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Somali talks in vital phase (Nairobi) (DailyNation) (Dec 2, 2002) The Somalia National Peace and Reconciliation Conference enters a crucial second phase today that

XULKA KUBBADA CAGTA EE SOMALIA OO 2 -0 LA DIRAY (Mogadishu) ( (2 Dec, 2002) Xulka kubbadda cagta ee Somaliya ayaa maanta

Terrorist links in Kenya bombing ambiguous (UPI) KIKAMBALA, Kenya (Dec 2, 2002) Investigators Sunday remained unsure whether the terrorists who attacked a resort hotel in the East

Six Pakis, Somalis suspected in Kenya blasts (Nairobi, kenya) (Expressindia) (Dec 1, 2002) Ten Pakistanis and Somalis were held in Nairobi for questioning about the twin anti-Israeli attacks

Iskahormaadyo Dagaal oo Muqdisho ka qarxay (Muqdisho) (BBC) (Dec 1, 2002) Iska horimaad hubaysan oo u dhexeeyey maleeshiyooyin soo kala horjeeda ayaa Sabtidii ka dhacay agaga

Africa draws focus as US issues warning on Djibouti (MOMBASA, Kenya ) (The Boston Globe) (Dec 1, 2002) As investigators here intensified their probe into the twin attacks on Israelis, the United States

Kenya bombing detainees 'sailed from Somalia': investigator (Nairobi) (ABC Newsline) (Dec 1, 2002) Ten Pakistanis and Somalis held for questioning about the twin anti-Israeli attacks in Mombasa

Col. Yusuf’s War-drums In Puntland State of Somalia (Dire-dawa, ) (November 30th 2002) (SOMALI PEACE RALLY) Despite the recent signing of cease fire amongst the Somali warlords at Eldoret, and

Kenya probe focuses on Somali militants (Mombasa) (BBC) (30 Nov, 2002) United States officials say they believe a Somali-based Islamic group may have carried out Thursday

Kenya detains 12 in attacks with possible al Qaeda links MOMBASA, Kenya (Reuters) (30 Nov, 2002) Kenya held 12 foreigners over deadly bomb and missile attacks on Israeli tourists on Saturday

Lawsuit is filed in Seattle to bar all Somali deportations (SEATTLE ) (SEATTLE POST) (29 Nov, 2002) Advocates who helped five Somalis in Seattle avoid deportation this month by contesting immigration

UN And Partners Appeal for US $78 Million (Nairobi) (IRIN) (29 Nov, 2002) UN agencies and their partners in Somalia are appealing to donors for some US $78 million for the

Dozens die in Djibouti boat tragedy (Djibouti) (BBC) (27 Nov, 2002) Up to 30 Ethiopians and Somalis are believed to have died off the coast of Djibouti as they tried to

C/laahi Axmed Caddow “Isuma soo sharxin sharxin Ra’iisul wasaare mana u taagni waxaana u ..." (Muqdisho) (Muqdisho Times) (27 Nov, 2002) C/laahi Axmed Caddow oo ka mid ah siyaasiyiinta Soomaalida isla markaana ka mid ahaa musharixiintii

Ethiopia, Yemen pledge to push Somali peace process Adis Ababa, XINHUA NEWS AGENCY ( 27th November 2002 ) Ethiopia and Yemen would do their level best for the success of the Kenya-hosted Somali peace

Ethiopia, Yemen pledge to push Somali peace process ! Adis Ababa, XINHUA NEWS AGENCY ( 27th November 2002 ) Ethiopia and Yemen would do their level best for the success of the Kenya-hosted Somali peace ...

