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Talking Point: WHY WRITERS COLLECT REJECTION SLIPS(Toronto - Canada) May  15 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - Writers are reputed to be dark, tortured, twisted souls who drink too much, live in poverty and die young. It's true. Not because we're writers, but because we have to deal with constant rejection.
SANNAD GUURADDII 61aad EE HALGANKIIXISBIGII S.Y.L HALHEYSKII XISBIGA : QABIIL QARAN MA NOQDO W.Q Dr. Abdulkadir Ali Bolay ) ( May 15 2004 ) Marka hore waxaan hambalyo iyo boogaadin ba u dirayaa ..

Hotel throws out Somali delegates (Nairobi) (EAS) ( May 14 2004 ) Somali peace talks were yesterday plunged into crisis after 150 delegates were expelled from the 680

Kenya Calls On US To Show More Support For Somali Peace Talks (VOA) ( May 14 2004 ) Kenya's foreign affairs minister has called on the United States to

Airman struggles to save her family ( May 14 2004 ) LANGLEY AIR BASE, Va. (AFPN) -- Soon, Airman 1st Class Ayaan Nduli hopes to sleep well at night.

Somali warlords drawn into clash Mogadishu,Somalia - BBC News - ( May 14 2004 ) Two of Somalia's faction leaders have become embroiled in fierce fighting in the capital, Mogadishu

Passport ban hits Somalia talks Mogadishu,Somalia - BBC News - ( May 14 2004 ) The head of Somalia's transitional government has refused to take part in peace talks in Kenya.....

Dagaal qaraar oo ka socda Muqdisho Mogadishu,Somalia - Farxiyo Cali Qaajo,bbc - ( May 14 2004 ) Waxaa soo kordhaya qasaaraha ay gaysanayaan dagaallada ka soconaya degmooyinka C/casiis iyo Shibbis

BAAQ Nabadeed: Jaaliyadda Mudulood ee Dalka Kanada (Toronto - Canada) ( May 13 2004 ) Jaaliyadda Mudulood ee Kanada waxaa tiiraanyo aad u xanuun badan ku ah xumafalka iyo daadinta diig

Somalia: Death Toll Mounts As Fighting in Mogadishu Continues ! Mogadishu,Somalia - Allafrica/IRIN - ( May 13 2004 ) At least 60 people have died in the latest fighting in the capital, Mogadishu, which has continued

SAFAARADDA SOOMAALIDA OO BEENISAY IN BAASABOORKA SOOMAALIYEED LA MAMNUUCAY ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By - ( May 12 2004 ) Madaxda Safaaradda Soomaalida ee ku taal caasimadda dalka Isutagga Imaaraadka Carabta ee Abu Dhabi

At least 20 reported killed in heavy fighting in Mogadishu NAIROBI, 12 May 2004 (IRIN) - Heavy fighting which erupted in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, over

Somali passports for sale Nairobi,Kenya - By Mohammed Adow , ( May 12 2004 ) Forged Somali passports are as easy to buy as bread in the Garissa Lodge market in the Kenyan.....

The fabric of a community (Toronto - Canada) (The Star) ( May 11 2004 ) Women in sewing program make a living and friends

Somalia militia clashes kill 23 - residents ( May 11 2004 ) MOGADISHU, May 11 (Reuters) - Twenty-three people were killed and 20 wounded as rival militias clash

Faction leaders expected to rejoin peace talks NAIROBI, 11 May 2004 (IRIN) - A group of Somali faction leaders who

Concern over missing Somali girl London,UK- This is Local London - ( May 11 2004 ) Fears are growing for the safety of a Somali girl, who lives in Holland with her family and........

Somalia: Detained Journalists Freed in Jowhar Jowhar,Somalia - Allafrica/IRIN - ( May 10 2004 ) Two journalists working for a local radio station in Jowhar, 90 km north of the Somali capital....

UAE 'bans visas for Somalis' Dubai,UAE - BBC News - ( May 10 2004 ) Reports from Somalia say the United Arab Emirates has stopped issuing visas to holders of Somali..

