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Fierce clashes in Somali capital ( Jun 28 2004 ) Eleven gunmen killed as militiamen clash in battle to control checkpoint south of violence-torn
DR. XUSEEN CALI AXMED OO KA HADLAY UJEEDADA URURKA DHAQDHAQAAQA NABADDA NAIROBI, 28 May 2004- Gudoomiyaha Ururka dhaqaaqa Nabad Dr Xueen Cali Axmed oo aan kula kulanay Magaaladda Nairobi ayaa shaaca ka qaaday markii ugu horeeysay in ururka dhaqdhaqaaqa Nabada uu u furan yahay inuu ku soo biiro Muwaadin ..
Immigration delays dog Somali refugees (Free Press ) ( Jun 28 2004 ) Ahmed Fahmi came to Canada from Somalia six years ago.

Kenya reaps good behaviour loan Nairobi,Kenya - BBC News - ( Jun 26 2004 ) The World Bank has granted Kenya $200m (£109m) in grants and loans, following the government's....

Yemen & Djibouti to delimitate maritime borders ! Sana'a, Yemen - By - ( Jun 26 2004 ) Yemen and Djibouti has agreed to start mutual talks on the delimitation of their maritime boundary,

Failing Somalia at our peril ( Jun 25 2004 ) BRUSSELS, Belgium -- It is a failed state in which the United States knows al-Qaida and its allies

Central Bank registers all Somali remittance agents- UAE ( Jun 25 2004 ) DUBAI - The UAE Central Bank has completed the formal registration of all Somali remittance
Talking Point: DREAMS (Toronto - Canada) June 24 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -An old friend, with whom I started exchanging the previous night's dream about the gloomy situation in Somalia, came up with a jewel of a dream the other day. He said he wake up in the middle of the night ...
Watchdog criticises asylum decisions London,UK- BBC News - ( Jun 23 2004 ) Immigration authorities are making faster decisions on asylum cases - but need to improve how many

Arbitration committee for proposed parliament formed NAIROBI, 23 Jun 2004 (IRIN) - Twelve members of the Arbitration Committee that will resolve any

ETHIOPIA: Somali region polls marred by abuses - human rights group Addis Ababa , IRIN - ( Jun 23 2004 ) Local council elections held in Ethiopia's eastern Somali region early this year were marred by...

IGAD threatens to impose sanctions on Somali peace talks obstructer NAIROBI, June 22 (Xinhuanet) -- Members of east Africa's Inter-Governmental Authority on Development

Hard line on Somali asylum pleas to go on (The Guardian ) ( Jun 22 2004 ) The Home Office has said it will continue to send failed asylum seekers back to Mogadishu against

Somalis turn professional (BBC) ( Jun 22 2004 ) Internationals Abdulkadir Sheikh Othman and Issa Aden have become the first Somalis to play

Man 'recklessly' gave women HIV London,UK- BBC News - ( Jun 21 2004 ) A man "recklessly" infected two women with HIV while they were unaware he had the virus, a court...

Shirka wasiirrada IGAD ee arrimaha Soomaalida Nairobi,Kenya - Xasan Barise, bbc ( Jun 21 2004 ) Shirkan oo hadda uun furmay ayaa looga hadlayaa bal in la iska wareysto wixii u qabsoomay shirka...

Hard line on Somali asylum pleas to go on London,UK- Alan Travis, home affairs editor ( Jun 21 2004 ) The Home Office has said it will continue to send failed asylum seekers back to Mogadishu against ..

Fighting between rival militias flares in Somalia ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( Jun 20 2004 ) At least six people have been killed in battles between rival members of militias in Somalia. The..

Somali refugees flown back to chaos ! London,UK- Martin Bright, home affairs editor, ( Jun 20 2004 ) The controversial Home Office decision to send failed asylum seekers back to Somalia ignored advice

Annan calls on Somali leaders to meet July reconciliation deadline (UN) ( Jun 18 2004 ) United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called on Somali leaders to show the political will

Illegal immigrants seized in Yemen Sana'a, Yemen - (United Press International via COMTEX) -- ( Jun 18 2004 ) Yemeni immigration authorities seized 90 Africans, including five Arab women, who tried to enter...

Journalist Sentenced But Freed After Prison Term Commuted Bosasso,Somalia - ( IFEECH ) - ( Jun 18 2004 ) The WiPC is concerned at the six-month sentence handed down to journalist Abdishakur Yusuf but is..

