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Kismayo: a wound that doesn't heal


Dear Mohamed:

I share some of your concerns about the Arte established government. However, your concern about Kisimayo and its civilians is little bit disingenuous.

This is because many of your clan members are sending money to finance Gen. Morgan to wage a similar war to maimed and kill civilians in Kisimayo. May, I remind you that, during Gen. Morgan's eight year rule of Kisimayo, created havoc closing the seaport which was the only resource of export and import for the Region, just to give business to Bossasso seaport.

He has been the major source of instability in that region, he doesn't have the capacity to deal with and has shown no interest. Not to mention it was your late father, then Prime Minister of Somalia who instituted the so-called 'Progetto Russo' to settle and establish strong Majeerteen presence in Kisimayo, which turned the tables in their favor.

As a result the Governor, District Commissioner, the Police Chief and the rest of the authority in the Region were your own sub-clan (Osman Mohamud). Hope you are not advocating the return of status quo, otherwise you will be guilty of the same crimes that you are accusing of Mr. Abdiqasim. Thus, you need to wake up to the human tragedy and disaster in Somalia.

Kismayo is very far from Bari, Mudug, Sool and Sanaag and non of the combatants belong the Region. As a potential Candidate for the Presidency of Puntland, I urge you to embrace and adhere to the principles of representative 'government' in the whole Upper Jubba Region, which is inclusive of all geographic areas and all segments of the society in the region.

Scheming clans with ruthless militias who will stop nothing to get what they want became the norm in Somalia, in order to obtain power and supremacy over others by invading other territories.

Sad to say because of the loose of human life, I support the position of Mr. Abdiqasim to defend the sovereignty of the country from invading forces allied with foreign power such as Ethiopia, who has been busy to destabilize Somalia for the past ten years.

It is my firm believe that, the situation in Somalia will continue to deteriorate unless all Somali people could sit together, discuss the formation of new constitution without marginalizing any group, based on the Rule of Law, multiparty democracy, free elections and form of regional and clan autonomy, where original inhabitants of each region are left to manage their own affairs.

Dr. Abdi Ulusso

To read Mr. Abdirashid's article click here

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