Report Names Kenya As Hub of Human Trafficking Ring ! Nairobi, (Athman Amran of the East African Standard) ( 27th November 2002 ) Kenya has allegedly been used as an escape route by a number of the 1994 genocide suspects in Rwanda

Britain to consider developing military ties with Ethiopia ! Adis Ababa, IRIN ( 27th November 2002 ) Britain is looking at boosting military links with Ethiopia, according to the UK’s Department for

COL. C/LAAHI YUUSUF OO KU GUUL DAREYSTAY IN UU ISKU SOO DHAWEEYO MAS’UULIYIINTA MAAMULKIISA. (Mogadishu) (Muqdisho Times) (Nov 26, 2002) Wararka Boosaaso ka imaanaya ayaa sheegaya in ay ku guul dareystay dadaal uu Col. C/laahi Yuusuf

WARAR SOOMAALIYEED OO GOOS-GOOS AH ! Mogadishu , BBC News ( 26th November 2002 ) Shan caruur ah ayaa daacuun calooleed ugu dhimatay Muqdisho iyadoo boqolaal kale oo da'doodu ka hoos

Refugees: EA Could Become a 'Terror Centre' Soon (EAST AFRICA ) (THE EASTAFRICAN ) (26 Nov, 2002) EAST AFRICA risks attracting terrorist attacks and becoming a theatre in the war against terror

Ethiopia releases Eritrean POWs! Adis Ababa, BBC News ( 26th November 2002 ) The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry says they have freed more than 1,500 Eritreans captured during the

SOMALIA: Progress reported at peace talks Eldoret, IRIN ( 26th November 2002 ) The organisers of the Kenyan-hosted Somali peace conference are reported to be in a buoyant mood

Sheikh Mohammed honours winners of holy Quran memorisation competition ! Dubai , ( 26th November 2002 ) General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defence,

JIRITAANKA DOWLADDA KMG AH OO KU SII BUR BURAYA SHIRKA ELDORET (Muqdishu) (Muqdishi Times) (25 Nov. 2002) Maxaa ka jira in Xasan Abshir iyo C/lla Deerow ay Beelahooda wax la qeybsanayaan

SOMALIA: Pressure for progress at peace talks ! Eldoret, IRIN ( 25th November 2002 ) Organisers and sponsors of the peace conference for Somalia in Eldoret, Kenya, have stepped up press

Kenya's primaries draw to a close Nairobi, BBC News ( 25th November 2002 ) Candidates for Kenya's parliamentary and local poll are set to start handing in their nomination ...

SOMALIA: Tension rising in disputed northern regions ! Nairobi, IRIN ( 25th November 2002 ) Tension is rising in Sool and Sanaag regions of the self-declared republic of Somaliland, to which

Edict targets men from 13 countries Washington, DC - By Jerry Seper OF THE WASHINGTON TIMES ( 24th Nov. 2002 ) Attorney General John Ashcroft yesterday announced that men who entered the United States on or ..

Avv. Dr. Raajis oo ku geeriyooday dorraad Kenya ! Eldoret, ( 23rd November 2002 ) Waxaa habeenimadii Jimcihii ( 22nd Nov.2002) ku geeriyooday Cisbitaalka Moi ee magaalada Eldoret

Talking Point: The Great Somali Welfare Hunt (Lewiston) By Roger D. McGrath (Nov 2002) The Refugee Act of 1980 has turned thousands of Somali Bantu into American dependents. Millions more

More big guns ousted in Kenyan Elections ! Nairobi, Daily Nation ( 23rd November 2002 ) Two Cabinet ministers and 10 assistant ministers were swept out of the election race yesterday as a

China to Help Africa Get Permanent Security Council Seat ! Adis Ababa, ( 23rd November 2002 ) Africa and China are planning to join forces in an attempt to secure a permanent seat for the ...

Eldoret talks face financial constraints ! Jeddah, Salad F. Duhul of Arab News ( 23rd November 2002 ) The Somali peace parley in the Kenyan town of Eldoret was affected by financial constraints after

Conference On the Horn of Africa Explores Possibility of Confederation (Washington, DC) U.S. Department of State ( 22nd November 2002 ) The formation of a confederation of East African states including Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea,Somali

Somali cattle disease threatens Asia Rome, By Martin Plaut of the bbc ( 22nd November 2002 ) The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation is warning that a devastating outbreak of a

Refugees in Kenya, Uganda suffering serious abuse Nairobi, Japantoday ( 22nd November 2002 ) Tens of thousands of refugees in major cities in Kenya and Uganda are being exposed to serious ...

WARAR SOOMAALIYEED ! Eldoret, BBC News ( 22nd November 2002 ) Wargeyska caanka ah ee Financial Times ee ka soo baxa magaalaa London, ayaa shalay .....

