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46 militiamen defect to pro-government forces


Latest reports about the tense situation in Gedo Region [western Somalia] say at about 2.30 p.m. yesterday, a group of militiamen loyal to a splinter faction within the SNF [Somali National Front] that had been working with Ethiopian forces, armed with two battle wagons, surrendered to the forces opposed to the presence of foreign troops in Gedo Region.

The militiamen who surrendered numbered 46 and were sent the day before yesterday to put up a road block near a place called Carro-Case, about 30 km from Beled Hawo towards the direction of Garbahaarey after reports emerged that a delegation led by the aviation minister in the interim government, Abdi Guled, was on its way to Beled Hawo.

The militiamen who surrendered were led by Col Usman Haji Ahmad and belonged to the SNF faction led by Col Bihi. They were yesterday warmly welcomed in Garbahaarey where the aviation minister is currently visiting.

Many people who fled the town the day before yesterday fearing an attack by Ethiopian troops also returned.


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