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Black Hawk Down hero trains troops ! KUWAIT CITY, Associated Press ( 15th January 2003 ) Young troops huddle around and listen closely to their grizzled sergeant, a hero of the bloody ...

Cheers as judge forbids Somalis' deportation ! Seattle, Florangela Davila, Seattle Times staff reporter ( 15th January 2003 ) Local Somalis and their advocates are counting the hours until Friday, when a federal judge may ...

80 Somalis Feared Dead After Ship Sinks Off Yemen ! Sana'a , ( Reuters) ( 15th January 2003 ) More than 80 Somali refugees were feared dead after their boat caught fire and sank off Yemen ...

Mediator Warns of Slow Progress in Somalia Peace Talks (Nairobi) (VOA) (Jan 15, 03) The official in charge of the Somalia peace talks says progress is being made. But he also warns it

Somali peace talks bounty (Eldoret) (BBC) (15 , Jan, 03) For more than three months, the residents of Eldoret, in western Kenya, have been host to more than

Somalia: Another Faction Leader Leaves Eldoret (Eldoret) (IRIN) (Jan, 15, 03) A prominent Mogadishu-based faction leader Muse Sudi Yalahow left the Eldoret peace talks on Monday

Somalia: Peace Committees to Conclude This Month, Says Mediator (Nairobi) (IRIN) (14 Jan, 03) Technical committees discussing core issues of the Somali conflict should conclude their work this m

Kalonzo to meet Igad ministers to save Somalia talks (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (Jan. 14, 03) Foreign minister Kalonzo Musyoka will on Thursday meet with Igad frontline states foreign ministers

Somalia talks won't collapse, insists envoy (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (Jan 14, 03) Kenya's special envoy to the Somalia peace talks has played down chances the peace effort

Somalia peace process still on- Envoy (Eldoret) (KBC) (Jan 13, 03) Kenya’s Special Envoy to the Somalia peace talks that have been going on in Eldoret, says the talks

Somali leaders call for mayor's resignation (Press Herald) (LEWISTON ) (Jan 13, 03) Members of Lewiston's Somali community told Mayor Laurier Raymond to resign Saturday

Somali peace talks 'on ice (Nairobi) (News24) (Jan 13, 03) One of Somalia's principal warlords has pulled out of peace talks in Kenya, saying they have stalled

Warar Goos Goos ah oo Somaliya ku Saabsan (Muqdisho) (Muqdisho Times) (Jan 12, 03) Muuse Suudi Yalaxow iyo wafdi balaaran oo uu hogaaminayo ayaa maanta lagu wadaa in uu dib ugu soo

MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES TO LAUNCH AWARENESS CAMPAIGN AT DSF WITH HERTZ UAE SUPPORT Dubai , Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) ( 12th January 2003 ) Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), with the help of Hertz UAE, is using the Dubai Shopping Festival to

Probe into African valley break-up ! Adis Ababa, ( 12th January 2003 ) Seventy-two U.S., European and Ethiopian scientists fanned out across the Horn of Africa country ...

Thousands Support Maine Somalis (News5) (LEWISTON, Maine ) (11 Jan, 03) Maine's governor and two senators are among those who attended an anti-racism rally in support

Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen discuss Horn of Africa stability ! Khartoum, AFP ( 12th January 2003 ) The foreign ministers of Ethiopia, Sudan and Yemen began a two-day meeting here Saturday to discuss

Maraykan: qaxooti deddeg isku diiwaan galinaya ! Washington, DC - BBC News ( 11th January 2003 ) Kumannaan qaxooti ah oo jooga Maraykan ayaa ku orday xafiisyo loo abuuray in qaxootiga waddamada

President's Allies Sweep Djibouti Vote Djibouti, By MAHAMED AHMED, Associated Press Writer ( 11th January 2003 ) Parties allied with the president have swept Djibouti's first multi-party legislative elections...