Cudur laga soo sheegay xoolaha Soomaaliya ! Mogadishu , BBC News ( 21/11/2002 ) Ururka Cuntada iyo Beeraha ee Qaramada Midoobay ee FAO, ayaa ka digay in cudurka xoolaha ku dhaca

SOMALIA: Mixed reactions to clan-based proposal Eldoret, IRIN ( 21/11/2002 ) Somalia's Transitional National Government (TNG) and the opposition Somali Reconciliation and

Somali talks put diplomats' skills to test London By Mark Turner of ( 20th November 2002 ) Far from Somalia's arid scrublands, in the fertile hills of Kenya's Rift valley, a disparate group

New Clan-Based Formula for Participation in Peace Talks Eldoret, ( 20th November 2002 ) Organisers of the Somali peace talks underway in the Kenyan town of Eldoret have proposed a new form

Doorashooyinka Kenya oo si rasmiya u bilaabmay Nairobi, BBC News ( 19th Nov.2002 ) Labada nin ee u sharaxan madaxweyninimada waddanka Kenya ayaa Isniintii ka hadlay kulammo kala

Somali advocates concerned about INS detentions ! Rush City Curt Brown of the Star Tribune ( 19th Nov.2002 ) Somali community activists want more than two dozen of their countrymen released from their cells

ETHIOPIA: US donates 62,330 mt of food aid Adis Ababa, IRIN ( 19th Nov.2002 ) The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced plans to ship a ...

Somali warlord quits peace talks Mogadishu , BBC News ( 18th Nov.2002 ) A leading Somali faction leader has walked out of the current reconciliation conference in the Kenya

Somalia talks run into sand (The Guardian ) (Nov 18, 2002) After a month of peace talks in Kenya between Somalia's feuding clans - described by western

UAE CONTINUE SENDING RELIEF ASSISTANCE TO NORTH SOMALIA ! Berbera, ( 18th Nov.2002 ) The red Crescent Authority is continuing to send relief assistance to the Northern part of Somalia

Former ref bidding to bring Somali warlords to heel ! Eldoret, ABC News online ( 18th Nov.2002 ) Vicious tackles, noisy tantrums and giant egos - Mowlid Maan saw his fair share of foul play in 10

Kenya soccer's glorious days ! Nairobi, Daily Nation (Editorial) ( 18th Nov.2002 ) The under-23 football team continued with its winning ways this weekend, hitting Somalia 4-0 in the

ETHIOPIA: Donors "reluctant" to give food aid ! Adis Ababa, IRIN ( 18th Nov.2002 ) The Ethiopian government has accused the international community of “reluctance” in responding to ..

Somalia talks run into sand ! Eldoret, James Astill of the Guardian in Eldoret ( 18th Nov.2002 ) After a month of peace talks in Kenya between Somalia's feuding clans - described by western ....

SOMALIA: Floods hit southern areas Nairobi, IRIN ( 18th Nov.2002 ) Large areas of the Juba Valley in southern Somalia have been flooded, with thousand of hectares of

Detainees 'fear for lives' in Somalia (SEATTLE) (SEATTLE POST) (17 Nov. 2002) Mohamed Aweys says he was foolish to overstay his visa, but he does not want to die because of it.

Kenya Hit 4 Goals Past Somalia ! Nairobi, (Charles Nyende,the Nation ) ( 17th November 2002 ) Two goals in each half was more than enough for Kenya Under-23 who defeated a drab Somalia outfit .

U.S. Turns Horn of Africa Into a Military Hub ! Djibouti, Yahoo News ( By MICHAEL R. GORDON of The New York Times ) ( 17th November 2002 ) For the first time since American troops withdrew from Somalia after a bloody firefight in the ..

BEESHA HABARGIDIR OO DHACDAY MUCAAWINO LAGA KEENAY IMAARAADKA ! Mogadishu , ( 17th Nov. 2002 ) Mucaawino laga keenay dhawaan Imaadka Carabta, looguna talagalay Masaakiinta ku tabaaleysan ..

