Editor for BBC Somali Section Continues to ignore
fair and balance reporting

By M Karaani

As the surviving family members of the Somali civil war, we are horrified after listening to the BBC Somali section presenting false picture of Halima Khalif Magool’s past and present history. We are still fuming and outraged by Mr.Yusuf Garad total lack of fair and balance reporting. Mr. Yusuf Garad continues to misuse and misguide the BBC Somali section.

We hoped that the BBC Somali section some day would tell our children and the future generation the truth and the impartial history of our nation.

Now, that we are forced to write the facts about Ms. Magool’s history. Ms. Magool had many admiring friends; She was one of the most liked singers in Somalia or perhaps in Africa. But Ms. Magool chose to tarnish her reputation during the Somali civil war.

Ms. Magool songs has contributed to the civil war worst then Bullets and RPG's, Her songs has encouraged hate and miss-trust between the clans. In early1990’s, Magool’s songs encouraged the notorious executions and the collective massacre of thousands of Somali people in Badoa, Juba-Valley, Hiiraan region, and Mugud region, including the war the between Abgal clan and Habargidir clan in the capital Mogadishu. Her songs played big roll in prolonging the Somali civil war.

Ms. Magool continued to write and publish propaganda songs of “death and massacre” against non-Habargidir during and after the civil war. Early in the 1990’s Ms. Magool has traveled with her clan Cayr militia and played as a cheerleader while they destroy and burn villages, rape, loot and collectively massacre innocent woman and children.

In a more just world, the unequivocal support given to Ms. Magool by the lords of the mass media should end up costing them their franchise. Ultimately, it is the editors of the BBC Somali Section like “Yusuf Garad who is a closely blood related with Ms. Magool”, as well as the editors of dayniile.com, and hornafrik.com who should be held to account for giving free reign to journalists who hide/cheered Ms. Magool’s war crimes and ignored conveniently, to talk about her bloody active roll during Somali civil war.

Granted, both the Nuremberg and Rwanda tribunals had limited jurisdiction to only prosecute atrocities committed by Hutus and Nazis. International law is a ticking time bomb for media moguls who allowed their properties to be used as weapons by those who advocate repression, collective punishment, expulsion and other war crimes against civilian populations. One precedent leads to another. As the law evolves over the next decade or two, it might very well extend the extra-territorial jurisdiction of international courts.

It is ironic, that Somali media such as BBC Somali section and other publishers missed an-other opportunity to tell the world the facts and the bloody history of one of the most well know Somali singer Halimo Khalif Omar “MAGOOL”.

In my conclusion, there is no doubt if she is to stand trial before International tribunal courts Ms. MAGOOL and the editors who cheered for her war crimes would have been convicted of conspiracy to commit crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.

M Karaani