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BOOQASHADA COL. CABDULLAHI YUUSUF EE IMAARAADKA ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By - ( Sep 5 2004 ) Sida ay soo warisay wakaaladda Wararka Imaaraadka (WAM),waxaa madaxa walaayadda Puntland ee Waqooyi

New Somalia President to Be Sworn in September 22 The East African Standard (Nairobi) ( Sep 3 2004 ) A new president for Somalia is expected to be sworn in by September 22, following a unanimous

Ministries fight over Somalia peace process (Standard Team ) ( Sep 3 2004 ) A bitter fight for the control of the Somali peace process between two Kenyan ministries threatens

Editor of independent daily in Somaliland arrested for 15th time ( Sep 3 2004 ) Reporters Without Borders called today for the immediate release of the editor of the independent

Somali peace hopes rise as parliament meets Nairobi, Sep. 02 ( - Prospects for peace in Somalia improved this week, as members of

New parliament elects temporary chairman NAIROBI, 2 Sep 2004 (IRIN) - Somalia's newly constituted transitional parliament held

Somali peace hopes rise as parliament meets Nairobi, Sep. 02 ( - Prospects for peace in Somalia improved this week, as members of

AU deployment of peacekeepers to Somalia on course ( Aug 31 2004 ) Nairobi, Kenya, - The African Union (AU) peacekeeping force for Somalia is set for

U.S. lauds Somali transitional body ( Aug 31 2004 ) The U.S. State Department Tuesday welcomed the inauguration of the Somali Transitional Federal

Sore Losers May Threaten Somali Deal -Mediators ( Aug 31 2004 ) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Keeping the goodwill of the heavily armed losers will be as important as support

Somalia edges towards democracy ( Aug 31 2004 ) Somalia has moved closer to establishing its first central government

275-Member Somalia Parliament Inaugurated The East African Standard (Nairobi) ( Aug 31 2004 ) The Somali Peace process made a major stride yesterday when a

Somali parliament brings smiles to Mogadishu ( Aug 30 2004 ) Mogadishu - Residents of Mogadishu welcomed the news on Monday that a new Somali parliament

Somalia's New Parliament Is Inaugurated ( Aug 30 2004 ) Somalia's new parliament was inaugurated Sunday at a ceremony in Kenya's capital.

African Union chief hails new Somali assembly ( Aug 29 2004 ) African Union chief hails new Somali assembly

'Significant turning point' for Somalia ( Aug 29 2004 ) Addis Ababa - The recent swearing-in in Nairobi of Somalia's transitional federal parliament is

Somali hospital finds its feet (BBC) ( Aug 27 2004 ) Staff at Mogadishu's newest maternity hospital are already saying the recent re-opening of the

Kalonzo Removed From Somali Peace Talks Role (Nairobi) ( Aug 27 2004 ) Environment minister Kalonzo Musyoka has been quietly removed as chairman of the Somali and Sudan

UN aid agencies push for Somali peace ( Aug 25 2004 ) Nairobi, Kenya, - UN aid agencies working under the Somalia Aid Co-ordination Body (SACB), hav

Somali football secretary dead (Nairobi) ( Aug 25 2004 ) The secretary general of Somali Football Federation (SFF), Mohammed Yusuf was buried yesterday at Ka

U.S. welcomes Somali parliament ( Aug 24 2004 ) The United States Monday welcomed the formation of a transitional parliament in

SOMALIA: Swear in the remaining MPs, US urges NAIROBI, 24 Aug 2004 (IRIN) - A day after Somali leaders inaugurated a new parliament in the Kenyan
Talking Point: WARLORDS ITCHING TO BECOME PRESIDENT Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) Aug 23- 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -The itch to become a President of tattered Somalia by a bunch of war criminals meeting in Mbgathi made my head spin and every drop of blood in my veins tingles with indignity and unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth.
Somali parliament opens works in Nairobi     ( Aug 23 2004 ) The new Somali parliament for the interim phase opened its deliberations yesterday

