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Transitional Parliament Raises Hope Among Somalis

While members of the Somali transitional parliament were debating national issues under the canvas of a tent in neighboring Djibouti, ordinary Somalis on the dusty streets of Mogadishu expressed hope and jubilation that at last they had a parliament, albeit in exile.

The TV and radio coverage made by the Djibouti government for the announcement of the parliament on Sunday has immediately touched every part of the Somali society in one way or the other and most of the people celebrated for the inauguration of the parliament by offering free meals to their fellow friends.

All of them are longing to see the fruits of the efforts made by the Djibouti government and how the new legislators who just started debating over their bylaws will tackle Somalia's multiple problems.

However, the sound of heavy machine guns blast reverberating around their city reminded them that the armed militia of the faction leaders still loomed large.

"It's awkward that guns are still to be tested whether they are good to kill after ten years they reigned the country through chaos," said Abdisalan Abdulle Mohamed, a whole salesman of imported cloths in Bakara market.

In the economical front, the value of the U.S. dollar has plunged down to 8800 shillings on Monday, loosing more than 1000 shillings in one day, the sharpest downfall ever since the United Nations forces abandoned Somalia in early 1995.



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