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Puntland Bans BBC Correspondents From Reporting ! Bosasso , ( 19th August 2002 ) The authorities in the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland have issued orders banning two ..

SOMALIA: Killing of traditional elder "unintentional" Nairobi, IRIN ( 19th August 2002 ) The killing of a traditional elder, who was also a UK passport holder, in the self-declared ....

ZAYED GETS MESSAGE FROM SOMALI LEADER ! Abu Dhabi, By ( 19th August 2002 ) President His Highness Sheikh Zayid Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan has received a verbal message from Somali

Commentary : Somali children in dire straits ! Osaka, Yomiuri Shimbun ( 19th August 2002 ) Takeyoshi Tanuma, president of the Japan Professional Photographer's Society, has a personal ....

Inter-clan fighting kills 12 in Somalia ! Mogadishu , AFP ( 18th August 2002 ) At least 12 people have been killed and scores of others injured in inter-clan fighting in ....

Situation in Somalia tense after death of sultan Mogadishu , (Xinhuanet ( 18th August 2002 ) There's growing tension Sunday in Galkaio town following the killing Saturday of a well known ...

For Chosen Few, First Steps to a New Life ! DADAAB, Kenya- By David Finkel of Washington Post ( 18th August 2002 ) Here comes the bus, at last. It first appears as a distant dust cloud in the vast flatness of this..

Police arrest Somali nationals, investigate links to al-Qaida ! PESHAWAR, Pakistan, The Associated Press ( 18th August 2002 ) Special Pakistani police forces said Sunday that they had arrested five Somali nationals with ...

Shaatigaduud oo magacaabey qaar ka mid ah maamulkiisa ! Baidoa BBC News ( 17th August 2002 ) Wararka ka imaanaya magaalada Baydhabo ayaa sheegaya in maanta halkaasi lagaga dhawaaqay qaar ka

Madaxweynaha KMGka ah oo kulan isku yeerey labada gole Mogadishu BBC News ( 17th August 2002 ) Waxaa maanta shir ballaaran isugu yimid labada gole ee dowladda, Baarlamaanka iyo golaha wasiirrada

Somali Foreign Minister Speaks at ZCCF. Abu Dhabi, ZCCF ( 16th August 2002 ) There are no terrorist camps or bases in Somalia today. Somalis are Muslims who adhere to the ...

U.S. Proposes Lifting Asset Freezes New York, (AP) ( 16th August 2002 ) Moving to ease restrictions on more than 200 people allegedly linked to Osama bin Laden, the United

EU Offers Support for Broad-Based Provisional Government Nairobi, IRIN ( 16th August 2002 ) The EU Council of Ministers has offered financial and technical support to a "provisional, ....

Somalia calls for global assistance Abu Dhabi, ( 16th August 2002 ) SOMALI Foreign Minister Yousef H. Ibrahim has expressed gratitude to the President, His Highness ..

Ban on Ethiopian meat lifted Riyadh, Arab News ( 15th August 2002 ) The Kingdom has lifted a ban imposed on imports of chilled and frozen mutton and its products from

SOMALIA: Aid agencies uncoordinated in Somaliland Nairobi, IRIN ( 15th August 2002 ) International aid agencies lack coordination when dealing with long-term assistance for internally

Factions to meet in Somalia peace effort ! Nairobi, Daily Nation ( 15th August 2002) Members of the technical committee on the Somalia National Reconciliation Conference led by former

SHIRKA NABADEYNTA SOOMAALIYA OO LA QABAN DOONO 16ka SEPTEMBER ! Nairobi, (14th August 2002 ) Guddiga farsamo ee dalalka IGAD u qaabilsanaa arrimaha xog-baarka Soomaaliya ayaa soo gebegebeeyay

AMIIR CABDALLA OO QAABILAY XASAN ABSHIR ! Jeddah, (14th August 2002 ) Amiirka leh dhaxalka Boqornimo ee Boqortooyada Sacuudiga Amiir Cabdalla Bin Cabdulaziz Al-Sacuud

Somali official calls for peacekeepers Abu Dhabi, By Nissar Hoath (14th August 2002 ) A visiting Somali Transitional Government official yesterday called for the deployment of ....

