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Somalis Fully Support Forthcoming Government


The Islamic courts and business community in Mogadishu Wednesday issued a statement expressing their full support for the government to be set up soon as the Somali peace conference being held in Djibouti enters its last stage of selecting a president of the country for the first time in a decade.

"We welcome and fully support the government to be established in Djibouti," said Sheikh Omar Moallim Nur, a leading Muslim scholar and member of the supreme committee for the Islamic courts.

He called the Somalis wherever they are to be ready to help the government implement the rule of law and order. Colonel Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, chairman of one of the Islamic courts in Mogadishu, said: "The best choice would be an Islamic government, but anything that would get Somalia out of this mess is hundred percent acceptable. "

Ali Mohamed Siad, one of the popular businessmen in Mogadishu, said: "We sacrifice our lives and wealthy for accommodating the Somali government in Mogadishu."

In another statement, women groups, the law society of Mogadishu and the Muslim scholars have appealed to the forthcoming government to have its constitution based on the Islam, which is the country's state religion.

At the Somali peace conference held at Arta, Djibouti, Abdulla Dero Issak, secretary-general of the Rahwein Resistant Army (RRA) and co-chairman of the Peace Conference, was elected at the weekend as the speaker of the country's transitional parliament and elections for a president is expected to be held in a few days.


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