No action on asylum boy's death Barmulloch, Glasgow - The Guardian - ( Jun 18 2004 ) No legal action will be taken in relation to the death of an 11-year-old Somalian asylum seeker in

Immigrant numbers continue to swell ( Jun 18 2004 ) Latinos, Hmong, Somalis and Vietnamese continued to boost the

Six killed as Somali militia fights over port MOGADISHU, June 17 (Reuters) - At least six people were killed when rival members of a militia clash

DJIBOUTI: Government to meet donors over poverty-reduction strategy Djibouti, IRIN - ( Jun 16 2004 ) The Djiboutian government is preparing to invite donors to a meeting to discuss its poverty .....

Amnesty slams Somali repatriation London,UK- BBC News - ( Jun 16 2004 ) The UK government's decision to return some Somali asylum seekers to the war-stricken country has..

Broad Somali govt can rebuild trust-U.N. official ADDIS ABABA, June 16 (Reuters) - The surest way for Somali factions to repair shattered

Somaliland minister seeks recognition for "peace haven" GENEVA, June 16 (Reuters) - The foreign minister of the self-styled republic of Somaliland, which

Protest at 'Entertainment' of Warlords ( Jun 16 2004 ) British taxpayers are funding the “entertainment” of Somali warlords while the Home Office forces as

Britain Forces Six Somali Asylum-Seekers to Return to Somalia (VOA) ( Jun 15 2004 ) Britain has forced six Somali asylum-seekers to return to Somalia.

Two different portraits emerge of Somali man accused in Ohio mall bombing plot ( Jun 15 2004 ) COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Like thousands of fellow Somalis leaving behind brutal clan warfare

Mother Speaks About Son's Terror Indictment ( Jun 15 2004 ) The mother of a Columbus terror suspect spoke out Monday in defense of her

Somali's forgotten lepers at risk (BBC) ( Jun 14 2004 ) More than 900 Somali lepers are on the verge of death because they have run out of food and medicine

Somali charged in al Qaeda mall bombing plot ( Jun 14 2004 ) WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Somali in immigration custody in Cincinnati has been indicted

ROOBABKII GU’GA OO SI WANAAGSAN U CURTAY ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( Jun 14 2004 ) Roobabkii xilliga gu’ga oo sanadkan si aad uga soo daahay waqtigii uu da'i lahaa ayaa wararka na ..

I Was Wrongfully Charged, Says Aideed Nairobi,Kenya - Clare Gatheru, ( Jun 14 2004 ) The delegate in the on-going Somali peace talks claimed that he was wrongly sued by a businessman

I Was Wrongfully Charged, Says Aideed Nairobi,Kenya - Clare Gatheru, ( Jun 14 2004 ) The delegate in the on-going Somali peace talks claimed that he was wrongly sued by a businessman

Somali's forgotten lepers at risk Faragurow, Jilib - By Mohamed Olad Hassan of the bbc - ( Jun 14 2004 ) More than 900 Somali lepers are on the verge of death because they have run out of food and......

'Here is better,' refugee from Somalia says of S.L. (Deseret Morning News) ( Jun 14 2004 ) Downstairs, the clock on the living room wall says 10:30, but that's just

Kenya has all but closed border to Somalia after US pressure ( Jun 12 2004 ) NAIROBI -- The desert border between Kenya and its northern neighbor, Somalia, is hot, tough
Talking Point: THE BLOODY WAR IN MOGADISHU (Toronto - Canada) June 12 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - The gang wars and territorial dispute (Ceel Macaan natural harbour, Global Hotel and Asiley airstrip in this case) had reached such a point that foreign media have been printing box scores each day announcing the previous day's results.
Aideed wants ruling quashed (Nairiobi) (EAS) ( Jun 11 2004 ) Somali factional leader Hussein Aideed wants the High Court to set aside a

Somalis head to Real (BBC) ( Jun 10 2004 ) Four young Somali footballers are on their way to Spanish giants Real Madrid for a two-week summer f

Somalia is one big family (Minnesota) ( Jun 9 2004 ) Local Somalis challenged to maintain family circle here

St. Cloud Somalis turned away from taxi driving jobs (Minnesota Public Radio) ( Jun 7 2004 ) For 30 years, St. Cloud has had an ordinance on its books that forbids immigrants

Somali 'womb row hospital' opens (BBC) ( Jun 7 2004 ) The only free hospital in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, has reopened, five weeks after it shut

RED CRESCENT AUTHORITY SENDS RELIEF MATERIAL TO SOMALIA ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By - ( Jun 7, 2004 ) The United Arab Emirates Red Crescent Authority despatched humanitarian aid to the drought-hit...

