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Somalia fighting 'leaves 50 dead' Mogadishu (BBC), 26 of Jan. 2002 - Several days of factional fighting in Somalia are reported to have left more than 50 people dead and a number of villages .

Mindef To Issue Documentation On Malbatt's Role In Somalia KUALA LUMPUR,Jan 25 (Bernama) -- The Defence Ministry will issue a documentation on Malaysia's role in the rescue of American forces

Arms banned on Mogadishu streets MOGADISHU, SOMALIA(BBC) - The Transitional National Government of Somalia has issued an ultimatum to Mogadishu residents not to carry weapons in the capital's streets.

Somali Warlords See Anti-Terror ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -- If Somali warlord Hussein Mohamed Aidid is to be believed, Somalia is crawling with terrorists.

US to Resettle Thousands of Somalis Nairobi - (The East African) - TWELVE THOUSAND Somali Bantu refugees could be resettled in the United States after sailing through the first screening phase in Nairobi


TALKING POINT: "BLACK HAWK DOWN" MOVIE - A HOAX? - PART THREE TALKING POINT By M .M. Afrah. on 22 of Jan. 2002 - Exclusively to - To be re-broadcast , pls give credit to the author and

TALKING POINT: "BLACK HAWK DOWN" MOVIE - A HOAX? - PART TWO TALKING POINT By M .M. Afrah. on 18 of Jan. 2002 - Exclusively to - To be re-broadcast , pls give credit to the author and

TALKING POINT: "BLACK HAWK DOWN" MOVIE - A HOAX? TALKING POINT By M .M. Afrah. on 17 of Jan. 2002 - Exclusively to - To be re-broadcast , pls give credit to the author and


Focus On US Strike Threat Mogadishu (UNIRIN) -This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations

Internet returns to Somalia Mogadishu (BBC) - A new telecommunications company has opened its doors in Somalia, two months after the country's only internet provider and a major

Thousands Welcome Mogadishu Delegation (MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Thousands of Somalis lined Mogadishu's streets Sunday to welcome a U.N. delegation that is assessing the security situation

US movie under fire for ignoring Malaysian role in Somalia battle KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) The Hollywood movie "Black Hawk Down" came under fire here for ignoring the role of Malaysian troops in rescuing

Somalia Holding 20 Over Possible Terror Link-Paper DUBAI (Reuters) - Somalia, cited as a possible haven for Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda followers, has taken into custody around 20 people

Eritrea, Djibouti Concerned Over Possible Military Strikes (UNIRIN) -Nairobi Eritrea and Djibouti have both expressed concern over the prospect of US military strikes against Somalia.

12 Killed in Southern Clashes (UNIRIN) -At least a dozen people were killed and more than 30 wounded in fighting which broke out earlier this week near the town of Qoryoley, 130 km southwest of Mogadishu

Minnesota Somali leaders call for boycott of movie "Black Hawk Down'' MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Local Somali leaders called Thursday for a boycott of the movie "Black Hawk Down'' because it depicts

France Urges Caution Over Somalia Jan 17, 2002 (IRIN) -- France urged caution on Wednesday against military action in Somalia as part of the war against terrorism. French Minister of State for

Mystery Over Ship Hijacked Off Somalia BEIRUT/LONDON (Reuters) - Mystery surrounds the last movements of a Lebanese ship hijacked by pirates off Somalia, the Horn of Africa

U.S. Draws on Lessons From Somalia Jan 17, 2002 (AP) - Among diplomats and aid workers, it's known as the Somalia Syndrome: America's reluctance to send troops into foreign conflicts for fear of losing lives.

Analysis: Somalia Poses Test for U.S. Intelligence NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) - Is history about to repeat itself in Somalia, the chaotic country that for almost a decade has had an inhibiting influence

President Omar Guelleh Slams Region Over Somalia Khartoum, Djibouti President Ismael Omar Guelleh has condemned the "inability" of regional countries to adopt a common approach in order to bring

News in Brief. Mogadishu - (BBC Monitoring Service ) - A new bank called the Universal Bank of Somalia has been set up in Mogadishu.

A Shift Toward Somalia: U.S. fears al-Qaida may regroup there. WASHINGTON BUREAU January 13, 2002 Washington - With the war in Afghanistan winding down, Americans wondering where the global

Sudan: Regional body resolutions on Somalia. Text of report in English by Sudanese news agency Suna Khartoum - Here under the Sudan News Agency publishes text of the resolution of the 9th IGAD

Analysis: Somalia's powerbrokers Mogadishu -Somalia (BBC) Somalia has been without a recognised central government since the collapse of Mohamed Siad Barre's regime in January 1991.


Somali Ruler Says Country 'Terrorized' by U.S. KHARTOUM, Sudan (Reuters) - The president of Somalia's transitional government said Friday that his people had been ''terrorized'' by a U.S. .

East African Countries Must Help Foster Peace in Somalia: Annan UNITED NATIONS, Jan 10, 2002 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- U.N. secretary-general Kofi Annan on Thursday urged the leaders of

Arab League Concerned Over Continued Conflicts in Somalia, Sudan KHARTOUM, Jan 10, 2002 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- The Arab League on Thursday expressed deep concern over the continued conflict

Italy hails Somalia peace hopes KHARTOUM, Somalia (Reuters) -- Italy said on Wednesday that there was a historic chance for peace in Somalia, downplaying the likelihood that the United States

U.N. Sending Team to Somalia UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The United Nations announced Wednesday it wants to increase its involvement in Somalia, just as U.S. forces have beefed up reconnaissance

SOMALI LEADER IS WARY OF BIN LADEN & THE U.S. Washington DC,(AFP)8th January 2002 - One place the United States need not look for Osama Bin Laden is Somalia, its Prime Minister Hassan Abshir

Ethiopian troops 'deploy' in Somalia Jan 08, 2002 (BBC) - An increasing number of Ethiopian military personnel are being reported moving into Somalia.