Somalis flee into Kenya ( May 10 2004 ) Nairobi - Hundreds of Somalis have escaped across the border into Kenya following fighting over the
Talking Point: WAR CRIMES AND HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE (Ottawa - Canada) May  09 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - In the days when the Somali warlords have been stealing the limelight from each other by massacring more innocent civilians, a visiting journalist from Belgium asked me how some people would qualify for a war crimes tribunal.
Nairobi Stories: A dodgy passport to the rainy season   By Declan Walsh ( May 8 2004 ) It's the rainy season here, when the grey skies

UN-Eritrea row sinks to new low Asmara, BBC News - ( May 8 2004 ) The UN has delivered an ultimatum to Eritrea after relations between the two sunk to a new low.

Somali Canadian Working Group For New Generation (New Generation) And Somali Sports & Cultural Association (SOSCA) (May 08 2004 ) (Toronto WAXAY SI WADA JIR AH IDIINKU MARTI QAADAYAAN INAAD KALA SOO QEYBQAADATO BARNAAMIJKA LA MAGAC BAXEY

PRESS RELEASE: Joint Communique on the Somali Peace Process (IGAD Ministerial Facilitation Committee ) (Nairobi) ( May 7 2004 ) The 5th IGAD Ministerial Facilitation Committee Meeting on the Somali

Somalia peace talks go hungry ( May 7 2004 ) Nairobi, Kenya - Delegates at a summit to end 13 years of lawlessness in Somalia have not been fed

Next Phase of Somali Peace Talks Postponed Indefinitely (Nairobi) (VOA) ( May 6 2004 ) The slow-moving Somalia peace talks, often marred by walkouts, suffered a further setback when

SOMALIA: IGAD ministers convene for crucial meeting ( May 6 2004 ) NAIROBI, (IRIN) - Foreign ministers of member states of the Inter-Governmental Authority

Ethiopian army 'involved' in clashes Addis Ababa , BBC News - ( May 6 2004 ) Soldiers from the Ethiopian army have been accused of taking sides during three days of ethnic.....

Africans rush for mobile phones Mogadishu,Somalia - By Grant Ferrett, BBC Africa analyst - ( May 6 2004 ) The International Telecommunication Union says more Africans have begun using phones since 2000....

Fleeing persecution, Somali Bantu refugees grapple with new home ( May 6 2004 ) SEATTLE - (KRT) - The education of a Somali Bantu family began with the flick of a light switch in

Biting the Somali Bullet (Reuters) ( May 5 2004 ) (Nairobi/Brussels ) If the broken country of Somalia is ever to be fixed, the Somali peace

SOMALIA: New approach needed to save peace talks, says ICG ( May 5 2004 ) NAIROBI, 5 May 2004 (IRIN) - The Somali peace talks under way in Kenya are in danger of collapsing

UN accuses Horn rivals New York, UNITED NATIONS - BBC News - ( May 5 2004 ) The United Nations Security Council has criticised Ethiopia and Eritrea for the lack of progress in

Somali Talks At Risk Over Fake Passports Nairobi,Kenya - The East African Standard - ( May 5 2004 ) A PECULIAR diplomatic row over travel documents between the Kenya government and the self-declared

AU urges Somali leaders to pursue peace ( May 5 2004 ) NAIROBI, (Xinhuanet) -- The African Union (AU) Tuesday called upon the Somali leaders to
Somalia abuzz with glimpses of suspected Qaeda boss   (Khaleej Times ) ( May 4 2004 ) NAIROBI - Cyberspace is the only sure place to find the man the United States says is Al Qaeda’s top Africa bomber, a master of concealment still at large despite a five-year-old manhunt.
E. African Oil Potential Creates Much Hope, Many Fears Nairobi,Kenya - By Alisha Ryu of VOA News ( May 3 2004 ) New evidence of possible oil reserves in East Africa, stretching from Madagascar to the tip of....
Kooxda Elman oo cayaartoodii ugu dambaysay ee tartanka Kigali barbardhac 1-1 ah la gashay kooxda Jamhuri ee dalka ZanzibarMbagathi- Cayaartii maanta dhexmartay kooxaha Elman iyo Jamhuri ee dalka
Scud stud London,UK- By Clara Chow of the Sunday Times - ( May 2 2004 ) Rageh Omaar doesn't like the nickname he earned while covering the Iraq War for BBC. He prefers to
Statement by Somali Leaders' Committee Mbagathi, April 27, 2004. - We would like to bring to your Excellencies attention and other involved stakeholders that this Conference was successfully concluded on September 15, 2003 (Adoption of Transitional Federal Charter).
Muslims celebrate Milad Al Nabi Abu Dhabi,UAE - By Nada S. Mussallam of Khaleej Times - ( May 1 2004 ) Celebrating the Milad Al Nabi, birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), on 12 Rabi Al Awal

