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Faction leader Muuse Suudi refuses to recognize interim government


A Mogadishu faction leader, Muse Sudi Yalahow, has said there was no official communication between him and the interim Somali government.

Speaking to reporters in his Mogadishu office, he said that he does not recognize the interim government.

"I do not recognize the Arta faction [interim government] as a government and I will not recognize it," he said. He said he was opposed to the reconciliation proposal of the Yemeni government because Yemen is not neutral regarding Somali issues.

"It is true that we, the faction leaders, share some views and we differ on some. However, our common objective is to remove the so called Arta [interim] government," he said.

"We are not opposed to reaching a common solution for Somalia. We fought the previous regime and we are still opposed to the return of the same regime," Muse Sudi Yalahow said.


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