Commemoration of a Somali Peace Activist
Abdulkadir Yahya Ali

Mogadishu July 11, (CRD-Somalia) - Today marks the first anniversary of the tragic death
of the late Abdulkadir Yahya Ali, It was year ago to day, on 11th July 2005, when he shot
dead by gunmen who stormed his home in Mogadishu.

Yahya was a tireless champion of peace and reconciliation, whose ideas and vision have
inspired many Somalis across the country and throughout the world. UN Secretary Genera
Kofi Annan referred Yahya as symbol of hope for Somalia people. "Mr Yahya had devoted
many years to foster peace and reconciliation in his country and was widely respected by
his countrymen and by many in the international community," Mr Annan said.

Yahya?s life and work as a Somali peace activist will be celebrated in different parts of
this world, including Mogadishu, Baidio, Washington, London, Toronto, and Melbourne
Australia. As apart of Yahya?s commemoration, football tournaments in Yahya?s name will
be held in London, Mogadishu and Toronto. The commemoration and celebration of Yahya?s
life will run between July 9-20th, 2006

In commemoration of Yahya?s life and his deep commitment to peace, Yahya?s scholarship
fund will be awarded to Somali students attending Universities inside Somalia.

?It is the Somali state that failed, not the Somali people?
Abdulkadir Yahya Ali

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