Preparations continue for final phase of peace talks NAIROBI, 30 Apr 2004 (IRIN) - Preparations for the third and final ...

SOOMAALI KA ASHTAKOOTAY QUNSULKA DUBAI ! Dubai,UAE - By - ( Apr 30 2004 ) Ayadoo sida laga warqabo magaalada Dubai ay u noqotay bulshadayada goob ku xirta dalka Soomaaliya

Faction leaders plan separate conference in Jowhar NAIROBI, 29 Apr 2004 (IRIN) - A group of faction leaders who abandoned ...
Talking Point: THE SCRAMBLE FOR SURVIVAL. April 30 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - Warlords are reputed to be greedy, twisted souls who enjoy living in luxury five star hotels in Nairobi, Addis and Rome, among other capitals, while the people at home live in poverty and die young.
Canadians allow Islamic courts to decide disputes TORONTO, By DeNeen L. Brown - , ( Apr 29 2004 ) Suad Almad,her head wrapped in a blue silk scarf, was discussing her beliefs with a group of friend

Somali students push for acceptance (By Patricia Drey - MNDAILY.COM) ( Apr 29 2004 ) Somali students — a growing group on campus — shared food, music and art on Northrop Plaza

Somali Peace Talks Set to Resume Nairobi,Kenya - (The Nation ) - ( Apr 28 2004 ) The final phase of the Somali peace talks to install a new government by July 1 resume on Friday...
Somalia's trafficking boom town ( Apr 28 2004 ) - BBC The port town of Bossaso in north-east Somalia is a sea of humanity, but not all in this town are original inhabitants. Thousands of people stay here because it has become a key site for a massive people smuggling operation.
6 killed in clan clashes (Nairobi) (Standard Correspondents) ( Apr 27 2004 ) Six people, including a 58-year-old woman, were at the weekend killed following renewed clashes betw

WORDS OF A SOMALI POET ON MONTREAL BUSES (Montreal - Canada) By ANNE SUTHERLAND - The Gazette ( Apr 27 2004 ) When poet Mohamud Siad Togane went back in 1992 to visit Mogadishu, Somalia, the

Two Journalists Detained New York City - Committee to Protect Journalists , ( Apr 28 2004 ) CPJ is deeply concerned about reports that two journalists have been detained in separate incidents

Foe of Somalis in Maine guilty of murder plot CHICAGO, By From staff and news services, ( Apr 27 2004 ) White supremacist leader Matthew Hale, who helped organize an anti-Somali gathering in Maine last

Weriye lagu xiray magaalada Berbera Berbera - Ahmed S.Ege (bbc) - ( Apr 27 2004 ) Sida uu ku soo warramayo weriyaha bbc-da ee magaalada Hargeysa, Axmed Saciid Cige, waxaa maanta oo

Puntland 'to expel Kenyans' Bosasso,Somalia - BBC News - ( Apr 27 2004 ) The administration of the breakaway Somali republic of Puntland has ordered holders of Kenyan......

SOMALIA: Peace talks set to resume on 6 May Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( Apr 26 2004 ) The Somali reconciliation conference sponsored by the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development

XASAN ABSHIR OO EEDEEYAY URURKA IGAD ! Nairobi,Kenya - By - ( Apr 25 2004 ) Wareysi uu Xasan Abshir siiyay shalay (25/04/2004) Jariidada ku hadasha afka dawladda Imaaraadka ee

Sudan Foreign Minister Hails U.N. Rights Vote KHARTOUM, Sudan - Associated Press - ( Apr 25 2004 ) Foreign Minister Mustafa Osman Ismail hailed a U.N. decision not to condemn his government for.....