MALEESHIYO QABSATAY IDAACADA IYO TELEFISHANKA HORN AFRIK (MUQDISHU) (BALCAD.COM) (Jan, 11, 2003) Ciidamo ka amarqaata ganacsade Maxamed Daylaaf oo ku hubaysan


DEEGAANKA BERMUUDA OO DAGAAL KA SOCDA ! Mogadishu , By ( 10th January 2003 ) Dagaalkii ka bilowday shalay galab deegaanka Bermuuda ee magaalada Muqdisho ayaa weli ka socda

First multi-party poll in Djibouti ! Djibouti, BBC News ( 10th January 2003 ) The people of Djibouti are going to the polls to elect 65 members of parliament in the country's

Somali team to meet Kalonzo over stalemate ! Nairobi, By Daily NATION Correspondent ( 10th January 2003 ) Somali leaders attending peace talks in Eldoret left for Nairobi yesterday in an effort to end a

Heshiis dhexmaray duqow ka tirsan Bay ! Buur Hakaba, BBC News ( 10th January 2003 ) Waxaa Khamiistii heshiis aan hore loo sii filaynin uu dhex maray duqeyda degmada Buur-Hakaba iyo

Concerns Growing Over Kenyan Muslims ! MOMBASA, Kenya MATTHEW ROSENBERG, Associated Press Writer ( 9th January 2003 ) Six weeks after terrorists attacked an Israeli hotel and airliner, the investigation is finding a

DJIBOUTI: Parliamentary elections set for Friday Djibouti, IRIN ( 9th January 2002 ) Djiboutian voters will go to the polls to elect members of parliament on Friday, a senior Djibouti

Somalis looking to heal wounds with "anti-hate" tour (Startribune) (OLYMPIA, Wash. ) (Jan 9, 03) An advocacy group for Somali-Americans is trying to forge a relationship with Washington's leaders

Minnesota Somali leader makes connections in Seattle ! SEATTLE, Kavita Kumar of the Star Tribune ( 8th January 2003 ) Since he arrived Monday afternoon in Seattle, the first of two destinations on his National Tour

Sharciyada soo galootiga Britain oo la adkeeyay ! London, BBC News ( 8th January 2003 ) Tallaabooyin cusub, ayaa ka dhaqangalaya dalkan Britain maanta, kuwaasi oo ah dadka doonaya in ay

SOMALIA: Leaders urge Kenyan president to save talks ! Nairobi, IRIN ( 8th January 2003 ) Somali political groups participating in the Eldoret peace talks have called on Kenya's new ....

Row Erupts Over Cash for Peace Talks ! Nairobi, The Nation ( ( 8th January 2003 ) A stand-off between delegates and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad) technical

SOMALIA: Local human rights office attacked in Baidoa Baidoa IRIN ( 7th January 2003 ) The offices of a local human rights group in the south-central town of Baidoa have been attacked by

PRESS RELEASE: UN HUMANITARIAN COORDINATOR CALLS ON SOMALI LEADERS TO RESPECT PEACE COMMITMENTS (UN HUMANITARIAN COORDINATOR ) Nairobi (7 January 2003) Following continuing hostilities in some areas of Somalia, the United Nations (UN) Resident and

Somali talks delegates protest (Nairobi) (By NATION ) (Jan 7, 03) A group of Somalis attending a peace conference in Eldoret yesterday demonstrated against

Hundreds of Somalis attending peace talks in Kenya are kicked out of their hotels (AP) ELDORET, Kenya (7 of Jan, 03) Hundreds of Somalis attending peace talks in this central Kenyan town were booted from their hotel

SOMALIA: Peace talks resume in Eldoret ! Nairobi, IRIN ( 6th January 2003 ) The Somali national reconciliation conference resumed in the Kenyan town of Eldoret on Monday after

Profile: Omar Jamal, director of Somali Justice Advocacy Center (Startribune) (Minnesota) Jan. 6, 2003 Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, says he doesn't claim to be

Somalia: Success in environmental awareness (Arab News) (JEDDAH) 6 January 2003 Simply but with great effort, the Somali program co-ordinators of PERSGA (Regional Organization for

Sense of community eludes immigrants ! Puget Sound area,Seattle Rob Carson; The News Tribune ( 5th January 2003 ) An estimated 50,000 native Africans live in the Puget Sound area. But they are spread from Everett

FAARAX CUMAR: XAALADDA BAYDHABA WAA DEGGAN TAHAY ! Baidoa, By ( 5th January 2003 ) Kadib markii maleeshiyada RRA ee kala taabacsan Col. Shaati-guduud iyo ragga ka soo horjeeda ee

Commentary : Desperate She-Monkey (By Ahmed Waberi) (Dec 4, 03) We Somali's are in a deep state of confusion. We have lost our orientation in time and in place.

