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Somali leaders urge US govt to end assets freeze of Somali bank (Nairobi) (AFP) (Nov 12, 2002) The Somali transitional government and faction leaders attending a peace conference here on Monday

Ethiopian famine 'will be averted' Adis Ababa, BBC News ( 12th Nov.2002 ) The international community will prevent mass starvation in Ethiopia and the situation is not as

Iraq: baaralamanka oo u codeenaya qaraarka QM Baqdaad, BBC News ( 12th Nov.2002 ) Baaralamanka Iraq ayaa wada dood ay uga xaajoonayaan in hub baarayaasha Qaramada Midoobay loo

Drug smuggler sentenced to 10 years in jail, fined Dh50,000 Dubai , Gulf News ( 12th Nov.2002 ) A Somali man with hopes of striking it rich by pushing drugs in Dubai was arrested upon arrival

Somali factions want bank assets freed ! Eldoret, BBC News ( 12th Nov.2002 ) Warlords and the Transitional National Government in Somalia have issued a joint call for an end to

Massive famine stalks Ethiopia ! Adis Ababa, BBC News ( 11th Nov.2002 ) Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has warned that his country faces a famine worse than that of

SOMALIA: Faction leaders "threatened with arrest" Eldoret, IRIN ( 11th Nov.2002 ) The leaders of eight Somali factions, which last week sent a protest letter to the organisers of

Kenya Thrash Somalia 11-0 in Soccer International Nairobi, ( 10th Nov. 2002 ) The Kenya under-23 team yesterday walloped Somalia 11-0 in an Olympic Preliminary qualifier soccer

Arab FMs gather in Cairo to discuss Iraq, Mideast crises Cairo, The Jordan Times (Petra/AFP) ( 10th Nov. 2002 ) Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher on Saturday arrived in Cairo to attend an emergency Arab foreign

U.S. sees steady rise in alien drug NASHVILLE, By Sheila Burke / The Tennessean, ( 10th Nov. 2002 ) As more immigrants from East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula settle in the United States, federal

GUDDIGA IGAD OO SOO SAARAY SHAX CUSUB (Eldoret) (Mogadisu Times) (9 Nov, 2002) Guddiga Farsamada IGAD ayaa mar kale wax ka badelay shax ay maalmo ka hor soo saartay, kaasoo ay


Somalia: amnesty oo digniin u dirtay shirka Eldoret ! Nairobi, Mohamed Addow-bbc,Nairobi ( 9th Nov.2002 ) Hay'adda xuquuqda aadahana u doodda ee Amnesty International ayaa baaq u jeedisay wufuudda kooxaha

Keep Off Kenya's Affairs, Moi Tells Foreigners ! Nairobi, The East African Standard ( 9th Nov.2002 ) President Moi has told foreign powers to stop demanding for free and fair elections in Kenya while

U.S. Forces Might Ignore Local Government ! Washington, DC - BY PAULINE JELINEK of the ASSOCIATED PRESS ( 9th Nov.2002 ) Even if local governments don't agree, American forces may launch assaults into lawless or poorly

Somali minister seeks global backing for peace talks Jeddah, Salad F. Duhul of Arab News ( 9th Nov.2002 ) The finance minister of Somalia’s Transitional National Government (TNG), Hussein Mahamoud Hussein,

Marines head to Horn of Africa for anti-terror operations ! Washington, DC - By PAULINE JELINEK, Associated Press( ( 8th November 2002 ) U.S. Marines will ship out Tuesday in a Pentagon plan to step up the war on terrorism around the ..

