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An Interview: Confusing Aideed Rejected Somali Gov.,Arab League & Islamic State!


Aideed Rejected Somali Gov., in 1972 To Join Arab League "Our struggle is not an Arab struggle. We reject the previous government's decision to make Somalia and Arab Country. When in "1972" Somalia joined the Arab league, it did so without the consent of the Somali People",

Aideed Said Somalia SRRC factions met in Awasssa, Ethiopia for 45 days. They elected Hussein Aideed as Chairman of the Newly Somalia Council- as an ad-hoc committee charged with the task of organizing a constitutional conference to be held inside Somalia within 6 months.

The Horn of Africa Newsline special Reporter in Ethiopia had the opportunity of conducting an interview with Mr. Aideed.

The Horn Africa New Reporter: Mr. Aideed, what is the situation like in Somalia today?

Aideed: The situation in Somalia today is hopeful. it is our objective to have a national reconciliation conference inside Somalia in 6 Month's time. The conference, which will bring all the somali factions, will be entrusted with the task of writing a constituation for All Somalia. Somalis has never had a democratic institution or a constitutional government where all Somalis lived in equality and their human rights safeguarded under the law. We appeal to the OAU, UN, EU and Arab League and friendly countries to help rebuild Somalia which went through untold sufferings for years.

The HAN: Mr. Aideed what kind of government do you forsess for Somalia?

Aideed: The Somali People want a democratic elected government on basis of one-man-one -vote. To achieve this objective, all Somalis irrespective of their tribal affiliation, must come together and rally behind the noble idea of unity. The kind of administration we opt for is federalism.-prerequisite for laying a strong founation for future Somalia.

This way the country will be able to develop and protect itself fom terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism which for the last 40 years have been trying to penetrate into the area from the Read Sea, Persian Gulf, and Arab Countries to establish an Islamic State in East Africa, and Somalia is one of the countries they have chosen for the purpose.

In the Absence of any political stablility in somalia, the Islamic Fundamentalists such as the Al-Itihad Al-Islamia, Al-Islah, Al-Ikhwan, Al-Jamaa and Al-Tafkir have managed to bring into the country exiled former Somali leaders, such as Abdi Kassim and Ali Khalif Glaydh, who are bent on mixing state afffairs with religion. The is unacceptable to the Somali people. Our struggle is an African struggle. Our struggle is not an Arab struggle. We reject the previous government's decision to make Somalia and Arab Country. When in "1972" Somalia joined the Arab league, it did so without the consent of the Somali People.

The HAN: Are you now in a position to ward off the threat of Fundamental Islamism?

Aideed: The Somali people are ready to pay any price to safeguard their culture and freedom. It is upto the somali people to choose a government or an administration that suits them best and foreign polcy based on partnership wit their brothers and neighbours, particularly with Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti. With The Ethiopia, we share the longest border, We have a very large Somalia population living accross our common borders(5 Million Somalis -Somali Regional State). We want to build a Somalia that is different from the Somalia of old times.

We have been trying to rebuild Somalia from within. Any government imposed on us from outside is unacceptable to the "Somali People". More so when such a government is Islamic. The Somali people have culture of their own and "they will never accept and Islamic State".

The HAN: What would you say about theSomali Leaders elected at ARTA, Djibouti, last Year -2000?

Aideed: Arta did not produce any real leaders. Ali khalif is from the North and in the North there is EGAL. To say Ali Khalif is the Prime Minister of Somalia is a Joke and an insult to the Somali People. While Minister in the Siad barre's government, he stole USD 12 Million from Mareere Suger Project in Kismayo in 1982.

He is a man who has built a Somali-telecom-empire in Dubai- With the Stolen money. As for Abdi Kassim, he was responsible for the dstruction of 42 wells in the Central Region when he was interior Minister in Siad's government. He was opposing USC struggle and infact worked with UNISOM against the late General Aideed.

So acceptimg these people as a leaders is another crazy joke. Our struggle is to have a democratically elected government.

The HAN: Mr. Aideed, how would you describe Ethiopia's role in bringing about peace in Somalia?

Aideed: Ethiopia has been plying a very constructive role to reconcile the somali Factions. Ethiopia has allowed all somali factions to meet in Awassa, where we discussed the future of Somalia.

We appeal to our brother Egal and Arta Group in Mogadicio to join us as a Group in our endeavours to find a solution to our common problems.

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