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Talyaaniga oo korontadii ka go'dey Rome, BBC News ( 28th September 2003 ) Malaayiin Talyaani ah ayaa saaka koronto la'aani qabsatey ka dib markii waddanka ay ka dhacdey ..

Djibouti pulls out of Somalia talks NAIROBI - ( 28th September 2003 ) Djibouti has withdrawn as one of the mediators in efforts to bring peace in Somalia to protest

Jabuuti oo hakad galisey doorkii ay kaga jirtey shirka Soomaalida NAIROBI - Yusuf Xasan - BBCSomali. Com ( 26th September 2003 ) Dowladda Jabuuti ayaa maanta BBC-da u sheegtey in aysan taageeri doonin shir aysan Soomaalidu u ...

Washington Urges Somalis to Advance Peace Process Jeddah, Salad F. Duhul, Special to Arab News - ( 26th September 2003 ) The United States has urged all Somalia’s clan-based political factions to advance the peace.....

Hargeisa airport averts closure NAIROBI, 26 Sep 2003 (IRIN) - The imminent threat of closure to Hargeisa airport in the self-declare

Kenya names new vice-president Nairobi(Kenya), BBC News ( 25th September 2003 ) Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has named his close ally and veteran politician Moody Awori as.....

Somalia Peace Process ( Press Statement by State Department Deputy Spokesman) ! WASHINGTON DC, Adam Ereli, Deputy Spokesman of the State Department ( 25th September 2003 ) The United States commends the ongoing work of Somali leaders and civil society representatives to

Nin Somaali ah oo lagu diley Baqdaad ! Baqdaad, BBC News ( 25th September 2003 ) Qarax ayaa maanta ka dhacey caasimadda dalka Ciraaq ee Baqdaad kaas oo loo maleenayo in loo wadey

Merger of Two Regional Organisations is Proposed ! NAIROBI - Nation Reporter - ( 25th September 2003 ) The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad) may soon be merged with the Desert Locust...

SOMALIA’S ABSENSE FROM THE 2003 ANNUAL MEETINGS OF IMF AND WORLD BANK GROUPS NOTICED! Dubai , UAE By ( 25th September 2003 ) The request of the official delegation from the TNG of Somalia to participate the 2003 Annual.....

Ethiopia seeks new Horn ruling New York, BBC News ( 24th September 2003 ) Ethiopia has said that it wants a new commission set up to rule on what it sees as the contested...

UNICEF: Somalia Has Unique Chance to Halt AIDS ! NAIROBI - By James Macharia ( Reuters) ( 24th September 2003 ) War-torn Somalia has one of the lowest AIDS (news - web sites) infection rates in sub-Saharan....

Annan believes UN now at “decisive” moment after Iraq crisis ! New York, Khaleejtimes(AFP) ( 23rd September 2003) The split at the United Nations over the Iraq war has brought the world body to a crossroads that

Waa sidee amaanka wadada isku xirta Muqdisho iyo magaalada Kismaayo? Mogadishu BBC News ( 23rd September 2003) Waxaa maanta la soo afjaray hawlgal laba-geesood ahaa oo lagu sugayey amniga waddada dheer ee isku

Rare plants under siege in Africa Addis Ababa, ( 23rd September 2003) Widespread deforestation and an ever-increasing demand for agricultural land threaten thousands of

In ruined Mogadishu, Somalis rally for peace ! Mogadishu - By William Maclean ( 21st September 2003 ) More than 3,000 Somalis staged a rare anti-war demonstration on Sunday in Mogadishu, the city that

UN day of peace to be observed worldwide ! Nairobi, By SUNDAY NATION Correspondent - ( 22nd September 2003 ) The world marks the International Day of Peace today. The day is set aside by the United Nations..

CABDIQASSIM OO U MAGACAABAY SAFIIR CUSUB SALDANADA CUMAAN ! Mogadishu - By ( 22nd September 2003 ) Madaxweynaha Dawladda KMG ah Cabdiqassim Salaad Xasan ayaa dhowaan u soo magacaabay inuu Safiir....

Why peace is so elusive for Somalia (East African Standard) (Sunday, September 21, 2003) Somalia’s interim President Abdiqassim Salat must have had an aim in mind when he met with faction
Talking Point: SOMALIA'S SEASON OF DESPAIR…THERE'S ALSO A BRIGHT SIDE TO IT(Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (Sep 20, 03) No one doubts that the next President of Somalia will be in an extraordinary position to deal with-a full plate of troubles and desolation. I sympathize with him the more because new and more aggressive faction leaders had entered into the situation to rock the boat.

Sudan peace deal 'within days' Naivasha, Caroline Karobia, ( 19th September 2003 ) Hopes of an agreement at Sudanese peace talks in Kenya have been raised, with Foreign Minister.....

Somalian refugees head home Addis Ababa, ( 19th September 2003 ) About 4 571 refugees who fled into Ethiopia from Somalia were able to return home in July and ....

Mareykanka oo askar kale looga diley Ciraaq ! Tikrit,Iraq - BBC News ( 19th September 2003 ) Weerar gaadmo ah ayaa shaley saddex askarta Mareykanka ah lagu dilay iyadoo ay weerarkaas ku ....