SOMALIA: Factions protest against representation at peace talks ! Eldoret, IRIN ( 8th November 2002 ) The leaders of eight factions have sent a letter of protest to the organisers of the ongoing Somali

Gudigii go'aan kagaarista qeybinta ergada Shirka Dib u heshiisiinta oo ismari waayey (Mogadishu) (Mogadisho Times) (Nov 7, 2002) Shir ay shalay ku yeesheen meel u jirta Magaalada Eldoret 100 km siyaasiyiinta

Differences Emerge Over Numbers of Conference Delegates (Nairobi) (IRIN) (Nov 7, 2002) After two days of political haggling, Somali groups meeting in the Kenyan town of Eldoret, have

Somali factions meet in Kenya to draw a new constitution for the country (Nairobi) (Arab News) (Nov 7, 2002) ders of the Somali factions will be meeting in the Kenyan Aldourit city in order to draw a new

Roobab ka da'ay Gobolka Gedo Mogadishu , Xasan Bariise (BBC) ( 7th Nov.2002 ) Wararka ka imaanaya Gedo ayaa sheegaya in roobabkii xilligan ay si wanaagsan uga da’een guud ahaan

RCS DELEGATION ENDS SOMALI VISIT ! Mogadishu , ( 6th Nov.2002) A delegation from the UAE Red crescent Society, RCS, last night ended its visit to Somalia, where

SOMALI DELEGATION VISITS KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA ! Jeddah, 6/11/2002 A Somali delegation headed by Hussein Mohamud Sheikh Hussein, the Finance Minister of the ...

SOMALIA: Puntland to continue cooperating with UN ! Nairobi, IRIN 6/11/2002 The authorities in the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland have denied asking the UN to ...

Muqdisho: Dilkii iyo dhicii oo soo laba kacleeyey ! Mogadishu , Xasan Bariise (BBC) ( 5th November 2002 ) Lix qof ayaa dhimatay mid kalena wuu dhaawacmay kaddib markii dabley ay weerar ku qaadeen baabuur

More UAE relief supplies arrive in Mogadishu ! Mogadishu , ( 5th November 2002 ) A fourth planeload of relief assistance, ordered by President H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan ...

SOMALIA: Peace talks deadlocked Eldoret, IRIN ( 5th November 2002 ) The Somali peace talks, underway in the Kenyan town of Eldoret, are deadlocked over representation

Dubai Crown Prince & UAE Defence Minister returns home after a short visit to Djibouti ! Dubai , ( 4th November 2002 ) General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and Defence Minister, today ...

SOMALIA: Conference moves into second phase ! Eldoret, IRIN ( 4th November 2002 ) The Somali national reconciliation conference has entered its second phase during which various ...

Amniga Muqdisho oo aan wanaagsanayn ! Mogadishu , Xasan Bariise (BBC) ( 4th November 2002 ) Xaaladda ammaanka ee magaalada Muqdisho ayaanan hagaagsanayn ilaa beryihii la soo dhaafay, waxaana

Somali factions resume peace talks Eldoret, BBC News ( 4th November 2002 ) Somali faction leaders are meeting in the Kenyan town of Eldoret in order to draw up a new federal

Starlin Abdi Arush London, James Astill of the Guardian ( 4th November 2002 ) Whether negotiating with warlords, setting up hospitals or chairing her Somalian homeland's Olympic

UAE Red Cresent Society Delegation in Somalia ! Mogadishu , ( 3rd November 2002 ) Special arrangements for distributing relief items that were flown in here by the UAE Red Cresent ..

Second Arab women's summit opens today in Amman- Somalia,Saudi Arabia & Qadar are absent ! Amman, By Jumana Al-Tamimi of Gulf News ( 3rd November 2002 ) The Second Arab Women's Summit opens in Amman today with a main recommendation on its agenda to

US plans anti-terror HQ in Horn Djibouti, By Nick Childs of the bbc ( 3rd November 2002 ) US defence officials have confirmed that they are planning to establish a military headquarters in

UAE RELIEF SUPPLIES ARRIVE IN MOGADISHU ! Mogadishu , ( 2nd November 2002 ) Somali Ass. Interior Minister Mahmoud Ali Hassan yesterday lauded the Presidnet His Highness Shaikh

DHISMAHA URURKA INJINEERADA SOOMAALIYEED ! Mogadishu , ( 2nd November 2002 ) Xaflad ballaaran oo shalay lagu qabtay Hoteel Shaamo ee magaalada Muqdisho , ayna ka soo qayb galeen

Getting food to hungry Ethiopians Djibouti, By Nita Bhalla of the bbc ( 2nd November 2002 ) As the scorching sun beats down on the quay of the Port of Djibouti, hundreds of people .....

