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Egypt Reiterates Support for Somali Reconciliation Process

Foreign Minister Amr Moussa has reiterated Egypt's support for the peace and national reconciliation process in Somalia, the government-run newspaper Al Gomhuria reported on Thursday.

Egypt will continue backing an initiative proposed by Djibouti and its efforts aimed at helping restore peace, stability and unity in Somalia, Moussa said late Wednesday, in response to a reporter's question about Cairo's position on the Somali issue.

Djiboutian officials have accused Egyptian Ambassador to Somalia Saleh Amin of disrupting Djibouti's peace efforts by dissuading Somali faction leaders, including Hussein Aideed, head of a group of the influential Somali National Alliance, from taking part in a Somali reconciliation conference currently held in Djibouti, the paper said in a report on Tuesday.

Somali delegations at the conference organized a special meeting to protest against the alleged activities of Amin and called on the Egyptian government to recall him.

The delegations were astonished at the intervention by the Egyptian envoy in the Somali peace process while Cairo has repeatedly expressed keenness on supporting the peace talks, the report said.

Amin has denied the accusation, saying that the charges were baseless, the paper added. Somalia has been in division since Former President Siad Barre was toppled in 1991.

Some 460 Somali representatives, including university professors, intellectuals, writers and tribal leaders, opened the reconciliation conference in Djibouti May 2 in a bid to select 225 members for the proposed Interim National Council, which is designed to form a central government.



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