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Somalia Leaders Agree on Govt. Structure (Jan 29, 2004) NAIROBI, Kenya - Somalia's feuding leaders signed an agreement Thursday to form a new government bas
Q&A: Somali peace deal (Nairobi) (BBC) Jan 29 2004 - Somalia's main warlords and politicians have signed a deal to set up a new parliament that will elect a president. The country has been without a central government since 1991, since when it has been wracked by civil war with rival factions battling for control for different parts of Somalia.
UN says international staffer seized in Somalia MOGADISHU, Jan 29 (Reuters) - Somali gunmen kidnapped a German United Nations worker on Thursday in

Gen Powell got it absolutely right on Somalia (Daily Naion) (January 28, 2004 ) (Nairobi) As the Kenyan mediators on the Somali problem continues to ponder how best to assist our sister

New hope at Somali peace talks Nairobi,Kenya - BBC News - ( 27th January 2004) Mediators at the Somali peace talks say that a "breakthrough" has been achieved, with all factions

Somali Taxi Driver tells of girls' attack ! Wellington, By SUE ALLEN - ( 27th January 2004) A Somali taxi driver attacked and robbed by teenage girls cannot believe the "speed and aggression"

Somalia: UN Relief Official Condemns Murders of Women And Children New York, UNITED NATIONS - - ( 26th January 2004) Condemning the recent murders of women and children in clan-related conflicts in southern Somalia,

Somali parties reach consensus on future parliament NAIROBI, Jan. 26 (Xinhuanet) -- Delegates in Somali peace talks, including warlords and politicians,

Algeria thwart Cameroon
Cameroon 1-1 Algeria

Algeria battled to a draw against defending champions Cameroon in their opening Group C encounter.
Hope in a new land Roanoke - By Lisa Applegate - ( 25th January 2004) Rehema Mdame is one of about 200 Bantu refugees fleeing persecution by seeking a new life in .....
Toronto (By M.M.Afrah) Jan 24 ,2004 - General Mohamed Farah Aideed was bristling with indignation at the heavy-handedness of the United Nations International Task Force (UNITAF), the forerunner of UNOSOM I, spearheaded by the Americans.

Kenya and Ethiopia agree on Addis-Moyale road link Nairobi,Kenya - By NATION Reporter ( 24th January 2004 ) Kenya is seeking funds to tarmac the Moyale-Isiolo road. The project, which was suggested 30 years

Somali pleads innocent in terror-finance case (January 23, 2004) SAN DIEGO – The head of a San Diego-based Somali organization pleaded innocent today to charges that

Aid Somalia Peace Bid, Ethiopia Told The East African Standard (Nairobi) Kenya yesterday urged Ethiopia to help in negotiating peace for Somalia.

Puntland Accuses Djibouti of Arming Somaliland (January 22, 2004) The authorities in the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland have accused the Republic of

Canadian charged with terrorism in U.S. (The Globe and Mail) Minneapolis, Minn. — A Canadian citizen born in Somalia has been charged with conspiring to support

African travellers to be fingerprinted at UK airports (Jan 22, 2004) (4NI) Visitors to the UK from five east African countries and those travelling on refugee documents issued

War saxaafadeed ay soo saartay dowladda KMG ah Nairobi,Kenya - Xasan Bariise,bbc - ( 21st January 2004 ) War saxaafadeed ka soo baxay wasaaradda warfaafinta ee dowladda KMG ah ayaa looga hadlay xaaladda

U.N. urges restraint in Somalia UNITED NATIONS, Jan. 22 (UPI) -- U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Tuesday he was concerned ove

Somalia's warlords: Feeding on a failed state ! Paris - Commentary By Abdulqawi A. Yusuf - ( 21st January 2004 ) Political solutions have been found for several longstanding conflicts in Africa in 2003 - in .....

U.N. urges restraint in Somalia ! New York, UNITED NATIONS - The Washington Times (UPI) - ( 21st January 2004 ) U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Tuesday he was concerned over rising tension between ....