Somalia Receives Red Crescent Relief ! Abu Dhabi, ( 1st November 2002 ) A UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCA) plane carrying 40- tonenes of various relief items left ...

SOMALIA: Annan hails truce accord ! Nairobi, IRIN ( 1st November 2002 ) UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has hailed the signing of a truce agreement by Somalia's various ,,

More U.S. Troops En Route To Horn ! Washington, DC - Charles Cobb Jr.(all ( 1st November 2002 ) The number of United States troops in Djibouti may soon number more than 2,000 with the announcement

EU welcomes Somali peace accord ! COPENHAGEN, ( 1st November 2002 ) The European Union on Thursday welcomed a peace accord signed by warring factions in Somalia at the

[Ethiopia Government Press Statement on Somalia Agreement] Washington, DC - Embassy of Ethiopia (Washington, DC) Press Release ( 1st November 2002 ) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia welcomes the ....

Holy Quran Award contest to begin on November 13, Somalia among the participants ! Dubai , By Sanaa Maadad of Khaleej Times ( 1st November 2002 ) THE number of countries and Muslim communities which have confirmed their participation at the 6th

TALKING POINT: SOMALIA, THEN AND NOW (Toronto -Canada) (By M.M.Afrah) (1 - 11 - 02) SOMALIA, THEN AND NOW - Forty-two Years Ago

Somali Faction Wants UN to Take Over Peace Talks ! Nairobi, Barnabas Bii And William Faria ( 31st October 2002 ) Somali delegates from the Puntland Government want the United Nations to take over peace talks from

Somalis told to make peace ! Eldoret, By Ishbel Matheson of BBC ( 31st October 2002 ) President Daniel Arap Moi has urged Somali delegates to implement the peace agreement struck at the

DEEQDII IMAARAADKA FIDIYAY OO BERRITO GAAREYSA DALKA SOOMAALIDA ! Abu Dhabi, By ( 31st October 2002 ) Iyadoo la fulinayo awaamirtii ka soo baxday xafiiska Madaxweynaha Imaaraadka Sheikh Zaayid Bin ...

Somalis singing same song over the years (Eldoret) (Arab News) (31 - 10 - 02) The participants in Somalia’s peace parley in the Kenyan town of Eldoret signed a cease-fire on

10,000 Somalis gather in support of on-going reconciliation talks in Kenya ! Mogadishu , (Xinhuanet) ( 30th October 2002 ) More than 10,000 people from allwalks of life including musicians, artists and women groups....

HORN OF AFRICA: US admits sending more troops Nairobi, IRIN ( 30th October 2002 ) Top US commander General Tommy Franks has admitted sending additional forces to the Horn of Africa

1,100 Somalis move to a town down on its luck (Lewiston) (National World) (29 - 10 - 02) For the last decade, the history of this gritty textile town has been one of steady and heart-breaki

At least 15 killed in Somalia clashes despite truce (MOGADISHU) (AFP) (Oct 29 , 2002 ) At least 15 people were killed and 25 wounded on Tuesday after heavy clashes erupted in southern

Somalia government, warlords sign truce (Nairobi) (jordantimes) (28 - 10 - 02) Somalia's fledgling government and powerful warlord opponents signed a ceasefire on Sunday to try to

Somali Leaders Differ Over Power Sharing (Nairobi) (The East African Standard ) (25 - 10 - 02) Leaders of the Somali warring factions attending the Eldoret peace talks yesterday differed sharply

Somali Activist Killed in Nairobi (NAIROBI, Kenya ) (AP) (October 25, 2002, ) Would-be carjackers shot and killed a Somali human rights activist at the gate of the house where

SOMALIA: MSF condemns attack on clinic ! Nairobi, IRIN ( 24th October 2002 ) The international aid organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has condemned an attack last week

