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Somalia: New commercial bank opens in Mogadishu


Somalia: New commercial bank opens in Mogadishu

A new bank called the Universal Bank of Somalia has been set up in Mogadishu.

The bank which is international has links with 62 other international banks and markets in New York, London and Brussels.

The bank was established in 2000 by Somali businessmen and foreigners and has offices and branches in Arab countries, Europe and the US.

Somalia: Seven people reportedly died of cholera outbreak in southern district

Reports from Afgooye District of Shabeellaha Hoose Region [south-central Somalia] say seven people, most of them children, yesterday died following a cholera outbreak in the district.

The report further says over 15 others are reportedly in critical condition. The assistant minister for health [in the interim government of Somalia], Prof Usman Haji Mahmud Dufle, yesterday held a meeting with some of the health agencies working in the region at WHO HQ. Prof Dufle briefed the agencies on the reported cholera outbreak in several districts.

Somalia: Four reported killed in northeastern fighting

At least four people were killed and four others wounded when fighting broke out in Garoowe, the regional capital of the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland, northeastern Somalia, a local journalist told IRIN on Monday [14 January].

The fighting, which broke out on Friday, appears to have started after a prominent businessman, Farah Muhammad Sa'id Gom'ad, was reportedly killed by forces of Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf, the former leader of Puntland, in what is believed to have been "a deliberate attack" at 1700 hours [local time], the journalist said.

There were four people in the car in which he was travelling. It was reportedly stopped by Yusuf's militia "who then shot Gom'ad dead". "He was a well-known man, and they could not have mistaken him for anyone else. It must have been preplanned," the journalist added.

Three more people died when local militia, angered by the murder, attacked positions held by Yusuf's militia in the town, at 1730. Two local militia and one from Yusuf's militia were killed in that bout of fighting, according to the journalist.

The violence erupted following the arrival in Garoowe, on Friday morning, of Sultan Sa'id Garaase, an influential local elder, along with 17 other clan elders and intellectuals. Sultan Garaase, and his group had, upon arrival, issued a call to Abdullahi Yusuf to leave Garoowe, local sources told IRIN.

Garoowe was calm on Monday, even though tension remained high, the sources said. Businesses, which shut their doors over the weekend, had now reopened. Traditional elders from the Garoowe area were meeting and were expected to issue a statement on Tuesday. "Everyone is waiting for the outcome of the elders' meeting," the sources added.

Somalia: Eight people die in central region clan fighting

At least eight people were killed and five others injured in fighting between Sa'ad and Dir clans in Afbarwaqo, Hobyo District, Mudug Region.

The fighting was sparked off by a revenge attack carried out by one of the clans, which have been waging a vendetta against each other. Tension is high in the area although fighting has now stopped.

Most victims were from one of the clans.

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