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Xidigta Banadir

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Five dead as Somali MPs' escort returns fire in Mogadishu


Five people were killed and six wounded here Wednesday when gunmen escorting a parliamentary convoy returned fire on unknown assailants, witnesses told AFP.

It was not immediately clear whether the assailants were among the dead.

The members of the transitional assembly formed in Djibouti in late August had just arrived in Somalia, where they were due to establish the country's first parliament since the 1991 fall of president Mohammed Siad Barre.

"The parliamentarians arrived from Djibouti here peacefully after landing at Balidogle airport but received fire from freelance gunmen," said General Osman Skeikh Ali "Badma'eye", who is in charge of security for MPs, told AFP.

Freelance gunmen had been hired to provide security for the convoy.


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Xidigta Banadir

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