Dubai-managed free zone in Djibouti opened Djibouti, By - ( Jun 7, 2004 ) President Ismail Omar Guelleh of the Republic of Djibouti, lauded the excellent fraternal relations

Somali skirmish kills five ( Jun 6 2004 ) Mogadishu - At least five people were killed and seven wounded during clashes between clan rivals in

BOOD OO KU JIRA CISBITAALKA MAFRAQ ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By - ( Jun 6, 2004 ) Mudane Xuseen Xaaji Maxamed (Bood) oo ah Ku-Xigeenka Ra'iisul Wasaaraha Dawladda KMG ah ee......

Peace dawns for Sudan Nairobi,Kenya - By Francis Openda of the Sunday Standard - ( Jun 6, 2004 ) The long and tortuous Sudan peace process took another bold step yesterday with the launch of the..

Former President Ronald Reagan Dies at 93 Los Angeles- By JEFF WILSON and TERENCE HUNT, Associated Press Writers ( Jun 6, 2004 ) Ronald Reagan (news - web sites), the cheerful crusader who devoted his presidency to winning the .

Arab league earmarks 200 million dollars to reconstruct southern Sudan ! Nairobi,Kenya - By - ( Jun 6, 2004 ) The League of Arab States (LAS) has earmarked more than 200 million US dollars for the........

QUNSULKA MAXAMED-YAROW OO IMAARAADKA LAGA CEYRIYAY ! Dubai,UAE - By - ( Jun 6, 2004 ) Warar si aad ah loogu kalsoon yahay ayaa noo xaqiijiyay in Qunsulkii Guud ee Qunsulliyadda ........

Somali woman says getting GED is A-OK (By Sun Staff Reporter) ( Jun 4 2004 ) Three years ago she knew only enough English to greet a person.

Is a woman only worth her children? (BBC) ( Jun 4 2004 ) In Somalia, a family is demanding compensation from a doctor who removed the uterus of a woman to

Somalis are forgotten people ( Jun 4 2004 ) Pretoria - "When word reaches you 'Kiplagat is in court', you should know it's because I put my sign

US Places Somali Militant on Official List of Terrorists (VOA) ( Jun 3 2004 ) The United States has added a Somali militant to its list of individuals officially regarded as terr

African Union Mulls Military Intervention In Somalia MOGADISHU, June 3 ( – The African Union's Peace and Security Council (PSC) is

Man was accused of lying on immigration documents Sandiego, By Kelly Thornton, UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER - ( Jun 2 2004 ) Somali war refugee Abdullahi Jama Amir, one of more than a dozen people prosecuted for immigration

Somali Peace Talks Continue Despite Recent Violence (VOA) ( Jun 2 2004 ) The final phase of Somali peace talks in Kenya is continuing in spite of recent fighting in several
WARBIXIN LA XIRIIRTA HAWLAHA QAYBTA KELIYAHA & KAADI-MAREENKA EE XARUUNTA CARAFAAT ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( Jun 2, 2004 ) Hadaba waxaanu qormadan ku soo qaadaneynaa Qaybta Keliyaha iyo Kaadi-mareenka oo uu ka hawlgalo Dr. Cabdullahi Maxamuud Maxamed (Professore) oo takhasus gaar ah u leh qalliinka iyo daaweynta cudurada gala Keliyaha iyo Kaadi-mareenka iyo waxka qabashada dhalmo la'aanta ku timaada ragga.Dr. Cabdullahi M. Maxamed wuxuu wax ku soo bartay dalka gudahiisa iyo dibedaba
At least 31 killed in Somalia clashes     ( Jun 1 2004 ) MOGADISHU: At least 31 people were killed and around 40 wounded amid clashes in the

Register with embassy, Kenyans in Somali told (EAS) (Nairobi) ( June 1 2004 ) The Government wants all Kenyans working with non governmental organisations operating in war-torn S

Calm reported in Mogadishu after weeks of violence NAIROBI, 31 May 2004 (IRIN) - Clashes between two rival groups in the Somali capital, Mogadishu

Ceasefire ends Mogadishu clashes (BBC) ( May 31 2004 ) Warlords whose forces have been fighting in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, have agreed a ceasefire t

