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The Assassination of MP Hassan Ahmed Elmi


Pan-Somali Council for Peace and Democracy (Israaca)
Press Release
The Insanity Must Stop

As our nation struglles to reconcile the assassination of General Tallan, another hero, MP Hassan Ahmed Elmi falls victim to the enemy of peace- those who are deliberately defying all Godly and moral codes, and whose only objective is to keep Somalia as the land of the lawless where the value of the individual Somali life is as precious as the bullet that wastes it.

The Heinous act that took the life of MP Hassan Ahmed Elmi was cowardly and barbaric, for they killed an unarmed man in front of his wife and children. That act of naked aggression was aimed at the heart of ALL PEACE-LOVING SOMALIS, thus should never be forgiven.

As a result, Israaca, in no uncertain terms, urges President Abdiqasim Saladand the Transitional Government to take a swift and a transparent step toward justice by bringing the killers of both Genral Tallan and MP Elmi and those who commissioned them, regarless of their clan affiliation, to face justice.

Israaca is convinced that the nightmare of this vicious trend would continue to gain momentum and would ultimately take its toll on the vulnerable rebirth of our nation, so long as the transitional government continous to deal with the enemies of peace softly and timidly.

On the other hand, by doing the right thing, Israaca is confident that the transitional government would not only rightfully assert its legitimacy, but would have in the process earned the respect and the trust of all decent peace-loving Somalis every where who would like to have their nation back.

Pan-Somali Council for Peace and Democracy (Israaca)
Headquarters 1201 Pennsylvania venue N.W. Suite 300 Washington, D.C. 20004 Tel: (614)661-4653 Fax: (614)661-4699 Israaca@lycos.com


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