Abdullahi Yusuf Takes Qardho ! Qardho, IRIN ( 13th August 2002 ) Col Abdullahi Yusuf has captured the town of Qardho, 240 km south of Bosaso, the commercial capital

Hijacked Ship Not UK-Registered ! Bosasso, IRIN ( 13th August 2002 ) Latest reports indicate that the oil tanker, reported as having been hijacked off the northeastern

Insecurity Preventing Humanitarian Access In Somalia Nairobi, IRIN ( 12th August 2002 ) The United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Maxwell Gaylard,has expressed

Somali pirates 'demand $1m for ship' Bosasso, BBC News (12th August 2002 ) Armed militia men are reportedly holding an oil tanker and its six crew hostage in Somalia,....

Diyaarad loo direy markabka lagu afduubey Puntland Bosasso BBC News 11th August 2002 Ciidamada Badda ee Britain ayaa diyaarad helokubtar ah oo sahan ah ka direy Markabka dagaalka ee ..

Armed militia 'hijacks British ship' Alula, BBC News ( 11th August 2002 ) The Royal Navy is searching for a British ship reportedly hijacked off the north-east coast of ...

La heyste u shaqeeya Q.M oo ka sii daayey Mogadishu, Xassam Barise - BBC Mogadishu ( 10th August 2002 ) Wararka ka imaanaya magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sheegaya in makhribnimadan caawa la sii daayey nin ...

COMMENTARY : SOMALIS AN ENDANGERED SPECIES Toronto (Canada) By M.M. Afrah ( for ) ( 10th August 2002 ) Just as the world took steps to save the panda, the white rhino and the elephant, it should work ...

East Africa : 10 countries sign declaration on arms Nairobi, By Athman Amran of East African Standard ( 9th August 2002) Kenya was yesterday among 10 countries that signed a declaration to curb the proliferation of ....

UN Condemns Continuing Detention of Staff Member Mogadishu, UNIRIN ( 9th August 2002 ) The United Nations has condemned the continuing detention of an abducted UN national project staff

President Disappointed At Lack of International Support Mogadishu, UN Integrated Regional Information Networks ( 9th August 2002 ) The president of the Transitional National Government (TNG), Abdiqassim Salad Hassan, has expressed

Somali Interim PM hospitalized in Jeddah Jeddah, Salad F. Duhul ( 9th August 2002 ) Somali Interim Prime Minister Hassan Abshir Farah has been hospitalized in Jeddah, according to ...

Editorial : Moi's gift to North Eastern Nairobi, Daily Nation ( 9th August 2002 ) The people of the North-Eastern Province at least have something to celebrate with the conclusion

Kenya ignores Somalia at its own peril Nairobi, By CHRIS MBURU ( 9th August 2002 ) The desperate people of Somalia are crying out for international help and Kenya and Ethiopia had ..

RRA Chairman Offers to Reinstate His Deputies Baidoa ( 8th August 2002 ) The chairman of the Rahanweyn Resistance Army (RRA), Col Hasan Muhammad Nur Shatigadud, has called..

MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF SUDAN MEETS SOMALI COUNTERPART ! Khartoum ( SUNA ) (8th August 2002) Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail met here Tuesday Somali Foreign Minister ...

Move to ban small arms in Africa Nairobi BBC News ( 8th August 2002 ) Countries in East and Central Africa may move to ban the civilian ownership of small arms in a bid

QORAAL UU CABDUQASIM U QAYBIYAY SAXAAFADDA MAANTA Mogadishu By Correspondent ( 7th August 2002 ) Hadal qoraal ah oo uu Madaxa Dawladda KMG ah Cabdulqassim S. Xasan ku siiyay maanta ...

Life Returning to Normal in Baidoa Baidoa ( 6th August 2002 ) Life in Baidoa, in southwestern Somalia and site of the headquarters of the Rahanweyn Resistance ..

UN Employee Abducted Mogadishu ( 6th August 2002 ) A UN national project staff member working for the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation's Food ...