DOWLADDA KMG AH IYO G8 OO OO ISKU MOWQIF KA NOQDAY QORSHE AY WADATAY IGAD (Eldoret ) (Muqdisho Times) (17 Nov, 2002) Wararkii ugu dambeeyey ee naga soo gaaraya magaalada Eldoret ee ku taala galbeedka dalka Kenya oo uu

CALI MAHDI OO KU SOO LAABTAY MAGAALADA MUQDISHO (Mogadishu) (Muqdisho Times) (17 Nov, 2002) Cali Mahdi Maxamed oo xildhibaan ka tirsan Golaha Baarlamaanka, Xildhibaan Cali Xaaji Yuusuf iyo

INS barred from deporting Somalis (Seattle ) (The Associated Press ) (16 Nov, 2002) A federal judge in Seattle has temporarily blocked the Immigration and Naturalization Service from

'One in seven Kenyan voters is dead' Nairobi, BBC News ( 15th November 2002 ) An unofficial audit of Kenya's electoral roll shows that nearly 16% of registered voters are dead.

Eritrea offers its ports to Ethiopia Asmara, By Alex Last of the BBC News ( 15th November 2002 ) The massive drought which has hit the Horn of Africa has left as many as 14 million people in need

Untested players for trials against Somalia (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (14 Nov, 2002) Kenya coach Jacob "Ghost" Mulee said yesterday that he would be trying out some new players in the

LACAG BEEN-ABUUR AH OO BOOSAASO LAGU QABTAY ! (Boosaaso) (Muqdisho Times) (Nov. 13/2002) Ciidanka Boliiska ee Maamul Goboleedka Puntland ayaa gacanta ku dhigay maanta lacag shillin

Murano kul kulul oo ku dhex maray Col. C/laahi Yuusuf iyo Jaamac Cali Jaamac Shirkii Eldoret (Mogadishu) (Muqdisho Times) (Nov 13/ 2002) Shirkii Eldoret wareegiisii Labaad oo shalay la isku dayay in la isugu yimaado ayaa markii ay

Drought-Affected Displaced Somalis Await Return Home. Nairobi, IRIN ( 14th Nov.2002 ) Abyan Abdinur has a roof over her head. Other than that she has nothing. She has seen two of her ..

UAE Official cautions expats on risks of property deals in Dubai ! Dubai , Tanya Goudsouzian of Gulf News ( 14th Nov.2002 ) The move to allow expatriates to provisionally own land in designated areas was received with ....

Don't Write Off Somalia, Says Coach !!! Nairobi, The Nation ( ( 14th Nov.2002 ) Somalia are hoping to turn tables on Kenya when they play the return leg of their Olympic Games ..

ETHIOPIA: US $27.7 million ADB loan for Harar water project ! Adis Ababa, IRIN ( 14th Nov.2002 ) An agreement has been concluded under which the African Development Bank (ADB) will lend Ethiopia

SOMALIA: Peace talks "on course" says Kenyan envoy ! Eldoret, IRIN ( 13th November 2002 ) The Somali peace talks, under way in the Kenyan town of Eldoret, "are on course", a statement issued

Africa trying to find solutions to regional crisis ! Adis Ababa, from Xinhua via COMTEX -ZAWYA ( 13th November 2002 ) Africa was vigorously trying to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Somalia and south Sudan

Mount Whitney deploys ! NORFOLK, By DENNIS O'BRIEN, The Virginian-Pilot ( 13th November 2002 ) The amphibious command ship Mount Whitney, with a reputation for rarely deploying, on Tuesday ....

Caqabad ku timid shirka Eldoret Eldoret, Mohamed Addow-bbc,Nairobi ( 13th November 2002 ) Shirka dib u heshiisiinta Soomaaliyeed ee ka socda Magaalada Eldoret ee waddanka kenya ayaa soo ,,,

Somali leaders ban landmines (Nairobi) (News24) (12 Nov. 2002) The transitional government of Somalia and most of the war-torn country's faction leaders have

Somali leaders urge US govt to end assets freeze of Somali bank (Nairobi) (AFP) (Nov 12, 2002) The Somali transitional government and faction leaders attending a peace conference here on Monday

Ethiopian famine 'will be averted' Adis Ababa, BBC News ( 12th Nov.2002 ) The international community will prevent mass starvation in Ethiopia and the situation is not as