SOMALILAND OO MAR KALE HUNGOWDAY ! London,UK- By - ( Apr 24 2004 ) Waxay dawladda Ingiriiska gaashaanka ku dhufatay, oo ay diiday codsi kaga yimid xubin ka tirsan....

ETHIOPIA: World Bank announces US $3.3 billion debt relief under HIPC Addis Ababa , IRIN - ( Apr 24 2004 ) Ethiopia has become the 13th country to obtain debt relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor .....

From hope to helplessness New York City - By Stathi Paxinos, ( Apr 24 2004 ) The United Nations force that landed in Somalia in 1992 was meant to bring peace and stability to a

EEDEYN LOO SOO JEEDIYAY SAFAARADDA SOOMAALIDA EE LIIBIYA ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( Apr 23 2004 ) Soomaali badan oo dhowaan ka soo gashay dalka Liibiya ayaa cabaareyn culus u soo jeediyay.........

Clinton Admin. Linked OBL to Somalia Attack Before Sudan Offer WASHINGTON - With Carl Limbacher and Staff - ( Apr 23 2004 ) When the Clinton administration decided to turn down Sudan's offer to have Osama bin Laden arrested

BUUQ KA SOO CUSBOONAADAY QUNSULLIYADDA ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( Apr 23 2004 ) Sidii awalba la filayay, iyadoo guddigii loo saaray xallinta xiisadda ka oognayd qunsulliyadda....

Court Fines 27 Somalis for Trying to Sneak Out Ndola, The Times of Zambia, ( Apr 22 2004 ) A LIVINGSTONE court has fined 27 Somalis who wanted to sneak out to South Africa through Sinazongwe
Doorka Suxufiga Soomaaliyeed   ( Apr 23 2004 ) Dagaaladii sokeeye ee dalka ka dhacay waxey saameyn ku yeesheen dhamaan adeegyadii dalka ka jiray, waxaana adeegyadaas kamid ah adeega warbaahinta.
Somali Muslim clerics protest at "Christian" aid     ( Apr 21 2004 ) MOGADISHU, April 21 (Reuters) - Islamic clerics have accused Western aid workers of trying to

Rising Frustrations Could End Somali Peace Process (VOA) ( Apr 21 2004 ) There are signs that rising frustrations may prematurely end the Somali peace process that began in

SUDAN: IGAD trying to break peace-talks impasse Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( Apr 21 2004 ) Mediators are trying to break an impasse at the Sudanese peace talks currently under way in........

Stalled peace talks to resume in one week ( Apr 20 2004 ) NAIROBI, 20 Apr 2004 (IRIN) - The Somali reconciliation conference sponsored by the Inter-Government

Somali news in brief ! Jeddah,KSA - By Salad F. Duhul, Arab News - ( Apr 20 2004 ) A Somali woman’s body has been discovered in a suitcase in north London, press reports said......

Hargeysa oo dhibaato shidaal ku timid Hargeisa, North Western Somalia - Ahmed S.Ege ( April 20th,2004) Muddo todobaad ahba waxaa laga dareemayay magaalada Hargeysa dhibaato xagga batroolka ah. Badi ...

Somalia seeks UAE's help to curb illegal fishing ( Apr 19 2004 ) ABU DHABI - Somalia is seeking UAE help to curb illegal fishing on

Fresh appeal over son's murder Cardiff,UK- BBC News - ( April 20th,2004) The parents of a Somali murder victim from Cardiff have made a fresh plea to track their son's.....

TNG PRESIDENT CONGRATULATES SOUTH AFRICAN CHIEF ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( 20th April 2004 ) The President of the TNG of Somalia Abdulkassim Salad Hassan yesterday congratulated Mr.Thabo.....

SUDAN & UAE AGRICULTURE MINISTRIES SIGN MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By ( Apr 19 2004 ) The Ministries of Agriculture of the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Sudan have signed a..

DJIBOUTI: Repairs start as torrential rains subside Djibouti, IRIN - ( 19th April 2004 ) The Djibouti government has deployed hundreds of workers to repair the electricity, telephone and..

