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Somaliland says Djibouti conference misguided

Hundreds of people have been on the streets of Hargeisa, in the self-declared republic of Somaliland, celebrating independence day.

The authorities used the occasion to renew their criticisms of the Somali reconciliation conference taking place in neighbouring Djibouti.

A statement dismissed it as misguided -- and said it had no right make decisions regarding Somaliland's internal affairs.

Yesterday, Somaliland's Minister of Information, Ali Mohamed Warran Adde, made accusations for the first time against Djibouti -- accusing it of being actively involved with the former regime of Siad Barre which was overthrown in 1991.

He accused Djibouti of signing a secret pact with Siad Barre to make Somaliland a military zone and of complicity in massacres.

The Djibouti conference began in early May and is now in its final stages



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