Mosque apologizes for message (The Toronto Star) (Toronto) (3 of Jan, 03) An Etobicoke mosque has apologized for warning followers against wishing others a Merry Christmas

WARBIXIN : SHAQO-JOOJIN SAAMEYSAY JAALIYADDA SOOMAALIDA EE IMAARAADKA ! Dubai , By ( 4th January 2003 ) Warar xog-ogaal ah oo aanu ka helnay maanta caasimadda Imaaraadka ee Abu-Dhabi ayaa xaqiijinaya in

Somali woman heads for Dutch parliament (BBC) (Friday, 3 January, 2003) A Somali refugee and former Muslim is a sure bet to become a Netherlands MP for a conservative party

Thousands of students take to Somali capital streets (Mogadishu) (Africa Online) (3 January 2003 ) Murder of children leads to protest in the capital as faction trade accusations over Puntland

New Kenyan leader names cabinet Nairobi, BBC News ( 3rd January 2003 ) New Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has announced his new government after being sworn in earlier this

SOMALIA: Puntland says Somaliland supporting dissident forces! Bosasso , IRIN ( 3rd January 2003 ) The authorities in the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland have accused the neighbouring ...

About 30 Killed in Renewed Fighting in Puntland ! Bosasso , IRIN ( 2nd January 2003 ) Fighting has again broken out around the villages of Jadid and Qararsoor in the Qardho area, some 26

SOMALIA: Swiss national shot dead in Somaliland ! Hargeisa, IRIN ( 2nd January 2003 ) A Swiss national was killed by gunmen on Monday night in Hargeysa, the capital of the self-declared

Somali minister hails peace process (Cairo) (Arab News) (Jan 02, 03) The Somali Transitional National Government (TNG) Foreign Minister, Yusuf Hassan Ibrahim, has


Somali support group coming to Lewiston (Lewiston) (Sun Journal) (Jan 1, 03) A national Somali support group will include Maine in its January tour.

Heavy Fighting Flares up in Somalia (Boosaaso) (People's Daily) (31 of Dec 02) A largely anticipated heavy fighting has flared up early morning on Monday between the supporters

COMMENTARY : OPEN LETTER TO THE WARLORDS/FACTION LEADERS. (Toronto) By M. M. Afrah (Dec 30, 2002) Because of you we have been on the run for more than ten years. Many of us ended up where we were no

SARAAKIIL ITOOBIYAAN AH OO GAALKACYO LAGU WEERARAY. (Mogadish) (Muqdisho Times) (Dec 30. 2002) Gaari ay la socdeen lix sarkaal oo Itoobiyaan ah ayay koox dabley ah tacshiirad ku fureen ka gadaal

DAGAALKA PUNTLAND OO SII FIDIYA ! Qardho, ( 30th December 2002 ) Dagaal ba’an oo loo adeegsaday hubka cul-culus ayaa aroornimadii saaka ( 30/12/2002 ) ku dhex ..

Kenya Swears in Kibaki As New President ! Nairobi, By ANDREW ENGLAND, Associated Press Writer ( 30th December 2002 ) Mwai Kibaki took the oath of office as Kenya's third president from a wheelchair Monday as hundreds

Somali 'National Tour Against Hate' begins next week ! Lewiston, Kavita Kumar of thr Star Tribune ( 30th December 2002 ) A Somali advocacy group is branching out beyond the Twin Cities with its "National Tour Against

Kenyan President-Elect Vows Big Changes ! Nairobi, By MATTHEW ROSENBERG, Associated Press Writer ( 29th December 2002 ) President-elect Mwai Kibaki promised Kenyans on Sunday an end to the government's authoritarian ...

Somali Foreign Minister Lectures at ZCCF ! Abu Dhabi, ZCCF ( 29th December 2002 ) “The only reasonable course for peace and stability in our country is a peaceful, multilateral and

In Djibouti, residents wait for benefits of U.S. presence ! Djibouti, By Mark Fineman,Special To The Sun ( 29th December 2002 ) Just beyond the barbed-wire berms and guard posts that mask the U.S. military's secretive ....

Opposition Wins Landslide Presidential and Parliamentary Victory ! Nairobi, Ofeibea Quist-Arcton ( 29th December 2002 ) Veteran opposition leader Mwai Kibaki and his National Rainbow Coalition swept to victory in ....