XASAN MAXAMED SIYAAD OO LOO MAGACAABAY INUU SAFIIR NOQDO ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( 19th April 2004 ) Madaxa Dawladda KMG ah Cabdiqassim Salaad Xasan, oo ay ka idlaatay waqtigii dastuurku u ogolaa inay

Somali Minister of Fisheries & Marine Resources praises Zayed support to his country ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By - ( 19th April 2004 ) Abdul Rahman Adam Ibrahim, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources in the Transitional.........

GABADH LAGU MAGACAABAY INAY QUNSUL KA NOQOTO DUBAI ! Dubai,UAE - By - ( 19th April 2004 ) Iyadoo la wada ogsoon yahay inuu Qunsulka Dubai Maxamed Yarow iyo Ku-Xigeenadiisa Cabdinaasir Adan

Health-care providers organize forum to assist Somalian mothers Seattle, By Lornet Turnbull, Seattle Times staff reporter - ( 17th April 2004 ) Area doctors have heard the grumblings among local Somalian mothers: They fret that hospitals are..
Talking Point: Commonsense Defiled: Warlords, Powerbrokers, Proxies, Serial killers, War criminals and Drug barons. April 17 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - Many observers at the Somali peace talks scratch their heads and try to place the participants at the warthog infested Nairobi
DJIBOUTI: Government to move people living in wadis to higher ground Djibouti, IRIN - ( 17th April 2004 ) Days after torrential rains killed dozens of people in Djibouti, the government is to revive an...

Life amid Mogadishu's ruins Mogadishu,Somalia - By Rashid Abdi, BBC Monitoring, Mogadishu - ( 16th April 2004 ) Mogadishu is still a city in ruins. The scars of the decade-old anarchy in Somalia are visible.....

Art imitates life for Somali teens (by David Molpus, Minnesota Public Radio) Immigrants to the U.S. often arrive with a tremendous hope for a new life, as well as a deep

TNG-DA CABDIQASIM OO XAALKA KU XUN YAHAY ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( 16th April 2004 ) Tan iyo markuu ka idlaaday TNG-da waqtiguu dastuurka u ogolaa inay jirto oo ku beegnayd bishii.....

ETHIOPIA: EC grant for drought-affected pastoralists Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( 15th April 2004 ) The European Commission has announced a grant of €1 million (about US $1.2 million) to Ethiopia for

Al Qaida offers reward for killing Western visitors in Somalia Mogadishu,Somalia - FIDES/ - ( 15th April 2004 ) Terrorists in Somalia are offering a bounty for the assassination of Western visitors, the Fides...

Dagaallo Laas-Caanood Saameeyey Las-Anod,Northern Somalia - Axmed S. Cige,bbc news - ( 15th April 2004 ) Wararka ka imaanaya magaalada Laas-Caanood ayaa sheegaya in iska hor imaad hubeysan oo saddaxdii ..

Food production improves in Ethiopia, Sudan Addis Ababa , Zawya - XINHUA NEWS AGENCY ( 14th April 2004 ) Food production in Ethiopia and Sudan has improved this year but the food situation in other east

Agreement between TNT & Somali Post signed in Dubai ! Dubai,UAE - by Christine Haugseth, Assistant News Editor - ( 14th April 2004 ) TNT the leading freight express provider, has entered into a history-making deal to service Somalia

Cholera kills more than 50 in Somalia Mogadishu,Somalia - Mohamed Olad Hassan | Mogadishu, Somalia ( 13th April 2004) Cholera outbreaks in southern Somalia have killed 57 people in the past week, health officials said

Commentary : Self Inflicted Wounds (by Geoff Metcalf - The Washington Dispatch) (April 13, 2004) When it comes to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory there is no more successful collaborator

Somalia refugee to be reunited with sons FARGO, N.D. - A Somali refugee who arrived here nearly four years ago is to be reunited this

BANAADIR: The Country of Harbors Sana'a, Yemen - By Irena Knehtl For the Yemen Times - ( 13ka April 2004) The history of East Africa without its association with Islam and Arab influences is like European

