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Somaliland President Appeals For UN Membership

The president of the republic of Somaliland, Muhammad Ibrahim Egal, on Thursday 7th September 2000, sent a written message to the UN secretary-general urging him and the international community to accept Somaliland as a peaceful member of the family of nations.

He accused Djibouti of creating instability in Somaliland.

President Egal mentioned the following in his statement: Somaliland's unity with Somalia [in 1960], the injustice carried out in Somaliland, the struggle made to regain independence and Somaliland's position on the Arta [city about 40km west of Djibouti capital] conference.

President Egal reiterated his earlier position on the conference and Somalia's unity in future.

This is how he began his statement: "I take this privilege to brief the UN secretary-general and other members of the Security Council on a crucial Somaliland issue.

On various occasions in the past, my government has endeavoured to draw the attention of the Security Council to Somaliland and its security, either through direct correspondence with the UN secretary-general and other top officials, or via the international media.Unfortunately, we have not achieved much.

We are a people of 3.5m and feel that Somaliland should be dealt with justly, through the spirit of the UN charter which is centred on the [needs of the] individual".


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