MAXAA DHALIYAY XIISADDA KA TAAGAN QUNSULLIYADDA SOOMAALIYEED EE DUBAI ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 17th March 2004 ) Tan iyo markay burburtay nidaamka Dawladdii Maxamed Siyaad Barre horraantii 1991 iyo ilaa iyo .....

Somaliland seeks admittance in AU (Herald Reporter) THE Republic of Somaliland is courting Zimbabwe’s support so that it can be admitted as a member of

KU-SIMAHA RA'IISUL WASAARAHA DKMG AH OO QAABILAY SAFIIRO SOOMAALIYEED ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 17th March 2004 ) Ku-simaha Ra'iisul wasaaraha Dowladda KMG ah Dr. Xuseen Xaaji Bood ayaa ku qaabilay shalay......

Kenyan Minister Laments Fresh Travel Warnings By US ! Nairobi,Kenya - (The Nation ) - ( 17th March 2004 ) A minister yesterday termed as "regrettable" the decision by the United States last Friday to renew

SOMALIA: Make national interest paramount, Arab League tells peace talks participants ! Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( 16th March 2004 ) The Arab League, of which Somalia is a member, has called on Somali parties attending the peace...

26 Somalis Picked Up for Entering Zambia Illegally ! Nakonde, ( The Times of Zambia ) - ( 16th March 2004 ) TWENTY-SIX Somalis have been picked up for entering Zambia using forged travel documents.......

Neighbor sees terror breeding in Somalia ! Washington D.C. By Tom Carter, THE WASHINGTON TIMES - ( 16th March 2004 ) Washington and the international community do not fully appreciate that lawless Somalia has become

Kenyan leader could lose powers ! Nairobi,Kenya - BBC News - ( 15th March 2004 ) Delegates at Kenya's constitutional conference have voted to reject a government-backed proposal to

SOMALIA: Process moving to phase three, say IGAD ministers ! Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( 15th March 2004 ) Foreign ministers from member states of the regional Inter-Governmental Authority on Development ..

MURAN KA TAAGAN XARUUNTA QUNSULLIYADDA SOOMAALIYEED EE DUBAI ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 15th March 2004 ) Bilahan danbe muran xoog leh oo ka taagnaa Xaruunta Qunsulliyadda Soomaaliyeed ee Magaalada Dubai .

Kenya oo tixgalin siineysa qaxootiga ! Nairobi,Kenya - Cabdirazaaq Xaaji Catoosh - BBCSomali. com - ( 14th March 2004 ) Dowladda dalka Kenya ayaa Waxa ay sheegtay in dhowaan la meel marin doono tixgalin la siin doono...

Kuwait eases visa rule for 34 countries ! Kuwait City - By (AFP) ( 14th March 2004 ) Kuwait yesterday scrapped prior visa requirements for citezens of 34 countries . The new decision ..

FOUR AMBASSADORS ARRIVE IN MOGADISHU ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 14th March 2004 ) Four Somali Ambassadors who reside in the gulf countries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,the United
Talking Point: THE PLIGHT OF THE SOMALI BANTUS AND OTHER MINORITIES - PART II Mach 13- 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - It seems that many Somalis, particularly the Waryaa component of the population lost their tongues to openly denounce the heinous crimes committed against the Somali Bantus and other minorities in Somalia.
Hopes, fears at Somali talks (March 12 2004) (By Kwendo Opanga - EAS)   The grumbling that has hit the Somali peace process in Nairobi threatens to dismantle 16 months of

Launch of New Somalia Government Delayed (voa) Kenya says the formal launch of a new government for Somalia has been delayed because

First Somali family arrives in Akron ! Akron,Ohio - Akron Beacon Journal - ( 12th March 2004 ) The Mugaza family, Akron's newest immigrant residents, arrived tired and bleary-eyed at the Akron-

Finland deports first Somali to Somaliland (Foreign - Friday 12.3.2004) Finland has deported a citizen of Somalia for the first time.

SOMALIA: Growing food insecurity in northern and central regions ! Garowe, Nugal - IRIN - ( 11th March 2004 ) Food insecurity in the pastoral areas of north and central Somalia has worsened in the last three

Somalia: Peace Process Should Move Into Phase Three, Say Igad And Partners ! Nairobi,Kenya - Allafrica/IRIN - ( 11th March 2004 ) The members of Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) facilitation committee for the...

Somalian-born author attacked by stalker (Thursday March 11, 2004) The actress, model and best-selling author Waris Dirie was last night recovering after an obsessed

TNG RECALLS ITS GULF ENVOYS FOR CONSULTATIONS ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 11th March 2004 ) The President of Transitional National Government of Somalia Abdiqassim Salad Hassan had reportedly

Housewife fined Dh10,000 over death of maid ! Dubai,UAE - By Bassam Za'za', Gulf News Staff Reporter - ( 11th March 2004 ) A housewife was fined Dh10,000 for illegally hiring a 14-year-old maid who died of horrific burns

Somali defendant issues United States a challenge ! Detroit, BY TAMARA AUDI, FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER - ( 11th March 2004 ) A Somali man who was ordered deported by a Detroit immigration judge Tuesday night has waived his

Faction leaders warn of possible peace talks collapse NAIROBI, 10 Mar 2004 (IRIN) - Over a dozen faction leaders ..

Court orders deportation of Somali man investigated for possible terror links DETROIT (AP) -- An immigration court ordered the deportation of a Somali refugee who was investigate

Bring the Somali Warlords to Justice Somali Peace Rally (March 11 2004) The Somali people had their hopes rekindled upon hearing the establishment of the International

Volunteers prepare for Somali refugees (The Beacon Journal) (Wed, Mar. 10, 2004) Inside a five-unit brick apartment building in North Hill, the stage is being set for an Akron ..

War saxaafadeedyo iska soo horjeeda ! Nairobi,Kenya - Xasan Bariise,bbc - ( 9th March 2004 ) Labo warsaxaafadeed oo soo kala horjeeda ayey soo kala saareen Guddiga Fududeynta IGAD ee shirka...

ERITREA-ETHIOPIA: Border deadlock might get "dangerous", says Annan Addis Ababa , IRIN - ( 9th March 2004 ) Escalating tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea are threatening their current military stability,

Somali MP Got Death Threats, Court Told ! Nairobi,Kenya - (The Nation ) ( 9th March 2004 ) A Somali MP received death threats before he was murdered, a witness told a Nairobi court yesterday

House helps Bantu refugees settle in (March 9, 2004) (The State) Columbia’s first Bantu is moving out to make room for 10 others who will be arriving this week

Final Phase of Talks to Be Launched On 13 March (March 08 2004) (IRIN) Kenyan Foreign Minister Kalonzo Musyoka, who is also the chairman of the Inter-Governmental

Somalia: Campaign Against FGM Launched On Women's Day ! Mogadishu,Somalia - Allafrica/IRIN ( 8th March 2003 ) On the occasion of International Women's Day, a campaign against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) ..

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