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Somalia: Anti-government faction reportedly massing forces

BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 3, 2001

It has been confirmed for the first time that Gen Mohammad Sa'id Hirsi Morgan has received militiamen from Mogadishu, and that he has been massing different militiamen from Puntland region in preparation [for battle] since he was defeated in the Lower Juba fighting while leading the Somali Reconciliation and Restoration Council militiamen.

Reports from a reliable source say that at least 30 militiamen, formerly of Somali Patriotic Movement, loyal to Gen Morgan and who left Mogadishu, have arrived in Baydhabo [southcentral Somalia]. Reports say the militiamen, who had previously come to Mogadishu for different reasons, arrived in Baydhabo by road..

Somalia: Fighting reported in parts of Mogadishu

BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 3, 2001 Text of report by Somali HornAfrik Online text web site on 3 October Mogadishu:

The sounds of heavy weapons were heard last night in various districts of Mogadishu. The firing of these very heavy weapons was particularly intense around the former cigarettes and match sticks factory and the steel mill. Residents in the area told HornAfrik the weapons were being exchanged by groups fighting for control of a garage in the area.

Other reports suggest the fighting was between groups of gunmen. It started after one group drove a stolen technical [pick-up mounted with heavy guns] into the garage with the other group hot on its heels.


Somalia: Bomb thrown into house of Banaadir police boss

BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 3, 2001 Text of report by Somali newspaper Mogadishu Times on 3 October Last night, a bomb was thrown into the house of the Banaadir [Mogadishu and its environs] police commander, Mr Abdi Qaybdid. The bomb destroyed two cars parked on the premises. It is not yet known who is behind the incident.


Somalia: Puntland conference on new administration said running behind schedule

BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 3, 2001 Text of report by UN regional information network IRIN on 3 October Nairobi: The conference of the representatives of the constituent regions of the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland, northeastern Somalia, is running behind schedule, a local journalist told IRIN on Wednesday [3 October].

The Puntland general congress, which opened on 26 August in Garowe, the regional capital, was scheduled to end on 1 October. It was behind schedule because "the delegates took too long debating the changes in the [Puntland] charter", Adan Abdirahman Dolar, the editor of the Garowe-based Nugal Times, said. He said the conference had now concluded the debate on the charter, and would vote on it on 7 October.

"It looks as if they will move on to the election of the president and vice-president no later than 8 October", with the congress coming to an end by 10 October, he said. The various clans in Puntland were then expected to name their representatives to the Puntland assembly within 15 days, thereby completing the new Puntland administration, Dolar told IRIN.

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