Kibaki leading in Kenya poll (CNN) (NAIROBI, Kenya ) (Dec 29, 02) Kenya's main opposition party leader, Mwai Kibaki, has taken a significant lead in early results in

Somalis meet with police on khat bust (West Central Tribune) (WILLMAR ) (28 of Dec, 02) An undercover drug investigation that netted nearly 100 pounds of a controlled substance called khat

WARAR SOOMAALIYEED OO GOOS-GOOS AH ! Qardho, ( 27th December 2002 ) Xiisad ka dhalatay dil loo geystay guddoomiyhii degmada Qardho iyo ku xigeenkiisa, ayaa ka taagan ..

Doorashooyinka taarikhiga ah ee Kenya Nairobi, BBC News ( 27th December 2002 ) Waddanka Kenya ayaa waxaa maanta loo baxay doorashooyin lagu dooranayo madaxweyne cusub oo beddelo

AFRAH’S LETTER TO GEORGE BUSH FROM THE WEBMASTER TO MR. MRS. OR MISS X (By Webmaster) (26 of Dec, 02) To start with, it seems as if you have totally disregarded the opening paragraph in which I made it

Ethiopia to get British aid ! Adis Ababa, ( 26th December 2002 ) Britain will give 15 million pounds in emergency aid to Ethiopia, where millions of people will ..

UAE anounces Four-month amnesty for illegal immigrants from January 1 ! Abu Dhabi, By Muawia E. Ibrahim of Khaleej Times ( 25th December 2002 ) The Ministry of Interior yesterday announced a four-month amnesty for illegal immigrants to leave ..

TALKING POINT: TARGETTING MUSLIMS INFLAMES OPEN ATTACKS ON INNOCENT PEOPLE. (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (25 of Dec, 02) This is a rerun of Mr. Afrah’s TALKING POINT of October 2001 in which he puts the record straight

Bribery, violence could undermine Kenyan polls: EU Nairobi, AFP ( 24th December 2002 ) European Union election observers on Tuesday warned that bribery and violence could undermine the ..

Judge blocks deportation of Somali man ! St. Paul. Associated Press ( 24th December 2002 ) A Somali man fighting his deportation has the backing of a federal judge in St. Paul........

4 Somali Students Die in Bus Shooting ! Mogadishu , By OSMAN HASSAN, Associated Press Writer - ( 24th December 2002 ) Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a school minibus in Mogadishu on Tuesday, killing four students..

Amre Mousa confers with Somali Foreign Minister ! Cairo, ( 24th December 2002 ) The secretary general of the Arab league AL Amre Mousa yesterday in Cairo discussed with Somalia's

Somali Peace Talks Adjourned ! Eldoret, ( 24th December 2002 ) The Somali peace talks currently under way in the western Kenyan town of Eldoret have been adjourned

TAKING POINT : OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT BUSH (Toronto, Canada) (By M. M. Afrah) (Dec 24, 02) This is Mr. Afrah's OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH late last year. We decided to

Arab League rejects attack on Iraq ! Cairo, ( 23rd December 2002 ) The Arab League said yesterday that it is totally against a U.S. attack on Iraq and warned that any

TODAY'S EDITORIAL : 25 countries faced with hunger crisis ! Indianapolis The Indianapolis Star ( 23rd December 2002 ) Drought, flooding and regional fighting have combined to put millions on the brink of starvation....

Kenya gears up for elections ! Nairobi, BBC News ( 23rd December 2002 ) Kenya's electoral commission will start distributing ballot papers in remote areas on Monday.......

Lewiston's Somali influx plateaus (Lewiston) (AP) (Dec 22, 02) General Assistance records provide evidence that the migration of Somalis from other parts of

Muuse Suudi “Madaxweynaha soo socda Hawiye leh cid….” (Muqdisho) (Muqdisho Times , (Dec 02, 2002) Muuse Suudi Yalaxow oo ka mid ah Hogaamiyayaas-ha kooxaha Soomaalida oo u

Sonics give Somalia native dream weekend (Seattle ) (Seattle Times) (21 of Dec, 02) If only there was school Monday. Yasin Abdullahi will probably find it hard to wait until after the

HORN OF AFRICA: Anti-terror operations set up in East Africa (ABOARD THE MT. WHITNEY) (Sunday Times) (21 of Dec, 02) Amid paper Santas, boughs of holly and a portrait of a bullet-riddled Osama bin Laden, the commander

Nasty turn on human rights in terror fight ! Los Angeles, The New Zealand Herald ( 21st Dec. 2002 ) Hundreds of Middle Eastern and African men, some as young as 16, have been hauled into custody ...