Somali parliament set in negotiating breakthrough Nairobi, Aug. 23 ( - Negotiations aimed at restoring a functional national government

POLITICS-SOMALIA: Women's Representation in New Parliament at Issue NAIROBI, Aug 23 (IPS) - Women from Somalia have expressed concern at the fact that they risk being

U.N. Welcomes Swearing In Of Somali Parliament ( Aug 23 2004 ) UNITED NATIONS, (AFP) - United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan congratulated on Sunday

Somalia takes shaky step to end anarchy ( Aug 23 2004 ) NAIROBI, KENYA -- Members of a new transitional parliament ...

New Somali parliament sworn in at UN office in Nairobi ( Aug 22 2004 ) NAIROBI : Somalia's new parliament, approved by all the main warlords in the Horn of

US Troops 'On Kenya-Somali Border Watch' The Nation (Nairobi) ( Aug 19 2004 ) American troops are helping their Kenyan counterparts to patrol the Somalia

U.S. must develop a Somalia strategy ( Aug 19 2004 ) Last month, the Bush administration missed its congressional ...

UNDP to encourage Somalis abroad to help motherland NAIROBI 18 Aug 2004 (IRIN) - The Somalia office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Hospital to aid Somali refugees ( Aug 18 2004 ) SPRINGFIELD - Two months after the first baby was born here of Somali Bantu parents and as the

Somalia arms embargo violated (Reuters ) ( Aug 18 2004 ) A 12-year-old U.N. arms embargo in Somalia is being routinely violated, fueling the cycle of violenc

Weapons flowing into Somalia ( Aug 18 2004 ) United Nations - The Security Council voted unanimously to create a new expert group to continue

Inauguration of new Somali parliament delayed ( Aug 18 2004 ) disputes among Horn of Africa country's subclans on how to share 275 seats delay opening of new

Somalia arms embargo violations fuel violence-UN UNITED NATIONS, Aug 16 (Reuters) - A 12-year-old U.N. arms embargo in Somalia is being

Somaliland frustrated over being ignored ( Aug 16 2004 ) (Afrol News) The non-recognised state Somaliland is increasingly frustrated by the intern

Baaq Nabadeed (Toronto - Canada) ( Aug 14 2004 ) Jaaliyadda Mudulood ee Dalka Kanada waxay muujinaysaa in ey si aada uga

New life in US for Somali Bantus (BBC) ( Aug 13 2004 ) It has been a year since Muya Malande and hundreds of other Somali Bantu left refugee camps in

Drought threatens Somali nomads (BBC) ( Aug 12 2004 ) A severe drought is threatening the nomadic lifestyle of 250,000 herdsmen in northern Somalia
Talking Point: SOMALIS IN AMERICA, TWO THUMPS UP Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) Aug 12- 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -After leaving behind a country torn apart by a brutal civil war compounded by man-made famine, more than three decades of military dictatorship, where judges in kangaroo courts made phone calls to find out how
Why Somali Talks Have Not Led to Peace   The East African (Nairobi) ( Aug 11 2004 ) The protracted and often acrimonious proceedings of the 14th Somali peace and reconciliation

IOC: Somali Olympic Committee president unwelcome in Athens ATHENS, Greece (AP) ( Aug 10 2004 ) The head of Somalia's Olympic Committee was declared persona non grata

Facts about the Bantu people (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) ( Aug 10 2004 ) Arab slave traders seized Bantus from their homes in the 19th century in Tanzania

EU Reiterates Support to Somali Delegates JEDDAH, 9 August 2004 — The European Union (EU) has reiterated its support to Somalia

CRD PRESENTS: High-Level Dialogue with the Somali Business Community (Djibouti 21st -22nd July 2004 ) ( Aug 7 2004 ) On July 21-22, 2002 members of the Somali business community met in Djibouti to discuss their role

Protected Status For Somalians Extended ( Aug 7 2004 ) WASHINGTON (AP) The Department of Homeland Security and Immigration has extended by one year the