Iraq: baaralamanka oo u codeenaya qaraarka QM Baqdaad, BBC News ( 12th Nov.2002 ) Baaralamanka Iraq ayaa wada dood ay uga xaajoonayaan in hub baarayaasha Qaramada Midoobay loo

Drug smuggler sentenced to 10 years in jail, fined Dh50,000 Dubai , Gulf News ( 12th Nov.2002 ) A Somali man with hopes of striking it rich by pushing drugs in Dubai was arrested upon arrival

Somali factions want bank assets freed ! Eldoret, BBC News ( 12th Nov.2002 ) Warlords and the Transitional National Government in Somalia have issued a joint call for an end to

Massive famine stalks Ethiopia ! Adis Ababa, BBC News ( 11th Nov.2002 ) Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has warned that his country faces a famine worse than that of

SOMALIA: Faction leaders "threatened with arrest" Eldoret, IRIN ( 11th Nov.2002 ) The leaders of eight Somali factions, which last week sent a protest letter to the organisers of

Kenya Thrash Somalia 11-0 in Soccer International Nairobi, ( 10th Nov. 2002 ) The Kenya under-23 team yesterday walloped Somalia 11-0 in an Olympic Preliminary qualifier soccer

Arab FMs gather in Cairo to discuss Iraq, Mideast crises Cairo, The Jordan Times (Petra/AFP) ( 10th Nov. 2002 ) Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher on Saturday arrived in Cairo to attend an emergency Arab foreign

U.S. sees steady rise in alien drug NASHVILLE, By Sheila Burke / The Tennessean, ( 10th Nov. 2002 ) As more immigrants from East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula settle in the United States, federal

GUDDIGA IGAD OO SOO SAARAY SHAX CUSUB (Eldoret) (Mogadisu Times) (9 Nov, 2002) Guddiga Farsamada IGAD ayaa mar kale wax ka badelay shax ay maalmo ka hor soo saartay, kaasoo ay


More UAE relief supplies arrive in Mogadishu ! Mogadishu , ( 5th November 2002 ) A fourth planeload of relief assistance, ordered by President H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan ...

UAE Red Cresent Society Delegation in Somalia ! Mogadishu , ( 3rd November 2002 ) Special arrangements for distributing relief items that were flown in here by the UAE Red Cresent ..

TALKING POINT: SOMALIA, THEN AND NOW (Toronto -Canada) (By M.M.Afrah) (1 - 11 - 02) SOMALIA, THEN AND NOW - Forty-two Years Ago

Row holds up Somali peace talks (Eldoret ) (daily nation) (25 - 10 - 02) Somali peace talks in Eldoret hit a snag yesterday after they was temporarily adjourned to allow

Tension Reported At Peace Conference (Nairobi) (allafrika) (October 24, 2002 ) Tension is said to be rising at the Somali national reconciliation conference in the Kenyan town of

Somali leader rejects peace talks (Mogadishu) (BBC) (24 - 10 - 02) Somali President Abdulkassim Salat Hassan has said the ongoing peace conference in Kenya will not

Eldoret parleys likely to bring civilian rule (Eldoret ) (Arab News) (23 - 10 - 02) Kenya’s special envoy to Somalia, Elijah Mwangale, said yesterday that Somali warlords attending the

Peace Talks: the Alternative Voice (Eldoret ) (IRIN) (23 - 10 - 02) As warlords, faction leaders, members of the Transitional National Government and others gather in

Somalia to play home game in Kenya (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (Thursday, October 24, 2002 ) Harambee Stars will host Somalia twice in their 2004 Olympic Games qualifying games.

Congratulations !!! Mr. M.M. Afrah for recieving an Award from POETRY INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Toronto - Canada) (By webmasters - (22 - 10 - 02) and it's webmaster are proud and congratulate you for recieving such a valuable award

The Somalis are settling in Maine at a rapid rate, prompting some to say, "Stop" (Lewiston) ( (22 - 10 - 02) The Somalis are settling in Maine at a rapid rate, prompting some to say, "Stop"



TALKING POINT: THE FEAR FACTOR TALKING POINT BY M.M. Afrah, Toronto (Canada) on July 2  2002 (

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