Row holds up Somali peace talks (Eldoret ) (daily nation) (25 - 10 - 02) Somali peace talks in Eldoret hit a snag yesterday after they was temporarily adjourned to allow

Tension Reported At Peace Conference (Nairobi) (allafrika) (October 24, 2002 ) Tension is said to be rising at the Somali national reconciliation conference in the Kenyan town of

Somali leader rejects peace talks (Mogadishu) (BBC) (24 - 10 - 02) Somali President Abdulkassim Salat Hassan has said the ongoing peace conference in Kenya will not

Eldoret parleys likely to bring civilian rule (Eldoret ) (Arab News) (23 - 10 - 02) Kenya’s special envoy to Somalia, Elijah Mwangale, said yesterday that Somali warlords attending the

Peace Talks: the Alternative Voice (Eldoret ) (IRIN) (23 - 10 - 02) As warlords, faction leaders, members of the Transitional National Government and others gather in

Somalia to play home game in Kenya (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (Thursday, October 24, 2002 ) Harambee Stars will host Somalia twice in their 2004 Olympic Games qualifying games.

Congratulations !!! Mr. M.M. Afrah for recieving an Award from POETRY INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Toronto - Canada) (By webmasters - (22 - 10 - 02) and it's webmaster are proud and congratulate you for recieving such a valuable award

The Somalis are settling in Maine at a rapid rate, prompting some to say, "Stop" (Lewiston) ( (22 - 10 - 02) The Somalis are settling in Maine at a rapid rate, prompting some to say, "Stop"


Halkuu marayaa shirka Eldoret? Eldoret, Mohamed Addow-bbc,Nairobi ( 21st October 2002 ) Shirka dib u heshiisiinta Soomaaliyeed ee magaalada Eldoret ee waddanka Kenya ka socda ayaa lagu

Humanitarian Principles Crucial At Somali Peace Talks ! Eldoret, African Church Information Service ( 21st October 2002 ) The United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator's Office for Somalia has urged Somali

Somali talks to work, say leaders (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (21 - 10 - 02) Somali leaders are optimistic that the ongoing talks in Eldoret will help bring peace in their

Twelve killed as rival militias battle over Somali town (Baidabo) ( 19 - 10 - 02) At least 12 people were killed and 19 wounded when rival militias fought for the control of Somalia


Terror slur threatens Somali cash lifeline New York, BBC News ( 18th October 2002 ) United Nations officials have launched a programme to explain to US bankers and regulators how ...

Police: Khat drug scene's new player (18 - 10 - 02) (Post staff reporter) (Kentucky ) The chewy leaves and buds of an East African shrub called khat are attracting growing attention

Waiting game at Somali peace talks (Eldoret ) (BBC) (18 - 10 - 02) Hundreds of delegates at the Somali peace conference in the Kenyan town of Eldoret are still waiting

Warlords may pay for wrongs ! Eldoret, By Barnabas Bii and William Faria of East African Standard ( 18th October 2002 ) The International community is assessing the humanitarian crisis and genocide that has occurred in

Peace Talks Will Not Fail, Says Mediator (Eldoret ) (IRIN) (18 - 10- 02) The Kenyan special envoy for Somalia, Elijah Mwangale, on Wednesday expressed confidence that

Kenyan envoy says prospects for peace in Somalia promising (ELDORET, Kenya) (Xinhuanet) (Oct. 16 ) The prospects for peace in Somalia are extremely good now, as the Somali people are tired of

Change of heart for Somali warlords ! Mogadishu , BBC News ( 16th October 2002 ) Four Somali faction leaders have changed their minds and announced that they will attend the peace

Somali peace talks open ! Eldoret, Daily Nation ( 16th October 2002 ) Talks aimed at bringing peace to Somalia opened in Eldoret yesterday with heads of state expressing

UN chief urges all Somali parties to end conflict (Xinhuanet) (UNITED NATIONS) Oct. 15 United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan Tuesday urged all Somali parties to cooperate to end


TALKING POINT: THE FEAR FACTOR TALKING POINT BY M.M. Afrah, Toronto (Canada) on July 2  2002 (

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