Somali Government by July (Nairobi) (EAS) ( May 31 2004 ) An all inclusive Somali National Government will be ready by July with its
Thousands Reported Fleeing Somali Violence NAIROBI, 30May 2004 (VOA) - Thousands of people have reportedly fled their homes near the Somali capital, Mogadishu, to escape fighting between rival factions. Witnesses reported heavy fighting Saturday following days of clashes that have killed at least 22

Somalia clashes death toll over 100 (Reuters) ( May 30 2004 ) Mogadishu - At least 22 people were killed in fighting around Somalia's main port

Talking Point: CONSENSUS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THE DOLDRUMS(Toronto - Canada) May  29 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - Somalia is the only country in the world that's frequently described as a failed state, and one cannot help wondering why faction leaders/warlords could not reach a consensus to end the impasse after scores of aborted peace talks since 1991.
Gun battles rage in Mogadishu   (AlJaziira) ( May 29 2004 ) Two rival Somali factions have been engaged in fierce fighting for the control of capital

New American Voices: Somali Bantu Refugees (Washington - VOA) ( May 28 2004 ) The largest single group of refugees to be resettled in the United States in recent years is

Somaliland refugees repatriated from Ethiopia ( May 28 2004 ) Afrol News, The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, yesterday began its first repatriation from its


Standing on the sidelines as Somalia bleeds TORONTO, Abdullahi Ahmed Barise and Afyare Abdi Elmi, International Herald Tribune - ( May 28 2004 ) For far too long, the international community has refused to become involved in ending the civil...

African Security Council Sets New Peace Deadline (Arab News) ( May 27 2004 ) The newly established African Peace and Security Council (PSC) has given the Somali factions

UAE’s Zayed Foundation gives USD 2 million to Somalia water project Abu Dhabi,UAE - By - ( May 27 2004 ) The Zayed Foundation for Charitable and Humanitarian Activities, based in the United Arab Emirates,

Police squad called in to break up women's fight Ras Al Khaimah,UAE - By Nasouh Nazzal,Gulf News Staff Reporter - ( May 27 2004 ) A fight that broke out between two women in a shopping mall became so fierce that police and.......

Somali clashes kill 7 ( May 27 2004 ) Mogadishu - At least seven people were killed and scores wounded

Standing on the sidelines as Somalia bleeds ( May 27 2004 ) For far too long, the international community has refused to become involved in ending the civil war

Mogadishu doctor defends his actions Mogadishu,Somalia - BBC News - ( May 27 2004 ) A Somali doctor whose suspension triggered a strike and the closure of Mogadishu's only free......

Family Gets To See Man Deported For Possible Terrorism Links ( May 26 2004 ) COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The family of a Columbus man from Somalia whom the Justice Department suspects of

Media: Somalia's guide to the Inferno New York City - Dinitia Smith NYT, ( May 25 2004 ) I have been intellectually colonized for a number of years," Nuruddin Farah, who is sometimes.....

SOMALIA: IGAD warns Somali leaders as talks enter final phase Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( May 25 2004 ) The member countries of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) have warned Somali

Judge frees Somali warlord jailed over debt (REUTERS) ( May 25 2004 ) Nairobi - A Kenyan judge has freed one of Somalia's most powerful warlords, who had been jailed on c

Somali event bolsters culture (By Mehgan Lee) ( May 24 2004 ) Cheers and jeers erupted for more than one basketball game in Minneapolis on Friday night.
SOMALIA: Interview with Robert Hauser, WFP Country Director NAIROBI, 24 May 2004 (IRIN) - The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has maintained an active programme in Somalia through years of civil war. Despite the collapse of the state of Somalia, WFP continues to deliver vital aid to vulnerable Somalis from a country office based in Nairobi and several
Somali talks gets into crucial stage   (EAS) (Monday, May 24, 2004) The Somali peace talks yesterday entered the final and crucial

Somali warlords take step toward peace (ABC News) ( May 23 2004 ) Rival Somali warlords have agreed to a tentative step forward in a peace

Somalis: Tax fraud teaching community lesson on tax system (The Associated Press - Saturday, May 22, 2004) Somalis implicated in a broad tax-fraud scheme fell prey to corrupt tax preparers because of