Inauguration of New Somali Parliament Postponed ( Aug 6 2004 ) The inauguration of Somalia's new parliament has been postponed for two weeks to allow more time

Somali tells of Iraq kidnap ordeal (BBC) ( Aug 6 2004 ) A Somali truck driver kidnapped in Iraq has been talking about his ordeal after arriving safely back

UN calls for support of sports initiatives in Somalia as tool for peace ( Aug 6 2004 ) The United Nations team in Somalia today appealed to the international community to support sports

MOGADISHU KIDNAPPINGS ON THE RISE ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( Aug 6 2004 ) Trends of kidnapping which somewhat subsided at the begining of this year (2004) in the Capital....

Somalis’ suffering: until when? ( Aug 5 2004 ) Does the Somali two years peace conference in Kenya put an end to the sufferings of the Somali

free-for-all country: Somalia will languish until its people own it ( Aug 3 2004 ) On the day I needed to fly out of Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, to get back

Finding peace in America ( Aug 3 2004 )

Holland oo la hoyatey koobkii tartan ciyaareedka yurub ee ka socdey wadanka Holland ( Aug 2 2004 ) Holland oo la hoyatey koobkii tartan ciyaareedka yurub ee ka socdey wadanka Holland

Calls made to rein in Somalia's warlords ( Aug 2 2004 ) Nairobi - Somalia's warlords, who have caused so much suffering during their country's 20-year

Iraqi Militants to Release Somali Hostage BAGHDAD, Iraq Aug. 2, 2004 — A militant group said Monday that it will release a Somali truck driver

Iraqis in Somalia Threatened With Beheading ( Aug 1 2004 ) JEDDAH,— A candidate for the presidency in Somalia said yesterday ,,

Inauguration of new Somali government deferred to next week ( Jul 30 2004 ) NAIROBI, July 30 (Xinhuanet) -- A new Somali government which was supposed to be inaugurated in

Amnesty wants warlords locked out of Somalia ( Jul 29 2004 ) Amnesty International wants warlords and other persons involved in human rights abuses in Somalia

Somali Edges Nearer to Peace (Nairobi) ( Jul 29 2004 ) Somali peace efforts have made good progress after a waning of regional rivalries curbed months

Somali asylum seekers killed after deportation ( Jul 29 2004 ) AMSTERDAM — Two Somali asylum seekers deported

Former first lady of Somalia dies in Columbus ( Jul 29 2004 ) COLUMBUS, Ohio - The former first lady of Somalia, Dalayad Haji Hashi Jama, has died in Columbus at

Somalia: Proposed Government Must Respect Human Rights - Amnesty International Nairobi,Kenya - Allafrica/IRIN - ( Jul 28 2004 ) Somalia's proposed transitional government must be committed to respecting human rights, ending....

Sanctions against absent Somali faction leader urged (East Africa) ( Jul 28 2004 ) Nairobi - Somali peace efforts have made good progress after a waning of regional rivalries curbed

Peace talks mediator calls for sanctions against Somali warlord ( Jul 27 2004 ) NAIROBI : The chief mediator of the Somali peace talks in Kenya condemned the activities of a Somali

25 illegal Somali immigrants rescued five miles off Delimara Delimara,Malta - Independent Online - ( Jul 27 2004 ) The Armed Forces of Malta were yesterday called into action to rescue 25 illegal immigrants aboard

Eight killed in Somalia`s Lower Shabelle fighting Lower Shabelle in Somalia - Angola Press - ( Jul 27 2004 ) At least eight people were killed and scores wounded during two-day of fighting between farmers...

Sudan warns against intervention Ankara,Turkey - BBC News - ( Jul 27 2004 ) Sudanese soldiers will fight back if foreign troops are sent to end the conflict in the Darfur.....

