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Digil & Mirifle Delegation Threaten to Withdraw from the Somali Peace Conference


As the Somali Peace Conference entering its crucial final stage, the Digil & Mirifle clans, duped as 'heavyweight', are facing compounded problems in Arta and threatening to withdraw from the conference.

According to Digil & Mirifle delegation in Arta, the Djibouti Peace Process was hijacked by certain Somali groups and now it seems these groups are influencing the Djibouti officials to achieve their dubious goals.

This led Digil & Mirifle delegation to be skeptical about the objectives of the Conference. The latest report from Arta, however, indicate that Djibouti government attempted to have a say how Digil & Mirifle select their representatives for the Conference which is seen to be contarary to the initially plan for peace process.

A Somali newspaper reported yesterday that the organizing secretary of the conference Mr Ali Abdi Farah tried to to mediate in the disagreement, however RRA officials objected to Djibouti's foreign affairs minister Mr Abdi Farah, threatening to withdraw from the conference.

Unconfirmed report from Arta said the Digil & Mirifle delegation was denied their request for time extension to finalize their consultation in order to appoint representative for the Conference.

They were also denied initially to get access to telephone for two days to consult their leadership. Another newspaper reported today that Mr.

Aden Qalinle, the Governor of Bay region, to have said that Djibouti government deviated from their original plan for the Somali Peace Conference and he demanded RRA delegation to be sent home on RRA own expenses.

Although there is no official statement from Djibouti government or from RRA officials in Baidoa, the informal sources indicate the the Digil & Mirifle delegation was exposed to unfair situation which put them in delicate position to contemplate to withdraw from the Conference.

The peace conference was aimed to bring a solution to millions of Somalis. It's success will largely depend on fair share and unconditional discussion among all stakeholders where respect for all Somali citizens should prevail in all settings.

Intimidation or dominance of specific group/s will only lead to a renewed conflict. This article was distributed via ArlaadiNet.




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