People Are Hungry for Peace, says UNICEF Nairobi Fredrick Nzwili ( 5th August 2002 ) After touring Somalia early last week, the United Nation Children Fund (UNICEF) goodwill ambassador

Ten killed in fighting Somalia Bosasso Arabic ( 5th August 2002 ) Ten persons were at least killed and other 28 wounded in the state of "Pontland," the unilaterally

Talking Point : Part Four -THE CRUEL AND DIRTY WAR IN THE SOUTH Toronto By M. M. Afrah ( 5th August 2002 ) Personal War Diary ( 1991-93 ) From the original unedited manuscript ...

Somali faction says 110 gunmen killed in fighting in northeastern Somalia Mogadishu By OSMAN HASSAN ( 4th August 2002 ) Fighting between rival factions in northeastern Somalia during the last two days has killed 110 ...

Fighting erupts in Puntland Bosasso By Hassan Barise ( 3rd August 2002 ) At least two were killed on Friday after fighting broke out again between gunmen loyal to rival ...

Hundreds of Somalis adjust to new country,new customs Madison By SARAH FOX ( 3rd August 2002 ) The Madison House retirement home on North First Street is filled with Nebraskans who grew up ...

Maine Looks Like Home to Somali Immigrants LEWISTON, Maine Fox news ( 3rd August 2002 ) Once known for its lobsters, quaint towns and a population of reclusive New England Yankees, Maine

Fighting breaks out between rival factions in Somalia's northeastern region Mogadishu By OSMAN HASSAN, Associated Press Writer ( 3rd August 2002 ) MOGADISHU, Somalia - Fighting broke out between gunmen loyal to rival leaders in the northeastern ..

Lecture focuses on Somalia conflict Abu Dhabi By Gulf News Staff Reporter ( 2nd August 2002 ) The international community has a responsibility towards the victims of the war and internal ...

Somaliland Parties Agree On Conditions for Fair Polls Hargeisa All ( 1st August 2002 ) Registered political parties in the self-declared republic of Somaliland have agreed on conditions .

Rahanweyn Resistance Army Takes Control of Baidoa Baidoa All ( August 1st,2002 ) The chairman of the Rahanweyn Resistance Army (RRA), Col Hasan Muhammad Nur Shatigadud, is now ..

Somali town captured Baidoa BBC NEWS (1st August 2002 ) The southern Somali town of Baidoa is reported to have fallen to forces loyal to Colonel Hassan ..

A long journey back to happiness for gunshot girl Melbourne By Stephen Moynihan (1st August 2002) Asked if she liked her beautiful new face, Suad Mohamad's eyes sparkled and she whispered, "Yes". .

Little girl gets her smile back Melbourne (31st July 2002) A LITTLE Somalian girl whose face was deformed when she was accidentally shot with an AK-47 has ...

Over 100 Killed in Baidoa Fighting Baidoa All (31st July 2002 ) Hundreds of families are fleeing the southern town of Baidoa after intense fighting broke out ..

Battles Rage in Southern Somalia, 13 Killed Mogadishu ABC (31st July 2002) MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Battles raged between rival Somali warlords in the southern town of Baidoa ..

Ethiopia changed her life Newport By AMANDA PARRY (30th July 2002) School nurse takes a break to teach in Africa ....

Fighting Resumes in Baidoa Baidoa All ( 30th July 2002) Fighting again broke out in the southern town of Baidoa on Tuesday after a lull on Monday, local ..

Igad Technical Committee to Visit Somalia Nairobi All (30th July 2002 ) The technical committee of the regional Inter-Governmental Authority on Development's (IGAD) is ...

Somalia militias battle kills 15 Mogadishu CNN.COM ( 29th July 2002 ) Somalia -- At least 15 killed and 40 wounded during heavy fighting between hundreds of rival ...

Somalian center gives support to fellow refugees Oregon ANGIE CHUANG ( 29th July 2002 ) When Somali refugees started arriving in Portland, they relied on the kind of informal networking ..