Shirka Kooxaha Soomaalida ee Kenya Nairobi,Kenya - Xasan Bariise,bbc - ( Jul 27 2004 ) Shirka kooxaha Soomaalida ee muddada labada sano ku dhow ka socday magaalada Nairobi ee dalka Kenya

CMI Halts Registration of Somalis Kampala, Patrick Jaramogi, New Vision - ( Jul 27 2004 ) THE Chieftaincy of Mili-tary Intelligence (CMI) has halted the registration of Somali refugees.....

Ontario is 'taking away' my home (The Ottawa Citizen) ( Jul 26 2004 ) Immigrant misunderstood orders from housing office

Kenyan Minister dismisses peace deal between Ethiopia & Kenya Nairobi,Kenya - Standard Correspondent ( Jul 26 2004 ) A peace agreement between Kenya and Ethiopia over the persistent insecurity along their common....
Two Ottawa Somali Students Make History (Ottawa - Canada) July 25 - 2004 - Abdirahman Mohamed Mao and Abdihamid Mohamed Mao became the first Somali students to graduate from Hillcrest High School in only three years for a program
Kenya and Ethiopia in border pact Nairobi,Kenya - By Evelyne Ogutu,Sunday Standard - ( Jul 25 2004 ) Kenya has signed an agreement with Ethiopia to end persistent border insecurity that has led to the

Diversity and growing pains come to small-town Wisconsin -Two cultures learn to value differences ! Barron - By MARK JOHNSON, ( Jul 25 2004 ) Barron started as a logging camp in 1860,grew into a lumbering center, then an agricultural trading

Baandow lagu soo rogay magaalada Boosaaso Bosasso,Somalia - Axmed Kismaayo,bbc- ( Jul 24 2004 ) Hay'adaha ammaanka ee maamul goboleedka Puntland ayaa soo saaray go'aan sheegaya in bandow lagu soo

US Gives Sh4m for the Fight Against Hunger Nairobi,Kenya - (The Nation ) ( Jul 24 2004 ) The US government has given Kenya Sh4 million to fight hunger.The donation, through the Nairobi...

BB's 'romantic' Ahmed turns radio counsellor London,UK- - ( Jul 24 2004 ) Big Brother's Ahmed Aghil has a new job - counselling listeners with relationship problems on a ...

Somalis attend camp with football powerhouse Real Madrid Madrid, Spain - The Accra Daily Mail - ( Jul 23 2004 ) Four boys from Somalia are attending a camp this month with Spanish football powerhouse-Real Madrid

Somali grocers get $100,000 for damage in federal raid Seattle, USA - By The Associated Press - ( Jul 23 2004 ) Two Somali merchants whose stores and inventory were damaged during a 2001 federal raid will.....

Annan slams Sudan over militia New York, UNITED NATIONS - The New Zealand Herald - ( Jul 23 2004 ) Secretary-General Kofi Annan says Sudan has made little progress in curbing bloodthirsty militias..

Somali telecoms boom without government PORT LOUIS, July 22 (Reuters) - The telecoms sector in war-torn Somalia is surging even

Former president of Somalia FA banned 10 years by FIFA for corruption ( Jul 22 2004 ) (ZURICH Reuters) -- Farah Addo, a former president of the Somalian Football Federation and critic

SOMALIA: Clans yet to agree on sharing seats in proposed parliament Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( Jul 22 2004 ) A day after the deadline for all Somali groups to show mediators at a reconciliation conference how

Power of Court Challenged in Aideed Case Nairobi,Kenya - (The Nation ) - ( Jul 21 2004 ) Somali faction leader Hussein Aideed has challenged the Kenyan courts' power to try him............

Responding to refugees Lansing, By Chrystal Liebold of Lansing State Journal ( Jul 21 2004 ) It's difficult to understand Musa Mukoma through his heavy Somalian accent and broken English.....