Eastern Africa: More Food Available But Cereals Still Needed Nairobi,Kenya - Allafrica/IRIN - ( 13ka April 2004) Food production in eastern Africa has improved this year, especially in Ethiopia and Sudan, but the

Warsaxaafadeed oo ay soo saareen xubno Somali ah oo ka tirsan xisbiga social demokradiga ee Sweden ( (13 - 04 - 04 (Sweden ) Waxaa maanta lagu soo gabagabeeyey magaalada Katarinholm shir labo maalmood uga socday Somalida

Eight die as fire rages through market Mogadishu,Somalia - Reuters - ( 11th April 2004 ) At least eight people were killed after a huge fire swept through Somalia's main market on.......

'Links' explores the rings of Somalia's 'Inferno' Cape Town, South Africa - Eric Hanson, Star Tribune , ( 11th April 2004 ) It was surprising to find in Nuruddin Farah's intelligent and complex novel "Links" an..........

Chewing the khat in Ethiopia Harar - By Stephen Jessel , BBC correspondent, Harar - ( 11th April 2004 ) Even by the placid standards of its species, it was a relaxed sheep. It made no attempt to move...

Qeybo ka mid ah Suuqa Bakaaraha oo gubtay Mogadishu,Somalia - Maxamed Cadde - - ( 11th April 2004 ) Sida ay warihaha BBCda ee Magaalada Muqdisho , Farxiya Cali Qaajo ku soo warantay, waxaa uu dab...

Kenya to deport five Somalis for alleged terrorism links ! Nairobi,Kenya - Hi Pakistan - ( 10th April 2004 ) Kenyan authorities will next week deport five Somali nationals for alleged links to the al-Qaeda...

Somali immigration film to be shown ! St. Paul - - ( 10th April 2004 ) Immigration from Somalia to Maine is documented in "The Letter," a new movie being shown at 7:30pm

Farah wanders between home and exile ! Cape Town, South Africa - Kristin Tillotson, Star Tribune - ( 10th April 2004 ) Nuruddin Farah, author of 10 novels and a nonfiction book about his native Somalia and its people

GUDDI LOO QABTAY MAXAMED YAROW IYO SEERJITO ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 10th April 2004 ) Inkastuu waqti badan iska dhegatiray Qunsulka Dubai Maxamed Yarow inuu fuliyo amarkii dawladda kmg

Somalis seek unity in statewide council (The Associated Press - Friday, April 09, 2004) Mohamoud Mohamed wanted to leave clan divisions behind ..

SPR Calls For the Arrest of Somali Warlord Col. Abdullahi Yousuf ! Galkaio City, Somalia - Somali Peace Rally - ( 9th April 2004 ) It has now become an open secret that Puntland’s dictator, Col. Abdullahi Yousuf, is on his way to

DHIBAATO KALA SOO DERISTAY SOOMAALIDA DHANKA BAASABOORADA ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 9th April 2004 ) Waxaa waayadan danbe si aad ah u soo kordhay dhibaatada ay dadka Soomaalidu ku qabaan isticmaalka..

Somalia: Child Malnutrition in Parts of the North (IRIN) (April 8, 2004 ) About 20 percent of the children in the drought-affected northern Somali regions of Sool and Sanaag

Concern over 'mystery containers' off Somalia (April 08 2004 ) Mogadishu, Somalia - A number of mysterious containers seen in the waves off the coast of Somalia
ON THE LIMITS OF SURVIVAL April 08 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - If one compares the genocide in Rwanda to what had happened in Somalia one reminds him or her the Syrian proverb that goes: "I had no shoes; and I was sad; but then I met a man who had no feet."
What Clinton Knew About Rwanda Genocide (East African Standard) Nairobi )   DECISION MAKERS at the highest levels of the United States government received extensive ...

Somali Leaders Seek Museveni Help ! Kampala, Abubaker Mukose,New Vision - ( 7th April 2004 ) UGANDA holds the key to the resumption of the Somali peace-talks which stalled last month, the ....