Simataa Accuses Somalia of Cheating ! Lusaka, Munambeza Muwanei,the Times of Zambia (All ( 20th Dec. 2002 ) Under-17 national trainer Simataa Simataa has accused Somalia of bringing overage players for ....

Violence warning ahead of Kenyan poll ! Nairobi, By Andrew Harding of the bbc ( 20th Dec. 2002 ) One week to go and the tension is beginning to show in the most important general election campaign

America arrests 700 Muslim immigrants (LA) (The Guardian) (Dec 20, 2002) As many as 700 Middle Eastern immigrants, mainly Iranians, have been detained by US officials

Militia leader denies existence of any terrorists in Baidoa ! Baidoa, By (19th December 2002) The Militia leader in charge of the political division of the RRA, Abdullahi Adan Ahmed .....

Nestle insists on Ethiopia refund ! Adis Ababa, BBC News ( 19th Dec. 2002 ) The Swiss-based food giant, Nestle, has defended its demand for $6m in compensation from famine-

TALKING POINT : CONFUSION IN ELDORET (Toronto, Canada) (By M.M.Afrah) (Dec 19, 02) Confusion, lack of clarification, vicious daily wrangling jostling for a spot on the limelight by

Somalia talks are on course (Narobi) (The East African Stardard) (Dec 19, 02) The Igad Technical Committee for Somalia currently steering the on­going Somalia Peace and Reconcili

Racist fliers distributed to hundreds of Portland homes (AP) PORTLAND, Maine (Dec 18, 02) Officials on Monday denounced the distribution of racist fliers that target the city’s Somali

Smallpox victim now urges Somali children to gulp down vaccine to eradicate polio (AP) MOGADISHU, Somalia (Dec 18, 02) Ali Maow Maalim knew smallpox was lurking in Somalia, but when his fellow hospital workers

Mombasa bombing suspect hiding in Somalia, says wife (Nairobi) (By Ha'aretz ) (Dec 17, 02) The wife of a prime suspect in the twin terrorist attacks on Israeli targets in Kenya last month has

Somalia gets Parliament ahead of government (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (Dec 17, 02) A parliament has been established for Somalia, a prelude to the formation of an all-inclusive

Somalis pine for U.S. to rescue them (MOGADISHU, Somalia ) (AP) (Dec 16, 02) Ten years ago, Somalis welcomed American troops as saviors in their starved and battered land.

ELECTIONS IN SOMALILAND ! Hargeisa, ( 16th Dec.2002 ) Voters flocked to polling stations in the self-declared republic of Somaliland last Sunday to ....

Maxaabiis lagu toogtay xabsiga Boosaaso ! Mogadishu , Xasan Bariise (BBC) ( 16th Dec.2002 ) Rasaas ka dhacday xabsiga magaalada Boosaaso ayey dad ku dhinteen qaar kalena ku dhaawacmeen ...

SOMALIA: Faction leaders agree on participation Eldoret, IRIN ( 16th Dec.2002 ) After weeks of wrangling over the number of participants attending the Somali peace talks in the

Editorial & Opinion: Justice for Somalis in the terror war (Seattle) ( ) (Dec 16, 02) A federal judge's order preventing the Immigration and Naturalization Service from deporting Somalis

Man half-blinded in racist attack (London) (BBC) (Dec 16, 02) A Somalian man has lost the sight in one eye after being battered with an iron bar in what police

Political party relaunched at Somali talks in Eldoret (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (16 Dec, 02) A political grouping has been revived during the ongoing Somalia National Peace and Reconciliation

Gathering for peace, not protest (LEWISTON ) (The Sun Journal) (Dec 15, 02) Local leaders are begging people to stay away from the Lewiston Memorial Armory when members of the

Somalis who kicked Americans out now wish they were here again (Boston) (AP) (Dec 12, 02) Ten years ago, Somalis welcomed American troops as saviors in their starved and battered land.