At least nine Somalis killed in fighting MOGADISHU, Jan 20 (Reuters) - Nine people were killed in fighting in central Somalia between rival

Somalis Struggle to Start Private Schools MOGADISHU, Somalia Jan. 20 — In a communal goat stable, children sit under a mango tree, learning to

Fighting 'threatens Somali talks' Mogadishu,Somalia - BBC News - ( 20th January 2004) Tension between regional Somali leaders may scuttle the peace talks in Kenya, mediators have warned

Somalia Faction Accuses Kiplagat Nairobi,Kenya - The East African Standard - ( 19th January 2004) Members of Somalia's Absame community have accused the chairman of the Somali peace talks, Bethuel

Kenya urges end to Somaliland, Puntland tension NAIROBI, Jan 19 (Reuters) - Kenya said on Monday growing tension between two rival regions of

Somali feuding 'tit-for-tat' (19/01/2004 ) Mogadishu - At least 13 people were killed and 27 wounded in two days of ongoing inter-clan fighting

How Kenya averted war with Somalia Nairobi,Kenya - Commentary By John Kamau - ( 18th January 2004 ) Intelligence notes and recently declassified "Top Secret" files show that Kenya almost went into ..

Funeral held for battle of Mogadishu pilot INVERNESS, Florida - (AP) ( 18th January 2004 ) Chief Warrant Officer Aaron Weaver survived cancer and the 1993 battle of Mogadishu, recounted in..

Ethiopia's Jews Pack To Head For Israel MOGADISHU, January 17 ( - Thousands of Ethiopian Jews

US Issues Travel Warning to US Americans Visiting Djibouti ! Washington D.C. VOA News - ( 17th January 2004 ) The United States has renewed a travel warning to Americans who plan to visit Djibouti, the tiny ..

Minister appreciates Yemen's efforts to restore Somali peace Sana'a, Yemen - ( SABA) ( 17th January 2004 ) Somali Foreign Minister Yousef Hassan Ibrahim highly appreciated the Yemeni role and efforts to ...

Somalis Have Less Than $1 a Day: UN Jeddah,KSA - Salad F. Duhul, Special to Arab News - ( 16th January 2004 ) Beset by a long-running civil war and the absence of a functional government for over a decade ...
Talking Point: WHAT WENT WRONG? (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) Jan 16 ,2004 - Butros-Butros Ghali, the then UN Secretary-General of the United Nations was extremely concerned that US troops in Somalia ceased disarming the population "unless gunmen prevented them from escorting humanitarian aid."

Sudan peace talks process positive: US special envoy NAIVASHA, Kenya, (Xinhuanet) - ( 16th January 2004 ) The US special envoy for peace in the Sudan said here Friday that the Sudan peace talks process is

Cry for help that led to the morgue ! Canberra, By Stephen Gibbs and Michael Pelly ( 16th January 2004 ) Awale Mohamed had been pleading for help for days. He knew he was psychotic and was telling anyone

Schroder visits Kenya ! Nairobi,Kenya - By Julius Mokaya of the East African Standard - ( 16th January 2004 ) The State visit to Kenya, which starts on Monday, by the Germany Chancellor, Gerhard Schroder .....

Volunteers study Somali language to prepare for arrival of Bantus From the dining hall of a Columbia church drift the sounds of English speakers learning the language

New Survey of Impoverished Somalia Seen as Guidepost for Development (VOA) 14 Jan 2004 - A report by the World Bank and the United Nations says just six out of every thousand Somalis have a

SOMALIA: UN releases first socioeconomic survey Nairobi,Kenya - UNIRIN - ( 14th January 2004 ) The United Nations has launched a new socioeconomic survey for Somalia, the first since the civil

Somalia: War of Words Continues Between Puntland And Somaliland ! Nairobi,Kenya - Allafrica/IRIN ( 13th January 2004 ) The authorities in the self-declared republic of Somaliland have warned neighbouring Puntland to