IGAD ministers meet in bid to kick-start Somali peace process NAIROBI, 21 May 2004 (IRIN) - Foreign ministers from the regional Inter-Governmental
Talking Point: WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MY TRIBE?S (Toronto - Canada) May  21 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - One of the odd things about my profession is that questions came in waves. For weeks every other E-mail says: "What is your tribe or clan?" Then "What's wrong with the Somali warlords?" Southerner, Wanla-weyn?"
Somali warlord jailed over unpaid debt  NAIROBI (Reuters) - A Kenyan judge has jailed one of Somalia's most powerful warlords over an unpaid
Somali warlord jailed over debt (Mogadishu) (21 May 20 2004 ) Somali warlord Hussein Aideed has started a one-month prison sentence in Kenya over an unpaid business debt. Mr Aideed was arrested at the Nairobi hotel where he was staying in order
UN says at least 60 killed in Somalia fighting       NAIROBI, May 20 (Reuters) - At least 60 people were killed and around 200 injured in fighting



Somalia: Final Phase of Peace Talks Expected to Be Launched Nairobi,Kenya - Allafrica/IRIN - ( May 19 2004 ) The final phase of the Somali peace process is expected to be launched during a meeting of foreign.

Somali militia abduct, kill 3 Mandera,Kenya - By Dominic Wabala of the East African Standard - ( May 19 2004 ) Armed Somali militiamen on a vendetta mission crossed into Kenya on Monday morning, abducted and...

Commentry: Female genital mutilation is still common in Somali community (Nairobi) (EAS) ( May 19 2004 ) This year, approximately over 15,000 girls in North Eastern Province

A Somali Author as Guide to a Dantean Inferno (The New York Times) ( May 19 2004 ) I have been intellectually colonized for a number of years," Nuruddin Farah, who is sometimes called

Somali militia abduct, kill 3 (Nairobi) (EAS) (Wednesday, May 19, 2004) Armed Somali militiamen on a vendetta mission crossed into Kenya on Monday morning, abducted and lat

Vendetta over womb removal shuts Somali hospital Mogadishu,Somalia - Jeevan Vasagar in Nairobi, ( May 18 2004 ) A maternity hospital in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, has been forced to close after a doctor

MUUSE SUUDI OO LAGA YAABO IN UU WEERARO DEKEDDA CEEL MACAAN ( ( May 18 2004 ) Maraakiib lagu waday in ay ku soo xertaan dekadda macmalka ah ee Ceelmacaan ee ku taal duleedka

GANACSADE CALI XASAN SHIBIS OO KA HADLAY DAGAALADDA XAMAR KA DHACAY ( ( May 18 2004 ) Ganacsade Cali Xasan Shibis oo ay walaalo yihiin milkiilaha Hotel Global Miina Xasan Shibis ayaa ku

Hotel Throws Out Somali Delegates Nairobi,Kenya - (The East African Standard ) - ( May 17 2004 ) Somali peace talks were yesterday plunged into crisis after 150 delegates were expelled from the...

Militiamen shut Somalia hospital (BBC) ( May 17 2004 ) The only free hospital in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, has closed after medical workers went on st

Mine found on Somali runway, some aid staff leave NAIROBI, May 17 (Reuters) - An aid agency has temporarily withdrawn its international staff from
Talking Point: WHY WRITERS COLLECT REJECTION SLIPS(Toronto - Canada) May  15 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - Writers are reputed to be dark, tortured, twisted souls who drink too much, live in poverty and die young. It's true. Not because we're writers, but because we have to deal with constant rejection.
Dreams do come true(Toronto - Canada) May  15 - 2004 - The Star - 20 years ago, a little girl in Somalia wanted to become a doctor when she grew up. Yesterday, Fahima Osman became the first Canadian-trained MD of the country's largest African community
SANNAD GUURADDII 61aad EE HALGANKIIXISBIGII S.Y.L HALHEYSKII XISBIGA : QABIIL QARAN MA NOQDO W.Q Dr. Abdulkadir Ali Bolay ) ( May 15 2004 ) Marka hore waxaan hambalyo iyo boogaadin ba u dirayaa ..
Waraysi: President of the Somali Social Unity Party Scaandanevian Sweden, Yassin Mahi . May 15, 2004. - Waryiha caanka ah Axmed Muuse Cabdulle Idaawaqaca ayaa inoo soo diyaariyey waraysigaan wuxuuna u dhacay sida tan.
Hotel throws out Somali delegates (Nairobi) (EAS) ( May 14 2004 ) Somali peace talks were yesterday plunged into crisis after 150 delegates were expelled from the 680

Kenya Calls On US To Show More Support For Somali Peace Talks (VOA) ( May 14 2004 ) Kenya's foreign affairs minister has called on the United States to

Airman struggles to save her family ( May 14 2004 ) LANGLEY AIR BASE, Va. (AFPN) -- Soon, Airman 1st Class Ayaan Nduli hopes to sleep well at night.