Up close with Somalia's warlords (Mogadishu) (BBC) (Dec 14, 2002) A peace conference in Kenya concluded recently with the signing of a truce which it is hoped

Kenya Frees Fishermen, Saying They Had No Ties to Attackers (NAIROBI, Kenya) (The New York Times) (Dec 14, 02) The Kenyan police said today that nine Somali and Pakistani fishermen who had been detained in

Crew member shoots four dead in Somalia seaport (Mogadishu) (Xinhua ) (Dec 14, 2002) An angry crew member of a cargo boat docked in Somalia's natural seaport, El-Ma'an, shot and killed

Men from five Arab, Muslim countries face deportation deadline (Associated Press) (NEWARK, N.J. ) (Dec 14, 2002) Men from five Arab or Muslim countries have until Monday to submit to fingerprints, photographs

Somali youth trade weapons for classroom (Mogadishu) (The Globe and Mail) (Dec 13, 2002) In a crumbling classroom in a shattered city, a handful of young men are earnestly studying traffic

Panel discusses effect 9/11 has had on Somalis (Minnesota) ( (Dec 13, 2002) Folarin Ero-Phillips got right to the point when he explained why Somalis in Minnesota are more fear

A letter by M. M. Afrah to the editor of Coast Express newspaper published in Mombasa (Kenya) (Toronto - Canada) (By M.M.Afrah) (Dec 12, 2002) Following is a letter by M. M. Afrah to the editor of Coast Express newspaper published in Mombasa

Insults fly over Somali remarks ( (New Zealand ) (12 Dec, 2002) What began with a report of tensions in the Somali community in Christchurch has grown into a

Somali telecom thrives despite US ban (Mogadishu) (Arab News) (Dec 12, 2002) The Somali telecommunication sector has remained strong despite the US government’s ban of

Peters attacks Somali refugees (New Zealand ) ( (Dec 11, 220) Winston Peters is under attack over his call for Somali refugees to be sent home if they cannot

New terror fight: Horn of Africa (FREE PRESS ) (ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia ) (Dec 11, 2002) The United States is planning to open a new front in the war on terrorism in the turbulent Horn

Somali leader wants West to help rebuild fragile region (Muqdisho) (The Globa and Mail) (Dec 11, 2002) The President of what passes for government in Somalia sits in his office at the heart of a heavily

Rumsfeld Courts Horn of Africa (ABC News) (ASMARA, Eritrea ) (Dec. 11, 2002) Sharpening the U.S. focus on the Horn of Africa as a haven for terrorists, Defense Secretary

Some foreigners must register (Dec 11, 2002) (Chicago Sun Times) (Chicago ) Temporary foreign visitors from 18 countries will be required to register with their local

Somalis get a legal break (Seattle ) (Seattle Times ) (Dec 11, 2002) A federal judge in Seattle has ordered the Immigration and Naturalization Service to halt

Mudane Cali Mahdi Maxamed oo hogaaminayo isbaheysi ay sameeysteen beesha Mudulood oo looga ....... (Muqdisho) ( (10 Dec, 2002) Mudane Cali Mahdi Maxamed oo hogaaminayo isbaheysi ay sameeysteen beesha Mudulood oo looga hortagaay

Delegates at Somali peace talks dwindle (Daily Nation) (Nairobi - Kenya) (10 Dec , 2002) The number of delegates attending the Somalia National Peace and Reconciliation Conference in Eldore

Dagaaladii Laascaanood oo qaboobay ! Lascaanood BBC News ( 9th December 2002 ) Ka dib dagaalkii ka dhacay Sabtidii Laascaanood, markii uu booqday madaxwaynaha Soomaaliland....

US Military Presence in East Africa May Increase ! Nairobi, By Stephen Mbogo of Correspondent ( 9th December 2002 ) The United States is likely to increase its military presence and access to state intelligence ...

Somalia rejects links to Kenya attacks ! Mogadishu , BBC News ( 9th December 2002 ) Somalia has rejected allegations by Ethiopia that it was used as a rear base for the attacks in ...

Police in Kenya Deny Refugee Harassment ! Nairobi, ( 9/12/2002) A senior Kenyan police official has termed as "unfair" accusations by the New York-based Human ...

2002 Yearend: Whither radical Islam? (UPI) WASHINGTON (Dec 9, 2002) In a truly free election in Saudi Arabia with the royal family on the sidelines bereft of the divine

Kenya sees no Al Qaeda link so far with detainees (Jordan Times) (MOMBASA (R) (Dec 08, 2002) Kenya said on Saturday it had so far found no link between 12 people held over Thursday's attacks

Kenyan-somali border is a haven for smugglers (startribune) (KIUNGA, KENYA ) (Dec 08, 2002) The smugglers who ply the empty expanse that forms the boundary with Somalia are thought to deal

Meles links Somalis to Kenya attacks (BBC) (Mogadishu) (Dec 8, 2002) Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has said he has indications that a group operating out of