At least 21 fighters killed in Somalia clan clash MOGADISHU, Jan 13 (Reuters) - At least 21 Somali fighters were killed when a long-running dispute

Cameras On Somali Island "To Monitor Terrorists" MOGADISHU, January 13 ( – Fishermen from the Somali southern city of Raas Kambooni

Somalia needs Canada's help (The Star) (Tuesday, January 13, 2004 ) Notorious Somali warlords, regional administration heads and former military government leaders have

First of 200 refugees from Somalia to begin arriving in Roanoke soon Tuesday, January 13, 2004 As many as 140 of the refugees will be children, potentially creating a unique challenge for local

Museveni Kicks Off Somali Peace Talks New Vision (Kampala) PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has asked Somalia leaders to form a national government and army.

Somaliland Deserves A Closer Look (January 12, 2004 - OPINION) ( ) At least a small part of the future of Africa is being played out in Somaliland, the northwest

US wants normalized Somalia (Sunday, Jan 11) (AFP , WASHINGTON ) The US is considering a major diplomatic initiative to help create a functional government in lawles

African leaders attempt to revive Somali peace talks NAIROBI - East African leaders are meeting in Kenya for 10 days of talks aimed at pushing war-torn

Timely warning to warlords (Sunday Nation) (Sunday, January 11, 2004 ) Somalia is a sad tale, indeed. Since the January 1991 collapse of dictator Siad Barre's regime

Somalia’s Faction Leaders Boycott Talks in Kenya NAIROBI, 10 January 2004 — Some of Somalia’s most powerful warlords boycotted the planned start of
Talking Point: STARVING TO DEATH WHILE THE WORLD WATCHES (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) Jan 10 ,2004 - An estimated 4.5 million Somalis were starving to death from the effects of the war and famine and no one, not the United Nations, the Organization of African Unity, the Arab League or Organization of Islamic Conference stepped in time to prevent the human tragedy.

Somali warlords give Kibaki, Museveni hard time Nairobi, Kenya - By ODHIAMBO ORLALE ( 10th January 2003 ) Somali warlords yesterday kept Presidents Mwai Kibaki and Yoweri Museveni waiting for six hours in

Talks ‘last hope’ for Somalia ! Nairobi, Kenya - By Nixon Ng’ang’a - ( 9th January 2004 ) The charade that has been the Somali peace talks would be laughable if it was not for the potential

SOMALIA TO ATTEND REGIONALl CONFERENCE IN YEMEN ! San'a,Yemen - By ( 9th January 2004 ) A high ranking delegation led by Mr. Yusuf Hassan Ibrahin (Yusuf Dheeg) ,The Minister of Foreign ..

Museveni to launch Somali leaders' talks ! Nairobi, Kenya - By ODHIAMBO ORLALE of the Daily Nation - ( 9th January 2004 ) Visiting President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda will this morning launch 10-day retreat for Somalia's

Somalia: Concern Over Tension in North ! Nairobi, Kenya - UN Integrated Regional Information Networks - ( 8th January 2004 ) The Somalia Aid Coordination Body (SACB) - which brings together donors, UN agencies and .........

Lebanon denies Rumsfled terror allegations ! BEIRUT, Lebanon, Zawya (United Press International via COMTEX) -- ( 8th January 2004 ) Lebanese Minister of Information Michel Samaha denied allegations by U.S. Defense Secretary Donald

TNG to attend retreat NAIROBI, 8 Jan 2004 (IRIN) - Somalia's Transitional National Government (TNG) will attend a proposed

ERITREA-ETHIOPIA: UN urges Ethiopia to cooperate with border commission ! Nairobi, Kenya - UNIRIN- ( 8th January 2004 ) The UN Security Council has said it is disappointed with Ethiopia's rejection of an independent

Museveni due in for Somalia retreat ! Nairobi, Kenya - By NATION Reporter , ( 8th January 2004 ) President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda is scheduled to arrive this morning for the launch of the....