Former Somali judge deported ( Jul 20 2004 ) WASHINGTON - A former Somali military judge accused of war crimes has been deported

Local Muslims want a place to bury their dead Lewiston-Auburn - By Lisa Chmelecki, Staff Writer - ( Jul 20 2004 ) Somali immigrants have done many things to improve their lives in Lewiston-Auburn. They have set up

Somalis remember 47 students executed 16 years ago in Mogadishu Mogadishu,Somalia - Angola Press - ( Jul 20 2004 ) Hundreds of Somalis including family members and religious leaders Sunday took part in a memorial..

Somali Journalists Create Press Freedom Monitoring Network Mogadishu,Somalia - PRESS RELEASE IFEECH - ( Jul 20 2004 ) For the first time in Somalia, press-freedom violations will be systematically documented and......

SOMALIA: Transitional parliament to be inaugurated on 30 July - mediators Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( Jul 19 2004 ) Somalia's proposed transitional federal parliament will be inaugurated on 30 July in the Kenyan...

IGAD demands the formation of a Somali government before the month end (Arab News) ( Jul 17 2004 ) The Government Commission for Development IGAD recommended yesterday the Somali

DJIBOUTI: High maternal mortality despite improved health services Djibouti, IRIN - ( Jul 17 2004 ) Djibouti has made significant progress in reducing maternal mortality over the past 10 years, but

Joy at Somali hospital reopening (BBC) ( Jul 16 2004 ) The Somali capital's biggest hospital has reopened after 14 years.
Talking Point: NOTHING BUT REVERBERATIONS AND DIATRIBES WHERE ACTION IS BADLY NEEDED (Toronto - Canada) July 16 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -"In Mogadishu, the capital has functioning schools and factories, but in the streets it's another story: too many young men with guns, too many militias, and too much potential conflict and tensions," Max Gaylard, the UN Resident
Libya to open Darfur aid corridor ! Rome, Italy - By David Willey , BBC Rome correspondent - ( Jul 16 2004 ) Libya has agreed to open a new aid corridor across the Sahara Desert to speed up the delivery of...

Conference Opens Today On Somali Immigrants ( Jul 15 2004 ) St. Paul (AP) Somali leaders, academics and social service workers are gathered in St. Paul today

Somali Regional Prez Forms New Govt NAIROBI, July 15 (AFP) - The president of Somalia's northeastern state of Puntland

Cabinet 'To Pick Somali Peace Talks Minister' Nairobi,Kenya - (The Nation ) ( Jul 15 2004 ) The Cabinet will pick the minister to chair the Somali and Sudan peace talks, Mr Bethuel Kiplagat..
Somalia: Security Council condemns elements opposed to peace process 15 July 2004 – With national reconciliation in Somalia mired in an impasse, the Security Council today condemned elements obstructing the country's peace process and
Refugee losing hope of reunifying his family July 15 - 2004 - While Muhamoud Aden Abdikadir sits alone in his cold Christchurch flat, his wife and young daughter struggle for survival in a crowded refugee camp in Kenya. The Somali refugee turned New Zealand citizen, who escaped his homeland's civil war in
Somali peace talks suffer setback       BEIJING, July 14 (Xinhuanet) -- The ongoing Somali peace and reconciliation talks in Nairobi have s

Date set for Somali’s new government Nairobi,Kenya - By Konchora Guracha of the East African Standard - ( Jul 14 2004 ) A new Somalia government would be formed in Nairobi by the end of this month, the Intergovernmental

Assistance to Somalia must tackle development needs, UN coordinator says New York, UNITED NATIONS - UN News Center - ( Jul 14 2004 ) With insecurity still prevailing in parts of Somalia, emergency assistance to the country must be..

Somalia talks on track despite clan threat-mediator NAIROBI, July 13 (Reuters) - Somali peace talks are on track to agree on a transitional government

Ethiopia: Food Trucks Attacked As Drought, Insecurity Hit Somali Region ADDIS ABABA, Allafrica/IRIN - ( Jul 14 2004 ) Eleven food trucks have been attacked and burnt in the Somali region of eastern Ethiopia over the..