Somali warlords drawn into clash Mogadishu,Somalia - BBC News - ( May 14 2004 ) Two of Somalia's faction leaders have become embroiled in fierce fighting in the capital, Mogadishu

Passport ban hits Somalia talks Mogadishu,Somalia - BBC News - ( May 14 2004 ) The head of Somalia's transitional government has refused to take part in peace talks in Kenya.....

Dagaal qaraar oo ka socda Muqdisho Mogadishu,Somalia - Farxiyo Cali Qaajo,bbc - ( May 14 2004 ) Waxaa soo kordhaya qasaaraha ay gaysanayaan dagaallada ka soconaya degmooyinka C/casiis iyo Shibbis

BAAQ Nabadeed: Jaaliyadda Mudulood ee Dalka Kanada (Toronto - Canada) ( May 13 2004 ) Jaaliyadda Mudulood ee Kanada waxaa tiiraanyo aad u xanuun badan ku ah xumafalka iyo daadinta diig

Somalia: Death Toll Mounts As Fighting in Mogadishu Continues ! Mogadishu,Somalia - Allafrica/IRIN - ( May 13 2004 ) At least 60 people have died in the latest fighting in the capital, Mogadishu, which has continued

SAFAARADDA SOOMAALIDA OO BEENISAY IN BAASABOORKA SOOMAALIYEED LA MAMNUUCAY ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By - ( May 12 2004 ) Madaxda Safaaradda Soomaalida ee ku taal caasimadda dalka Isutagga Imaaraadka Carabta ee Abu Dhabi

At least 20 reported killed in heavy fighting in Mogadishu NAIROBI, 12 May 2004 (IRIN) - Heavy fighting which erupted in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, over

Somali passports for sale Nairobi,Kenya - By Mohammed Adow , ( May 12 2004 ) Forged Somali passports are as easy to buy as bread in the Garissa Lodge market in the Kenyan.....

The fabric of a community (Toronto - Canada) (The Star) ( May 11 2004 ) Women in sewing program make a living and friends

Somalia militia clashes kill 23 - residents ( May 11 2004 ) MOGADISHU, May 11 (Reuters) - Twenty-three people were killed and 20 wounded as rival militias clash

Faction leaders expected to rejoin peace talks NAIROBI, 11 May 2004 (IRIN) - A group of Somali faction leaders who

Concern over missing Somali girl London,UK- This is Local London - ( May 11 2004 ) Fears are growing for the safety of a Somali girl, who lives in Holland with her family and........

Somalia: Detained Journalists Freed in Jowhar Jowhar,Somalia - Allafrica/IRIN - ( May 10 2004 ) Two journalists working for a local radio station in Jowhar, 90 km north of the Somali capital....

UAE 'bans visas for Somalis' Dubai,UAE - BBC News - ( May 10 2004 ) Reports from Somalia say the United Arab Emirates has stopped issuing visas to holders of Somali..

Somalis flee into Kenya ( May 10 2004 ) Nairobi - Hundreds of Somalis have escaped across the border into Kenya following fighting over the
Talking Point: WAR CRIMES AND HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE (Ottawa - Canada) May  09 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - In the days when the Somali warlords have been stealing the limelight from each other by massacring more innocent civilians, a visiting journalist from Belgium asked me how some people would qualify for a war crimes tribunal.
Nairobi Stories: A dodgy passport to the rainy season   By Declan Walsh ( May 8 2004 ) It's the rainy season here, when the grey skies

UN-Eritrea row sinks to new low Asmara, BBC News - ( May 8 2004 ) The UN has delivered an ultimatum to Eritrea after relations between the two sunk to a new low.

Somali Canadian Working Group For New Generation (New Generation) And Somali Sports & Cultural Association (SOSCA) (May 08 2004 ) (Toronto WAXAY SI WADA JIR AH IDIINKU MARTI QAADAYAAN INAAD KALA SOO QEYBQAADATO BARNAAMIJKA LA MAGAC BAXEY

PRESS RELEASE: Joint Communique on the Somali Peace Process (IGAD Ministerial Facilitation Committee ) (Nairobi) ( May 7 2004 ) The 5th IGAD Ministerial Facilitation Committee Meeting on the Somali
Talking Point: THE SCRAMBLE FOR SURVIVAL. April 30 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - Warlords are reputed to be greedy, twisted souls who enjoy living in luxury five star hotels in Nairobi, Addis and Rome, among other capitals, while the people at home live in poverty and die young.

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