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Five Somalis Perished in Ravaging Floods


At least five people including three children have been killed after houses collapsed as heavy rains and devastating floods are hitting southern Somalia which had long been suffering from serious drought.

Reports reaching the Somali capital Mogadishu indicate that Tieglow district is the worst affected by the floods in Bakol region where five people were killed and 52 houses were destroyed by the rains.

According to Abdi Nur Derow (Isgow), the district commissioner of Teiglow, the floods followed more than eight hours of heavy rains and damaged an estimated over 1800 tons of sorghum, maize, sugar, wheat and flour in the market place.

Hundreds of families displaced by the floods in Tieglow and Bakol regional capital of Huddor are currently scattered around the villages outside these towns without food or shelter.

The neighboring region of Bay is not any better even though the floods have killed no one so far.

Over 800 men from the four residential quarters of Baidoa town have been fighting the floods which are threatening to cut off the bridge linking Baidoa town to Huddor and Luq districts.

According to Mohamed Ali Aden Qalinleh, governor of the Bay region, heavy rains which continued in the past 20 hours are threatening two residential areas in the town, especially Horsed area where the people have already started evacuating their offspring and a little of belongings.

Reports from Qoryoley town in Lower Shabelleh region, 120 kilometers southwest of Mogadishu, indicate that the village of Bambas has been washed away by floods after Shabelleh river burst its banks Thursday.

According to the commissioner of Qoryoley district, Ali Hussein Aliyow Ibrow, over 500 families who lived in Bambas village have now moved to Mallayley village, which is itself among seven other endangered villages in the region.

The local authorities have reopened the dam of Qoryoley town so as to minimize the flow of water to those villages.

However, one question still remains to be answered: Who is going to feed those thousands of destitute families displaced by the floods.


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