Deeq-bixiyayaasha oo ka caga jiidaya Ethiopia ! Adis Ababa, BBC News ( 7th Dec.2002 ) Sarkaal sare oo ka tirsan Qaramada Midoobay ayaa digniin ku baxshay in adduunka ay haatan la gudboon

Somalis came to Maine for security (Main Today) (WATERVILL) (Dec 7, 2002) Imagine there is a civil war in this country, it becomes ravaged, and you are sent off to Somalia

Somalis to speak at forum in city (WATERVILLE ) (KENNEBEG JOURNAL) (DEC 06, 2002) Two Somali men now living and working with refugees in Lewiston will be the speakers today at the

Terrorism traced to Somalia (The Boston Globe) (WASHINGTON) (Dec 06, 2002) The Kenya terrorist attacks last week have prompted the United States to heighten military and

Kenyan 'arbitrary' arrests condemned (Nairobi) (BBC) (Dec 06, 2002) The New York-based organisation Human Rights Watch has accused police in Kenya of using last month's

Somali pact inspires hope (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (Dec 06, 2002) The modern state is faulty, self-interested and often oppressive. Yet it is the only mode of

Discussions at the Arab League on the Somali situation (Cairo) (Arab News) (Dec 06, 2002) The secretary general of the Arab League Amr Moussa has discussed with Somalia's foreign minister

Bush Meets Leaders of Kenya, Ethiopia (Associated Press) (WASHINGTON) (Dec 06, 2002) President Bush, meeting with leaders of Kenya and Ethiopia, expressed his condolences Thursday

Court temporarily halts all Somalia deportations (Seattle) (Seattle Times ) (Dec 6, 2002) The U.S. District Court ordered the Immigration and Naturalization Service yesterday to temporarily

Warlords agree to end fighting (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (Dec 4, 2002) Peace efforts in the war-torn Somalia yesterday received a major boost following a declaration

RELIEF FOOD CONVOY ARRIVES IN SOUTHERN SOMALIA, DESPITE MAJOR SECURITY (WFP) (Nairobi) (Dec 4, 2002) The UN World Food Programme has condemned major obstacles imposed by various local authorities

Mogadishu ceasefire declaration signed (IRIN) NAIROBI (4 Dec 2002 ) Somalia's Transitional National Government (TNG) and five Mogadishu-based factions have signed

Police detain man who sold vehicle used in Kenya suicide bombing, two others (AP) MOMBASA, Kenya (Dec 4, 2002) Kenyan police detained three more suspects in the coordinated attacks on Israelis last week

Somali talks in vital phase (Nairobi) (DailyNation) (Dec 2, 2002) The Somalia National Peace and Reconciliation Conference enters a crucial second phase today that

XULKA KUBBADA CAGTA EE SOMALIA OO 2 -0 LA DIRAY (Mogadishu) ( (2 Dec, 2002) Xulka kubbadda cagta ee Somaliya ayaa maanta

Terrorist links in Kenya bombing ambiguous (UPI) KIKAMBALA, Kenya (Dec 2, 2002) Investigators Sunday remained unsure whether the terrorists who attacked a resort hotel in the East

Six Pakis, Somalis suspected in Kenya blasts (Nairobi, kenya) (Expressindia) (Dec 1, 2002) Ten Pakistanis and Somalis were held in Nairobi for questioning about the twin anti-Israeli attacks

Iskahormaadyo Dagaal oo Muqdisho ka qarxay (Muqdisho) (BBC) (Dec 1, 2002) Iska horimaad hubaysan oo u dhexeeyey maleeshiyooyin soo kala horjeeda ayaa Sabtidii ka dhacay agaga

Africa draws focus as US issues warning on Djibouti (MOMBASA, Kenya ) (The Boston Globe) (Dec 1, 2002) As investigators here intensified their probe into the twin attacks on Israelis, the United States

Kenya bombing detainees 'sailed from Somalia': investigator (Nairobi) (ABC Newsline) (Dec 1, 2002) Ten Pakistanis and Somalis held for questioning about the twin anti-Israeli attacks in Mombasa

Col. Yusuf’s War-drums In Puntland State of Somalia (Dire-dawa, ) (November 30th 2002) (SOMALI PEACE RALLY) Despite the recent signing of cease fire amongst the Somali warlords at Eldoret, and

Kenya probe focuses on Somali militants (Mombasa) (BBC) (30 Nov, 2002) United States officials say they believe a Somali-based Islamic group may have carried out Thursday

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