XAAJI MUUSE SUUDI IYO WEFDI UU HOGAAMINAYO OO KENYA U AMBABAXAY ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( Jul 14 2004 ) Wafdi ballaaran oo uu hogaaminayo Xaaji Muuse Suudi Yalaxoow, Gudoomiyaha Golaha Samata -bixinta...

CABDIQASIM OO U MAGACAABAY CABDINAASIR SEERJITO QUNSUL GUUD ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( Jul 14 2004 ) Warar xog-ogaal ah aynu ka helnay Muqdisha,oo lagu kalsoon yahay ayaa sheegaya in madaxa Dawladda .

ERITREA-ETHIOPIA: Annan calls for "sober choices" to end stalemate ADDIS ABABA, IRIN - ( Jul 13 2004 ) UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has told Ethiopia and Eritrea that "sober choices" must be made if

I'll Go On With Peace Talks, Says Kalonzo Nairobi,Kenya - (The Nation ) ( Jul 12 2004 ) Despite being moved from the Foreign ministry, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka yesterday said he would continue

Missions ready to restore "invisible" Church in Somalia Rome, Italy - - ( Jul 11 2004 ) Although Catholic activity is virtually non-existent in Somalia, the Church is prepared to resume..

Somalia Can’t Afford Another False Start, Says Annan JEDDAH, 11 July 2004 — UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has urged Somali delegates attending the

Waiting for Somalia (The Globe and Mail) ( Jul 10 2004 ) Reading Links, the new book by the exiled Somali writer Nuruddin Farah, I had a nagging attack of dé

Promoting regional peace dominates Annan's visit to Kenya NAIROBI, July 9 (Xinhuanet) -- Efforts to boost peace in Sudan andSomalia were among the highlights
Talking Point: The Final phase of the Shouting Matches at Mbagathi (Toronto - Canada) July 09 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -This is the final phase of those messy shouting matches we continue to insist on calling peace and reconciliation conference, while I'm insisting on calling, with any degree of precision, a crazed tag-of-war match
SOMALIA: Kofi Annan urges Somalis to overcome differences Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( Jul 9 2004 ) United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has urged Somali delegates attending a reconciliation..

Talks On Peace Efforts in Sudan And Somalia Highlight Annan's Visit to Kenya New York, UNITED NATIONS - UN News Service - ( Jul 9 2004 ) Discussions on the peace efforts in Sudan and Somalia and on fighting HIV/AIDS were among the......

Kofi Annan visits Kenya Nairobi,Kenya - By Francis Openda, the Standard - ( Jul 8 2004 ) United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan jetted into the country yesterday for a two-day visit,

France opposes UN Sudan sanctions New York, UNITED NATIONS - BBC News - ( Jul 8 2004 ) France says it does not support US plans for international sanctions on Sudan if violence continues

DJIBOUTI: Faster growing crops could improve food production Djibouti, IRIN - ( Jul 8 2004 ) Djibouti could increase its meagre food production by up to 50 percent over five years, but that..

DEVELOPMENT-SOMALIA: Khat Dampens Euphoria About Peace (by Joyce Mulama ) NAIROBI, Jul 7 (IPS) - After a marathon round of talks, peace may finally be in sight for Somalia

Somalia moving closer to transition elections (By Farah Wehliye Addo ) ( Jul 7 2004 ) The Kenyan Government and the people take the accolade for hosting the Somali Reconciliation

Somalian Bantu refugees realize dreams TUCSON, Arizona - William L. Hamilton NYT ( Jul 5 2004 ) For Abkow Edow, a Bantu refugee from Somalia who now lives here, the Fourth of July was just.......

Coca Cola makes Somalia return (BBC) ( Jul 5 2004 ) It is the largest single investment in the country since central government collapsed 13 years ago,

This is Codka Dhallinyaradda Soomaaliyeed (Marcus Pabian & Tony Iltis ) ( Jul 4 2004 ) Over the last 12 months a new bilingual newspaper, Codka Dhallinyaradda Soomaaliyeed

Annan oo ballan-gal ka heley Sudan Khartoum,Sudan - BBC News - ( Jul 4 2004 ) Xoghayaha Guud ee Qaramada Midoobey, Kofi Annan laba maalmood ayuu galshey booqshooyin uu ku soo..