Trials of two Somali women Nairobi By LIFESTYLE Correspondent (28th July 2002 ) For Mrs Nurta Abdukader, 39, life has been one long journey of hide-and-seek since civil war broke

Clinton Blames Bush 41 for Somalia Debacle Washington D.C. Carl Limbacher (28th July 2002 ) Disgraced ex-President Bill Clinton said Saturday that if he deserves blame for the wave of

Pirates demand R1m ransom for captured Ship Mogadishu ( Daily News) ( July 27 2002 ) The piracy-fighting International Maritime Bureau has warned ship crew travelling along the east

Somalia charges still stand SASKATOON (The Star) ( 27 July, 2002 ) Charges of murder and torture against a former Canadian soldier accused of beating to death a Somali

Hundreds Flee Mogadishu Fighting Mogadishu (UNIRIN) ( July 26th,2002 ) Hundreds of families are fleeing fighting in Mogadishu's southwestern Medina district

30 dead in fighting in Somalia Mogadishu (APP) ( July 26 2002 ) Seventeen more people were killed in factional fighting in the Somali capital Wednesday

Somali warlord offers sites to US July 24, 2002 A Somali warlord has offered to allow the US to build bases in strife-torn Somalia in return for financial and military support.

Somalia torture suspect in court By Craig Wong / The Canadian Press Saskatoon - Pale and gaunt, his hair flecked with grey, the Canadian soldier accused of torturing and beating to death a Somali

Maalintii labaad ee dagaalka Muqdisho Mogadishu (BBC) 24 July 2002 - Waxa uu maanta maalintii labaad dagaal xoog lehi ka socdaa magaalada Muqdisho degmadeeda Madiina, kaasoo u dhexeeya

  Factional fighting erupts in Somalia Mogadishu (BBC) 24 July 2002 - At least 12 people have been killed, and more than 35 injured, in fighting between rival warlords in Medina, a residential area of the Somali capital


The Mother Courage of Somalia By Nora Boustany Friday, July 19, 2002; M ariam Hussein Mohamed, a Somali woman with skin as silken as dark honey and soft features framed by beaded locks

  Germans make Somali pirates walk the plank Nairobi - A German naval vessel patrolling the coast of Somalia as part of the war on terrorism helped rescue the Filipino crew of a ship captured by pirates

  Ottawa man removed from terror list WASHINGTON -- The U.S. government has removed a Canadian man from its list of people and groups suspected of financing terrorist acts.


Fighting breaks out again in Somalia - MOGADISHU, July 16 (Xinhuanet) -- A heavy fighting broke out Monday in Middle Shabelle region between the militiamen of warlordMohamed Omar Habeb, known as

Somalis buy more arms ahead of talks say experts UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) A failure to enforce a 10-year-old UN arms embargo on Somalia is undermining regional efforts to 


Talking Sanction-busting treatens Somali stability - UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) -- A failure to enforce a 10-year-old U.N. arms embargo on Somalia is undermining regional efforts to bring a measure of stability to the country, U.N. experts have said.


Somali pirates release UAE cargo ship Abu Dhabi |By Nissar Hoath | 11-07-2002 - A Sharjah-based cargo ship which was hijacked by Somali pirates while on its way

Somali Bantu Refugees Move Camp En Route to US (July 3) The relocation of Somali Bantu refugees in Kenya resumed on Monday following a slight setback to the operation last week after clashes

Somali merchant waits and hopes (July 2) SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER Inside Maka Mini Mart and Halal Meat, Abdi Sheikhali fills a white paper cup with tea from the

SOMALIA: Annan urges sides to overcome differences (July 2) NAIROBI, 2 Jul 2002 (IRIN) - UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has urged the various sides in Somalia not to let their differences prevent

TALKING POINT: THE FEAR FACTOR TALKING POINT BY M.M. Afrah, Toronto (Canada) on July 2  2002 (

THE SOMALI PILOT WHO DEFECTED (July 1) received reports by Amnesty International, the independent British newspaper The Guardian and Africa Confidential regarding the Pilot who defected and the destruction of Hargeisa from our Human Rights Researcher in London.

Warlords reject Somali intervention MOGADISHU, Somalia (BBC) - July 1 - Warlords in Somalia have condemned the transitional government's call for military intervention by the international community.


Fighting in central Somalia leaves at least 23 dead, despite peace deal MOGADISHU, Somalia (Associated Press ) - Rival militias fought a fierce battle over the deaths of fellow clansmen

Agents: Illegal drug has growing niche in Dallas(The Dallas Morning News) Federal drug enforcement authorities in Dallas are intercepting increasingly large amounts of an imported

Enduring an unusual kind of loneliness Nairobi, (daily nation) 26th June 2002 - Sagal Abdirahman, 18, wants to become a doctor or engineer despite the hard conditions at Ifo Refugee Camp in Dadaab.

