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Six Killed, 20 Wounded by Unknown Gunmen in Mogadishu

At least six people were killed and nearly 20 others wounded when unidentified gunmen attacked the Hararyalleh residential quarter in South Mogadishu, Somalia, Monday night.

According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrators of the attack crossed from North Mogadishu, took the former presidential palace road and turned on the Wadnaha street before opening an indiscriminate fire on the unarmed civilians around the mini-khat and fuel market of Hararyalleh.

The gunmen, about seven of them, driving a pickup mounted with an anti- aircraft heavy machine gun, opened fire in every direction before escaping unhurt into the darkness along the road of Hirtah.

There had been no resistance or return of fire against the attackers during the operation even though Hararyalleh area is one of the pockets of land in Mogadishu controlled by the Islamic courts.

The reason for the attack is not officially disclosed. However, most of the local people pointed the finger of blame on Bashir Rageh Shirar, a well- known Warsangeli sub-clan businessman living in North Mogadishu.

One of the eyewitnesses even said that he recognized the vehicle and the driver of Shirar personally during the attack.

Shirar has reportedly carried out the attack in response to an earlier assault against one of his vehicles in Hararyalleh area two days ago in which one of his men was killed and two others wounded.

The gunmen who attacked Shirar's vehicle have claimed that the vehicle was looted from their clan during heavy clannish fighting in Medina area five years ago.

However, when contacted last night, Shirar distanced himself from being involved in the attack in Hararyalleh, stressing that all his fighters were busy at the Issaley airport and a wedding ceremony in his place Monday night.

The insecurity and banditry-related attacks have been on the increase in the past 10 days.

However, attacking crowds of civilians on clan-related animosity has long been forgotten in Mogadishu since the Cairo peace deal was signed three years ago when all of the green lines that divided the capital were abolished.

Following the massacre, more than one hundred people took to the streets of the Hararyalleh residential quarter Tuesday morning, shouting words against the Islamic court responsible for the security in the area.

They demanded the Islamic court officials either to guarantee their security fully or leave them alone to deal with the situation by taking the law in their hands.



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