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Somaliland under Emergency Law

Somaliland will be in a state of emergency indefinitely, according to a statement issued Thursday by Somaliland Minister of Interior Ahmd Jambir Suldan.

The statement said the placing of the country under emergency security law was necessitated by critically sensitive internal and external challenges being faced by Somaliland.

According to the Minister's statement the new law will be put into force on the basis of a presidential decree no 22/2000.

The law will however need the approval of the Parliament to become valid.

The House of Representatives and the Council of Elders which together constitute Somaliland's two chamber Parliament are now in recess.

The government statement did not elaborate whether the emergency security law would affect the rights of citizens to exercise their basic freedoms such as the freedom of expression.

Jambir cited the outcome of Arta conference as one of the factors that prompted the government to impose emergency law.


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