Somalis brainstorm on rebuilding Mogadishu,Somalia - Grant Ferrett,BBC - ( Jul 3 2004 ) A group of about 150 Somalis are meeting in the capital, Mogadishu, to discuss rebuilding the....
Talking Point: WHO IS GOING TO LEAD OUR PEOPLE OUT OF THESE EXPIRED DRUGS? (Toronto - Canada) July 2 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -We are spending so much time on clan warfare, warlords, peace talks, ceasefire, political intrigues and the flow of weapons, and narcotic drugs into Somalia from neighbouring countries.
Kenya: President Brings Opposition Leaders Into Government Nairobi,Kenya - Allafrica/IRIN ( Jul 2 2004 ) Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has brought in several opposition politicians into his administration

ETHIOPIA-ERITREA: Kofi Annan visiting at critical time, says UNMEE ADDIS ABABA, IRIN - ( Jul 2 2004 ) The proposed visit to Eritrea by UN Secretary-General Annan this weekend should have a positive...

SOMALIA: WFP appeals for US $14m to fund humanitarian operations Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( Jul 2 2004 ) The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has appealed for an additional US $14,068,000 to help people ...

Once World's Largest Refugee Camp in Ethiopia Now Closed - UN Agency New York City - - ( Jul 2 2004 ) What was once the world's largest refugee camp, hosting more than 250,000 Somalis in Ethiopia, has

CRD PRESENTS: SOMALI NATIONAL PROJECT GROUP MEETING (Mogadishu - Somalia ( ( Jul 1 2004 ) To build broad based information on Somalia’s current political and social dynamics, CRD research

Cereal Shortfall Looms Over Somalia As Drought Cuts Crops, UN Warns ! New York City - - ( Jun 30 2004 ) With the prolonged Horn of Africa drought reducing Somalia's crops, the United Nations is warning..

DJIBOUTI: Rising food prices could trigger crisis - FEWS Net Djibouti, IRIN - ( Jun 30 2004 ) Food prices have risen by between 25 percent and 30 percent since August, and should this trend...

3 Koreans Freed After Detention in Somalia (The Korean Times) ( Jun 30 2004 ) Three South Korean seamen have been released from a yearlong detention in Somalia and are now in

Mennonite pair concerned with Somalia plight (Daily Herald ) ( Jun 30 2004 ) Somalia hasn't weighed on American minds for more than a decade, but after seven years of helping

'We need help' say Somali community (By Mandy Little ) ( Jun 30 2004 ) ELDERLY and disabled members of Greenwich's Somali community who feel

Somalia Still at War With Itself 44 Years After Independence (Arab News ) ( Jun 30 2004 ) Forty-four years after independence, Somalia should have been a country at peace

11 Murdered in Somali Capital ( Arab News, 6/29/04 ) Eleven militiamen were murdered ..

Former soldier may face charges in Somali death ( ( Jun 29 2004 ) A former paratrooper appeared at a hearing Tuesday

Somali Journalists Create Press Freedom Monitoring Network ( Jun 29 2004 ) International Freedom of Expression Exchange Clearing House (Toronto)

SOMALIA: Food shortages worsen as dry conditions persist Mogadishu,Somalia - IRIN - ( Jun 28 2004 ) Widespread and severe food shortages have continued to affect people in the northern pastoral and..

Warlords Told Off ! Nairobi,Kenya - (The East African Standard ) - ( Jun 29 2004 ) A presidential candidate in the forthcoming Somali elections has dismissed the role war lords are..

Khat plant 'boosts sperm power' Berlin, Germany - By Caroline Ryan, BBC News Online health staff - ( Jun 29 2004 ) A chemical found in the khat plant could boost the power of men's sperm, researchers have found....

