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Somali Nabbed With 8 Passports Issued In Netherlands


A Kenyan resident Abduel Fatah Mohammed, is being held by police in Mbeya region Southern Tanzania for possessing 15 passports including 8 issued in Netherlands.

Mohammed was nabbed in Mbeya when he was finding transportation to Lusaka, Zambia after the police suspected that he was illegal immigrant.

According Laurian Saanya, Regional Police Commander (RPC) for Mbeya, Mohammed was supposed to appear to the court yesterday. Out of 15, 7 passports issued in Somalia.

Saanya said that when interrogated, Mohammed said he had entered Tanzania through Arusha region in northern Tanzania from Kenya.

He said that Mohammed said he was heading to sell passports to his relatives living in Zambia. He said Mohammed's own passport was Numbered 538094 which was issued in 1996 in Nairobi, Kenya.

"Along with 15 fake passports, Mohammed was also seen with narcotics into his bag," the RPC said. The passports issued in Netherlands carried numbers A01010769, A01010768, A01010765, A01010760, A01010759, A01010758, A01010757 and A01010756. Those issued in Somalia numbered, A01010755, A01010767, A01010766, A01010764, A01010763, A01010762 and A01010761.

Another Somali national, Hussein Mussa was yesterday jailed three years in Dar Es Salaam for staying illegally in Tanzania.

The influx illegal Somali in the country, especially in northern Tanzania are fueling robbery and killings of innocent people.

The Pastor, Mr. John Majoel of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) was in few months ago shot to death by Somali on his back after he allegedly refused to get out of his car, Toyota Land Cruiser in Ngolongolo District in Arusha.

The Pastor was traveling with four European Missionaries to Ngorongoro, one of the famous Tanzania's National Park, on routine pastoral work.

According to information reached the media in Dar Es Salaam, after killing the pastor, the armed Somali drove away with the Europeans and abandoned them and the car in the bush some 20 kilometers from the scene area.

Two years ago, Somali bandits murdered the Ngorongoro District Commanding Officer, SSP Issaya Kong'oa, and about 10 Maasai tribesmen.


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