TALOOYIN LOO SOO JEEDIYAY SHIRKA NABADEYNTA SOOMAALIDA ! NAIROBI - By ( 19th September 2003 ) War lagu kalsoon yahay oo aanu xalay ka helnay madasha shirka nabadeynta Soomaalida ee magaalada...

Faction Leaders Discard Federal Charter ! Jeddah, Salad F. Duhul, Special to Arab News ( 19th September 2003 ) Mogadishu-based faction leader Musse Sudi Yalahow has strongly rejected a transitional federal.....

Sixth man (a Kenyan) charged over Kenya blasts ! NAIROBI - From correspondents in Nairobi, - ( 19th September 2003 ) A KENYAN man was charged overnight with 15 counts of murder over his alleged role in the bombing...

Moi blames Somali conflict (Sep 19, 03) (Daily Nation) (Nairobi) Regional suspicion of Somalia's expansionist dreams has been cited as a drawback in that country's

Somalis won't be deported for now (SEATTLE POST) (Thursday, September 18, 2003) The United States can't deport people to Somalia because that strife-torn nation has no functioning

POLITICS-SOMALIA: Hope for Peace, as Delegates Adopt Charter NAIROBI, Sep 18 (IPS) - If all goes well, Somalia may soon realise peace following adoption of a

Djibouti throws out its immigrants (The Guardian ) (Wednesday September 17, 2003) Djibouti's army arrested hundreds of illegal immigrants yesterday after a midnight deadline expired

Delegates Plan Government for Somalia (Associated Press Writer) NAIROBI, Kenya -- Delegates at talks meant to end more than a decade of violence and chaos in Somali

Somalia hopes for peace after decades of war (Daily Nation) (Wednesday, September 17, 2003 ) (Nairobi) Somalia stands out in the Horn of Africa as a country that has been prisoner to its history.

Somalia leader storms out of peace talks NAIROBI, Sept 17 (Reuters) - The leader of the defunct Somali transitional government walked out of

Boob dhul oo ka socod Degaanka Jabbad Cadde ee Degmadda Dayniile (Mugadisho) (Radio Banadir) Xubno ka tirsan duqowda iyo Nabadonadda degaanka Gobolka Banadir ayaa cabasho ka muujiyay boob dhul

Somali Factions Sign Agreement, Allowing Establishment of Interim Government (VOA News) (September 16, 2003 ) Somalia's faction leaders have adopted a charter for the country, paving the way for the selection
Business thrives in sea of poverty (Daily Nation) (Tuesday, September 16, 2003 ) Somalia is home to some of the world’s poorest people.It was ranked last in the UN Human Development Index in 1998 and 70 per cent of its population live below the poverty.
Leaders return to peace talks NAIROBI, 15 Sep 2003 - Two of four prominent Somali leaders who had walked out of a peace

Somalia's warring factions end boycott of talks (Daily Nation) (Monday, September 15, 2003 ) Principal Somali warlords and faction leaders have ended a boycott of the war-torn

Visiting Somalia is a tough option (Daily Nation) (Monday, September 15, 2003 ) On July 12, 1993, a tragedy struck foreign journalists while on duty in Mogadishu

Heshiis lagu gaaray shirka Soomaalida ee Mbagathi Mbagathi Yusuf Hassan - - ( 14th September 2003 ) Bayaan ka soo baxay maamulka shirka dib u

Djibouti immigrant crackdown: 90 percent have already left country Djibouti, AFP / Sophie Mongalvy and Khaled Haidar ( 13th September 2003 ) Two days before a deadline for illegal immigrants to leave Djibouti or face deportation, most of


18 Somali Refugees Drown Near Yemen (14 Sep 2003) (VOA News) Yemeni officials and the U.N. refugee agency say at least 18 people, most of them Somalis, drowned

Somali TNG Chief, Salad, Faction Leaders Hold Talks ( JEDDAH, 13 September 2003 — The president of Somalia’s Transitional National Government (TNG)

Somali enclave seeks help to police its coast NAIROBI, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Officials of a breakaway enclave of wartorn Somalia have asked the inte

SOMALIA'S DEGRADING ENVIRONMENT (13th Sep, 03) Causes and Effects of Deforestation and Hazardous Waste Dumping in Somalia (This is a an essay written by Abdullahi Elmi , a Somali Engineer in Sweden and was forward to us by Eng. Ahmed Guulled - )

Full honours for Kibaki's 3-day State visit to US ! NAIROBI - By KEVIN KELLEY - Daily Nation ( 12th September 2003 ) President Kibaki will use his three-day State visit to the United States next month to discuss ...

Amar ka soo baxay Dawlad-Goboleedka Puntland ! Bosasso , Axmed Kismaayo - BBCSomali.Com ( 11th September 2003 ) Madaxwayne ku xigeenka DGPL Max'ed Cabdi Xaashi ayaa maanta soo saaray qoraal rasmi ah oo uu ku....

Moi resigns as party chairman ! Nairobi(Kenya), BBC News ( 11th September 2003 ) Former president Daniel arap Moi of Kenya has relinquished the chairmanship of the former ruling ..