National Holiday of the Republic of Djibouti Tokyo,Japan - By H.E. Mr. Yacin Houssein DOUALE , ( Jun 29 2004 ) I'm delighted to have been giving this opportunity by the Mainichi Daily News to address its......

Gunmen kill two people in Somalia MOGADISHU, June 28 (Reuters) - At least two people, including the mayor of the northern Somali port

Fierce clashes in Somali capital ( Jun 28 2004 ) Eleven gunmen killed as militiamen clash in battle to control checkpoint south of violence-torn
DR. XUSEEN CALI AXMED OO KA HADLAY UJEEDADA URURKA DHAQDHAQAAQA NABADDA NAIROBI, 28 May 2004- Gudoomiyaha Ururka dhaqaaqa Nabad Dr Xueen Cali Axmed oo aan kula kulanay Magaaladda Nairobi ayaa shaaca ka qaaday markii ugu horeeysay in ururka dhaqdhaqaaqa Nabada uu u furan yahay inuu ku soo biiro Muwaadin ..
Immigration delays dog Somali refugees   (Free Press ) ( Jun 28 2004 ) Ahmed Fahmi came to Canada from Somalia six years ago.

Kenya reaps good behaviour loan Nairobi,Kenya - BBC News - ( Jun 26 2004 ) The World Bank has granted Kenya $200m (£109m) in grants and loans, following the government's....

Yemen & Djibouti to delimitate maritime borders ! Sana'a, Yemen - By - ( Jun 26 2004 ) Yemen and Djibouti has agreed to start mutual talks on the delimitation of their maritime boundary,

Failing Somalia at our peril ( Jun 25 2004 ) BRUSSELS, Belgium -- It is a failed state in which the United States knows al-Qaida and its allies

Central Bank registers all Somali remittance agents- UAE ( Jun 25 2004 ) DUBAI - The UAE Central Bank has completed the formal registration of all Somali remittance
Talking Point: DREAMS (Toronto - Canada) June 24 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -An old friend, with whom I started exchanging the previous night's dream about the gloomy situation in Somalia, came up with a jewel of a dream the other day. He said he wake up in the middle of the night ...
Watchdog criticises asylum decisions London,UK- BBC News - ( Jun 23 2004 ) Immigration authorities are making faster decisions on asylum cases - but need to improve how many

Arbitration committee for proposed parliament formed NAIROBI, 23 Jun 2004 (IRIN) - Twelve members of the Arbitration Committee that will resolve any

ETHIOPIA: Somali region polls marred by abuses - human rights group Addis Ababa , IRIN - ( Jun 23 2004 ) Local council elections held in Ethiopia's eastern Somali region early this year were marred by...

IGAD threatens to impose sanctions on Somali peace talks obstructer NAIROBI, June 22 (Xinhuanet) -- Members of east Africa's Inter-Governmental Authority on Development

Hard line on Somali asylum pleas to go on (The Guardian ) ( Jun 22 2004 ) The Home Office has said it will continue to send failed asylum seekers back to Mogadishu against

Somalis turn professional (BBC) ( Jun 22 2004 ) Internationals Abdulkadir Sheikh Othman and Issa Aden have become the first Somalis to play

Man 'recklessly' gave women HIV London,UK- BBC News - ( Jun 21 2004 ) A man "recklessly" infected two women with HIV while they were unaware he had the virus, a court...

Shirka wasiirrada IGAD ee arrimaha Soomaalida Nairobi,Kenya - Xasan Barise, bbc ( Jun 21 2004 ) Shirkan oo hadda uun furmay ayaa looga hadlayaa bal in la iska wareysto wixii u qabsoomay shirka...
Talking Point: THE SCRAMBLE FOR SURVIVAL. April 30 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - Warlords are reputed to be greedy, twisted souls who enjoy living in luxury five star hotels in Nairobi, Addis and Rome, among other capitals, while the people at home live in poverty and die young.

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