Rumsfeld weighs strikes in Lebanon, Somalia ! Washington DC, WORLD TRIBUNE.COM - ( 7th January 2004 ) U.S. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is considering a plan for multi-pronged attacks on insurgency....

Somalia: Somaliland Tells Puntland to Pull Out of Disputed Region Hargeisa,Somalia - AllAfrica & IRIN - ( 7th January 2004 ) The authorities in the self-declared republic of Somaliland have warned neighbouring Puntland to

Sudan foes sign wealth deal ! Naivasha,Kenya - bbc news ( 7th January 2004 ) The Sudanese Government and southern rebels have signed an agreement to share the country's ....

ETHIOPIA: German leader due to visit Addis Ababa - UNIRIN- ( 7th January 2004 ) German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is to visit Ethiopia later this month to help try and break the

UN Agencies Set to Start New Phase of Aid for Drought-Stricken Northern Somalia New York,NY - United Nations - ( 7th January 2004 ) Preparing a new phase in the drive to help 90,000 people suffering from severe drought in northern

US, Kenya Train Together to Combat Terrorism Nairobi, Kenya - By Stephen Mbogo, Correspondent - ( 6th January 2004) The U.S. and Kenya are holding joint military exercises on the Kenyan coast, with the war against

SOMALIA: Museveni to hold consultations ahead of leaders' retreat Nairobi, Kenya - UNIRIN- ( 6th January 2004) Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, current chairman of the Inter-Governmental Authority on ....

Somalia: Drought Increasing Risk of Malnutrition in the North -Unicef ! Nairobi, Kenya - UNIRIN- ( 6th January 2004) The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has warned that a drought currently affecting the Sool

Sudan foes agree to share wealth ! Nairobi, Kenya - bbc news ( 5th January 2004 ) The Sudanese Government and southern rebels have finalised an agreement on how to share the country

Is End in Sight to Somali’s Running Civil War? Galkaio,Somalia - Somali Peace Rally ( 5th January 2004 ) The Somali Peace Rally (SPR) welcomes the new approach of Inter-Governmental Authority on .......

Egypt plane crash claims 148 lives ! Sharm el-Sheikh, Eqypt - BBC News , ( 3rd January 2004 ) An Egyptian charter plane has crashed into the Red Sea, killing all 148 passengers and crew on ....

Somaliland oo u jawaabtey Cabdullahi Yusuf ! Hargeisa,Somalia - BBC News ( 2nd January 2004 ) Afhayeen u hadlay Somaliland ayaa ku tilmaamay wax lala yaabo in Cabdillaahi Yuusuf uu Somaliland

Chinese Foreign Minister to visit four African countries ! BEIJING, (Xinhuanet) - ( 2nd January 2004 ) Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing will pay an official visit to Sudan, Comoros, Djibouti and ...
Talking Point: THE TRAGEDY CONTINUES TO RAGE .(Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) Jan 2 ,2004 - (A note from your Webmaster: Some of you have disagreed with M. M. Afrah's historical jewel about minor discrepancies, such as dates and army ranks of the protagonists who played different roles during revolutionary era. One of our readers said Salad Gavere was a General and not a Colonel etc. etc

TNG Prime Minister Concludes Formation of Cabinet ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 31st December 2003 ) The newly appointed Prime Minister of Transitional National Government of Somalia Mr. Mohomad Abdi

Preparations under way for Somali refugees (The Seattle Times) (December 31, 2003 ) Snohomish County schools and service agencies are preparing for an influx of a new ethnic group to

Girl, 15, is raped by asylum seeker ! London, By Court Reporter - ( 31st December 2003 ) AN ASYLUM seeker who twice raped a 15-year old girl after offering to help her faces years behind

Somali faction threatens to boycott Jan 9 talks NAIROBI, Dec 31 (Reuters) - A group of Somali faction leaders threatened on Wednesday to boycott

Libya: Tough gateway to Europe ! Tripoli,Libya - BBC News - world Edition ( 31st December 2003 ) Libya's proximity to Italy means it has long been a destination for migrants from sub-Saharan ...