MILITIAMEN ON LOOTING SPREE ! Washington DC,(AFP)8th January 2002 - More than 3,000 militiamen have deserted government training camps to come looting in Mogadishu, Local Somal

Mogadishu Pull Out of African Tournament Jan 08, 2002 (The East African Standard) - Somalia will not take part in the African Challenge Cup Zone Five handball qualifier set for Nairobi from January 15officials

U.S. places little trust in Somali terror 'tips' Bitter rivalries make clan informants unreliable Nairobi, Kenya -- A Somali warlord says he sent an urgent letter to President Bush shortly after the Sept.

SOMALI PARENTS SEARCH FOR MISSING SON ! Abu Dhabi(Gulf News) 6th January 2002 A Somali couple in the UAE Capital has launched a search for their teenage son who has been missing for almost a .

FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY - PART ELEVEN An extract from a book by M.M. Afrah to be published in Canada in the winter of 2002 exclusive to All rights are reserved

US government imposes expensive license fee on Somali money transfer companies BBC Monitoring Service - Somali money transfer firms in Minnesota closed their doors this week after the state

U.S. Electronic Eyes on Somalia to Track Al Qaeda WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military stepped up aerial surveillance along the coast of Somalia to keep an electronic eye on suspected

UN body signs new project to help Somalia rebuild economy BBC Monitoring Service - United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Somalia office on Friday [4 January] signed a new project aimed at

Ethopia 'training Somali militias' WASHINGTON (BBC) - The transitional government in Somalia has repeated accusations that Ethiopia has sent troops across the border to train militia groups opposed to it.

U.S. Flies Somalia Reconnaissance WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States is conducting reconnaissance flights over Somalia to help determine whether the al-Qaida terrorist group is rebuilding in

Somali writer says U.S. misreads bin Laden story JOHANNESBURG, Jan 3 (Reuters) - Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network have far more dangerous friends in London or Milan than

Somalia: Water utility firm says ban on Al-Barakaat affecting its services BBC Monitoring Service - Jan 3, 2002 - A news conference has been held to explain the performance of the (?Safi) Water Purification and .

America, Spare Somalia for God's Sake Jan 02, 2002 ( All Africa) -- Even according to America's own intelligence, the al Qaeda cells found in Somalia are far less active or cohesive than those in Italy, Brussels

German Troops Headed for Somalia (The Nation/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) -- Two German warships with 1,600 troops aboard arrive in Djibouti next Wednesday to take part in operations against

Somali president vows to deal with those who say Somalia harbours terrorists BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Dec 30, 2001 The president of the interim government of Somalia, Abdiqasim Salad


COMMENTARY: U.S. could not justify any attack on Somalia COMMENTARY BY Mohamud Hussein Khalif (

Ex-Somalia Gunmen Earn Diplomas MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Abduldakir Mohamed Ali was 14 years old when fighting broke out in Mogadishu 11 years ago to oust Somali President Siad Barre.

Nine Killed as Heavy Fighting Erupts in Mogadishu MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Heavy fighting broke out in the Somali capital Mogadishu late on Friday night killing nine people, including three civilians caught in

TERRORISM CONCERNS SUPPORT NEED FOR DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE TO NORTHWEST SOMALIA Washington, DC (U.S. Committee for Refugees )- Despite growing U.S. government concerns

Food Shortage Acute in Southern Somalia, U.N. Warns UNITED NATIONS, Dec 28, 2001 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- Concerned about the fate of some 500,000 people in southern Somalia suffering from serious

Calm returns to Mogadishu Mogadishu - Somalia (BBC) - The capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, is reported to be calm after heavy fighting on Thursday between rival factions of a local militia.

Somalia pushed to brink of disaster Mogadishu - Somalia (BBC) - The sun beats down on the flat, parched earth around the village of Tulo Barawako in southern Somalia. This should be the rainy season

Warlords Call for Foreign Intervention in Somalia ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Diplomats have warned that militia chiefs, who flourished in the chaos of civil war and control large parts of Somalia, have seized on the U.S. anti-terror campaign as their own route back to power.

Heavy fighting erupts in Somalia Mogadishu, 27 Dec. (BBC) - At least 11 people have been killed and 25 others wounded in heavy fighting between members of the same militia in the Somali capital


Somalia: Anti-government factions reportedly setting up joint military force Mogadishu, 27 Dec. (BBC) - The political wing of the RRA , the Husayn Aydid faction, the Muse Sudi [Yalahow] faction and the Gen Morgan faction are making efforts to set up a joint military force with muscle.

Feds free up Somali firm's assets MINNEAPOLIS, Pioneer Press - U.S. Treasury officials on Wednesday released $50,000 that the owner of a Somali-run money-transfer agency in Minneapolis

Britain Denies Report on Somali Strikes NAIROBI, December 25 (Xinhuanet) -- The British government has denied claims that its warships docked at the port of Mombasa in southeastern Kenya were

Open Letter to President Daniel arab Moi Dec 25, 2001- By Mahad Yusuf Chairperson, Coalition of Somali Communities In North America

Somali government vows to fight terror NAKURU, Kenya (Reuters) - Somalia's shaky transitional government has signed a peace accord with some opposition factions and vowed to cooperate in the fight

Somali peace deal signed Dec 24, 2001 (BBC) - Somalia's transitional administration has signed a peace deal in Kenya with several opposition factions aimed at paving the way for a national unity government.

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