Busy first day for new police boss ! Nairobi,Kenya - Story by MARK AGUTU and STEPHEN MUIRURI - ( 7th April 2004 ) New police commissioner Brigadier Mohamed Hussein Ali yesterday spent a busy first day in office..

Ethiopia reburies Mengistu dead ! Addis Ababa , BBC News - ( 6th April 2004 ) Ethiopia says it has reburied the remains of 87 people killed during the rule of the former........

Family to sue over hospital desecration London,UK- Hugh Muir of the Guardian - ( 6th April 2004 ) Relatives of the Muslim woman whose corpse was desecrated with bacon as it lay in a hospital.......

Army brigadier is new crime buster Nairobi,Kenya - By Dominic Wabala of the East African Standard - ( 6th April 2004 ) President Kibaki yesterday sacked Police Commissioner Edwin Nyaseda and replaced him with a.....

Al-Qaeda Link Seen in Attack on Aid Workers JEDDAH, 5 April 2004 — The interior minister of the northern region of breakaway Somaliland

Yemen pays tribes to not shelter al-Qaida cells Sana'a, Yemen - Associated Press - ( 5th April 2004 ) Yemen, the ancestral home of Osama bin Laden, has dismantled 90 percent of al-Qaida cells in the...

ROOBAB KA CURTAY SOOMAALIA ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 5th April 2004 ) Roobabka xilliga gu'ga ayaa ka curtay meelo ka tirsan gobolada waqooyi iyo kuwa dhexe ee dalka.....

Finding truth, and horror, in pictures New York City - Ellis Henican, ( 5th April 2004 ) There is writing it — and then there is showing it. "People will simply not believe it unless you..

Somalia seeks help from UAE ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By Stanley Carvalho, Gulf News Staff Reporter - ( 4th April 2004 ) Somalia is seeking the cooperation of the UAE in regulating the hawala system of money transfer....

WEFDI DAWLADDA KMG AH OO LAGU QAABILAY DUBAI ! Dubai,UAE - By ( 4th April 2004 ) Wefdi uu hogaaminayo Wasiirka Gaashaandhigga Dawladda KMG ah Mudane Adam Axmed Cabdi oo beryahanba.

Somali held here for two years without trial Tel Aviv, Israel - By Ruth Sinai, ( 4th April 2004 ) A Somali citizen who fled his country fearing for his life has been held without trial for 2 years

The Secessionist Campaign in London: An Eye-Witness London,UK- Commentary by By Professor Abdi Ismail Samatar - ( 3rd April 2004) The debate pertaining to the integrity of the Somali nation has entered a critical phase as the....

Gruesome images stir bad memories of Mogadishu Falluja,Iraq - The New Zealand Herald - ( 3rd April 2004) Graphic images of Americans being mutilated in Iraq could shake US public support for the........

Somali Journalists Create Press Freedom Monitoring Network ! Toronto, - ( 2nd April 2004 ) For the first time in Somalia, press-freedom violations will be systematically documented and.....
'Taken over by Satan' April 02- 2004 - By BBC - In 1994 in the village of Nyarubuye, Rwanda, the Hutu majority went on a killing spree in the local church, slaughtering neighbours and friendsf
Rejoin peace talks, Somalia leaders urged       MOGADISHU, Somalia, April 1 (UPI) -- Leaders of war-town Somalia have ...

Peace Demonstration Held in Mogadishu (Muqdisho April 01 2004) Several thousand Somalis, mainly women and children, demonstrated in Mogadishu's main stadium

KUSIMIHII MUSE SUUDI EE USC/SSA CALI AXMED (BEEREEY) OO LAGU DILAY KAARAAN (Muqdisho) ( Warar la hubo ayaa sheegay in Kaaraan xalay lagu dilay Cali Axmed Maxamed (Cali Beerey) oo ahaa

XIISADDA QUNSULLIYADDA OO WELI TAAGAN ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By ( 1st April 2004 ) Iyadoo maanta laga joogo muddo
Talking Point: BACK TO SQUARE ONE Mach 29- 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - I hate to go back to the first peace conference in Djibouti in 1992 to examine the antics of the warlords and their hell bent record to keep the status quo, come what may. The result of subsequent peace talks (14 of them) is shameful ....

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