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SPR Deplores Restriction of Somali People's Movement

Published By:
Raage Ahmed
SPR Secretriat , Bureo City

Burao City - The Somali Peace Rally (SPR) remains extremely concerned about the recent restriction of Somali people's movement inside the regions of north-west (Somaliland) and north-east (Puntland)of Somalia, who were traveling to participate in the current Somali peace process in Djibouti.

The SPR condemns any attempt from security authorities of those Somali regions to restrict the freedom of their Somali people's movement for travelling, the freedom of the press and the free exchange of information on the Somali affairs, which are the cornerstones of democratic good governance.

The SPR strongly urges the authority of Somali north-east region (Puntland) and that of Somali north-west region (Somaliland) to desist from restricting their Somali people's movement for traveling and to respect the fundamental rights of freedom of movement and expression. We believe that all Somalis in those regions should enjoy those rights as the democratic process develops in those parts of Somalia (north-west and north-east regions).

The SPR also calls on the regional authorities of north-west and north-east of Somalia Somaliland and Puntland regions) to promptly investigate the circumstances of a group of 19 deported-people by the north-west authority of Somalia, who were traveling from Puntland to Djibouti to take part in the Somali reconciliation talks and to bring those responsible for the restriction of their movement inside Somalia to justice.

The regional constitutions of north-west authority (Somaliland) and north-east authority (Puntland) of Somalia clearly underline the safeguard of civil laws, including freedom of movement and expression.

Accordingly, we, the Somali Peace Rally (SPR), strongly urges the regional authorities of those regions of Somalia to ensure the safety and movement of Somali people who want to travel and participate in the national peace conference.



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