Addis Backs Arab League On Attending Nairobi Talks Mogadishu, (IRIN) 25th June 2002 - Ehiopia on Monday backed the Arab League in its move to attend the forthcoming Somali peace talks.

Alcohol And Drug Abuse On the Rise in Mogadishu Mogadishu, (IRIN) 25th June 2002 - Alcohol and drug abuse are rapidly increasing and claiming lives in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, according

Maine Muslims frequently are harassed (Press Herald ) 25th June 2002 -In the three years after Mansour Al-Alwi opened his Forest Avenue international food store, business blossomed.

SOMALIS TO ATTEND PEACE TALKS ! Mogadishu, (AFP) 24th June 2002 Somali's Transitional National Government (TNG) will attend reconciliation talks as the legitimate Administration and treat

Kahin Trip Set to Improve Somaliland-Djibouti Relations 24 of June (IRIN) - Relations between Djibouti and the self-declared independent state of Somaliland, northwestern Somalia, are set to improve

Probe of police shooting finds Somali man knew English Minneapolis - 24 of June ( - Hardware store workers who sold Abu Jeilani a machete the day before he was shot to death

Talking Point: EDIFYING AMERICAN READERS By M. M. Afrah, Toronto (Canada )

Once a city of death, Baidoa springs to life, business as usual BAIDOA, Somalia, June 21 (AFP) - Once known as the city of death, peace has dawned on Baidoa, with shops and small kiosks open

UN begins moving Somalis to safety Nairobi - (BBC) ( June 19 of 2002 )-The United Nations refugee agency in Kenya says the first 250 Somali refugees have begun the journey to take them to

UN Concern Over Humanitarian Situation Nairobi - (IRIN) - The United Nations Security Council has expressed deep concern over the humanitarian situation in Somalia following fighting i

Heavy Fighting Resumes in Somalia MOGADISHU, Somalia (people's daily) - ( June 19 of 2002 )Heavy fighting once again resumed on Tuesday afternoon in Middle Shabelle region between

Court bars State on refugees Nairobi - Kenya ( June 19 of 2002 )The government was yesterday stopped from deporting scores of refugees arrested in Mombasa a week ago.

Somali refugees to leave Kenyan border MOGADISHU, Somalia ( June 17 of 2002 )The first of 5,000 Somali refugees are due to be moved from the northern Kenyan town of Mandera on Wednesday.

THE MORALITY OF BANADIR.COM ( June 17 of 2002 ) ( - By Liban Goobdoon

Witnesses: At least 22 killed in Somalia clashes MOGADISHU, Somalia (Reuters) - At least 22 people were killed in southern Somalia Monday in the latest spurt of violence between feuding militiamen

Rival militias clash in Somalia June 17 2002 (BBC) - Heavy fighting has flared up between rival militiamen in the fertile Middle Shabelle region of southern Somalia.

TALKING POINT : THE WAR OF WORDS June 15 2002 ( - TALKING POINT By M. M. Afrah, Toronto (Canada)

Kenya agrees Somali refugee move June 15 2002 (BBC) -After weeks of negotiations, the authorities in Kenya have agreed to move more than 5,000 Somali refugees away from the volatile

Somali clash over fish June 15 2002 (BBC) - Somali fishermen say they have been involved in armed clashes with unidentified foreign fishing fleets who they say are taking advantage of the lack of a

Let's attack Somalia to extend Parliament June 14 2002 (daily nation) - Pity that Finance Minister Chris Obure did not allocate the Office of the President contingency funds in yesterday’s Budget Speech.

Operator of Virginia financial network accused of financing al-Qaida strikes plea ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- A man who helped run a branch of a Somali-based financial network accused of funneling money

TO THE WEBMASTERS June 13 2002 ( - By Liban Goobdoon - DEAR FRIENDS: It came to my attention that we are missing a fundamental point that we may be doing it delibarately

TALKING POINT: SPEAKING OUT June 1 , 2002 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah, Toronto (Canada) - In every situation, there's a time to speak out and a time to keep quiet. Too bad many so-called leaders in Somalia have to learn everything the hard way and with the help of the gun, instead of peaceful dialogue and compromises.

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