SOMALIA: Tension rising in north ! Nairobi,Kenya - UNIRIN- ( 30th December 2003 ) Tension is rising between the self-declared republic of Somaliland and the neighbouring ..........

Leaders' retreat rescheduled NAIROBI, 30 Dec 2003 (IRIN) - A proposed retreat for Somali political leaders which has been

Iran: Tirada geerida oo ku dhow 50,000 ! Bam,Iran - BBC News ( 30th December 2003 ) Saraakiisha gobolka dhulgariirku gilgiley ee Iran ayaa sheegey in laga yaabo in dhimashadu ay.....

Underage Somali maid succumbs to injuries ! Dubai,UAE - By Shadiah Abdullah, Gulf News Staff Reporter, ( 30th December 2003 ) An underage Somali girl who received horrific burns while working as a maid died early yesterday...

Siyaasadda gudaha ee Eritrea oo adduunku diiradda saarayo ! Asmara, BBC News - ( 30th December 2003 ) Iyadoo xiisada u dhaxeysey Ethiopia iyo Eritrea ay mar kale kacdey ayaa adduunka haatan diiradda...
Talking Point: "CLEANSING" THE SUPREMER REVOLUCTIONARY COUNCIL (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) Dec 26 ,2003 - FLASH BACK 1969 AND THE IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH - President Barre began "cleansing" the Supreme Revolutionary Council (SRC) from what he described as reactionary elements. In theory the SRC was supposed to rule the country by consensus, but ..

For Ishmail, Christmas brings a gift that's easy to digest (TheAge) (December 26, 2003) Christmas is a foreign concept for Ishmail Hassan Mohammed, but his first Christmas dinner of

Kenyan Efforts Open Way for Peace in Sudan, Somalia (Dec 25, 2003) (VOA) Peacemaking was the foremost activity in East Africa this year, with the Sudanese and Somali peace

Beesha caalamka iyo IGAD oo kulmay Nairobi,Kenya - Ridwaan Xaaji Cabdiweli -BBC Nairobi ( 25th December 2003) Mbagathi ayaa waxaa shir dhowr saacadood qaatay ku yeeshay wakiillo ka socda beesha caalamka iyo
Talking Point: REMINISCENCES PART THREE (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) Dec 20 ,2003 - FLASH BACK OCTOBER 1969 AND AFTERMATH - AN EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT - How did Somalia disintegrate from Cold War stability into complete chaos and self-destruction?

Video fails to strike charge (Toronto Star) A lawyer for a Toronto man charged with assaulting a police officer failed yesterday to have the

Baaq xabad joojin - GOLAHA WADATASHIGA SOOMAALIYEED (Dec 18, 2003) Waxaa weli sii soconaya ku xadgudubyada heshiisyada la gaaro, sida heshiiskii xabad joojinta ee ay

Retreat on Somali peace put off again (Daily Nation) Thursday, December 18, 2003 A planned Mombasa retreat for Somali leaders has been postponed indefinitely

Somalian Refugees in Kenya Have Little Hope for Peace (Dadaab, Kenya) (18 Dec 2003) (VOA) The end to Somalia's civil war appears as distant as ever, despite more than a year of talks in

Somali clan warfare leaves 34 dead (Al Jaziira) (Tuesday 16 December 2003) Thirty-four people have been killed and 80 wounded in two days of clashes between rival clans in
Talking Point: THE ATTEMPT TO INTRODUCE SHARE'A LAW IN NORTH MOGADISHU-1993/94, AND WHY IT FAILED DISASTROUSLY (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) Nov 28,2003 - Soon after the United Nations pulled out of Somalia, north Mogadishu was run by an uneasy alliance between Ali Mahdi Mohamed and Sheikh Ali Dheere, one of Somalia's leading clerics.

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