Peace Talks Expected to Resume ! Nairobi(Kenya), ( 11th September 2003 ) The Somali national reconciliation conference is expected to reconvene this weekend in the Kenyan

Mogadishu hit by skyrocketing fuel prices NAIROBI, - The price of fuel in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, has more than doubled in just two

Leaders discuss peace process NAIROBI, 10 Sep 2003 (IRIN) - The president of Somalia's Transitional National Government (TNG),

Rapist escapes deportation A Somali man jailed in New Zealand for rape and kidnapping has had his appeal

Mogadishu Hit By Skyrocketing Fuel Prices Mogadishu - ( 9th September 2003 ) The price of fuel in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, has more than doubled in just two weeks, .....

Shir ballaaran oo maanta lagu qabtay magaalada Muqdisho Mogadishu Xasan Barise - BBCSomali.Com ( 9th September 2003 ) Wararka ka imaanaya magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sheegaya in maanta uu kulan ballaaran ka dhacay .....

Ethiopian girls driven to prostitution ! Adis Ababa, By Damian Zane, BBC correspondent in Addis Ababa - ( 8th September 2003 ) Everyday about 10,000 people pass through the cross-country bus station in the Ethiopian capital to

Gaadiikii dadweynaha ee Muqdisho oo yaraadey ! Mogadishu - Xasan Barise - BBCSomali.Com ( 7th September 2003 ) Xilli ay ka soo raynayo xaaladda ammaan ee Muqdisho ayaa misana waxaa si weyn ay dhibaato uga .....
Talking Point: KUDOS TO THE PEOPLE OF KISMAYU - (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (Sep 7, 03) Embarrassed by the gruesome images of the mayhem committed by free-lance armed thugs, the people of Kismayu and their leaders finally reacted to put an end to the horrible crisis once and for all.

Kenya buries vice-president Kitale, western Kenya. BBC News ( 6th September 2003 ) Kenya has held a state funeral for Vice-President Michael Kijana Wamalwa, who played a key role in

Somali Coastline Is Much Abused: UN Expert Jeddah, Salad F. Duhul, Special to Arab News ( 5th September 2003 ) Ghanim Alnajjar, the UN expert on human rights in Somalia, has voiced concern that unlawful fishing

US denies Djibouti pressure ! Djibouti, BBC News ( 5th September 2003 ) The United States has denied being behind moves by the government in Djibouti to expel illegal ....

AU Central Organ Examines Report On Somalia, Liberia Addis Ababa, ( Addis Tribune ) ( 5th September 2003 ) The Central Organ of the Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution held its 94th

Rights Expert Calls for Action On 'Serious' Conditions in Camps for Displaced Somalis New York, all ( 5th September 2003 ) The conditions in the camps for Somalia's internal refugees are "the worst you can imagine," with

Somalia needs big power involvement-UN official (04 Sep 2003 ) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Ruined Somalia needs the big powers to push it towards peace but major nations

Court orders harsher sentences for Somali nationals RICHMOND, Va. -- Jail terms for two Somali refugees who illegally structured bank deposits while

Interview With Abdirashid Duale, CEO of Dahab Shiil Money Transfer Company (September 4, 2003 ) Dahab Shiil Group is the largest money transfer company in Somalia, with over 1,000 employees.

Rein in Somalia warlords, says candidate (East African Standard) (Wednesday, September 3, 2003) The international community and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad) have been

UN expert hails Somali militia disarmament NAIROBI, Sept 3 (Reuters) Defying Somalia's lawless image, a militia has disarmed 1,202 gunmen in a move that could spur the

UN agency struggles to manage thousands of asylum seekers (UN News Centre) 3 September – The government in Djibouti has extended by two weeks the deadline for the departure

Migrants and traffickers arrested in Puntland NAIROBI, 3 Sep 2003 (IRIN) - The authorities in the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland have

Migrants and traffickers arrested in Puntland NAIROBI, 3 Sep 2003 (IRIN) - The authorities in the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland have

Ministers worry over enduring problem of internal displacement in northeastern Africa KHARTOUM, Sudan, Sep 02, 2003 (AP ) -- Ministers from the member states of a regional development

Freelance Militias Disarmed in Kismayo (September 2, 2003 ) The Juba Valley Alliance (JVA), which controls the port town of Kismayo, southern Somalia, has

ETHIOPIA: UN spearheads campaign to end food dependency Addis Ababa, IRIN - ( 1st September 2003 ) Ethiopia has reached a “major turning point” in tackling its chronic food shortages, the head of
Talking Point: AN OPEN LETTER TO MR. KOFI ANNAN (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (Sep. 1, 03) - Dear Mr. Secretary-General, It is often said human rights and justice is the right of every human being on earth. In practice human rights advocates must be independent of power politics. It is intended to help secure impartiality;

Life on a Knife’s Edge (MSNBC News) In the charnel house that was Somalia in the early 1990s, Reuters correspondent Aidan Hartley had a

Djibouti extends expulsion order as exodus continues DJIBOUTI, Aug 31 (AFP) - Djibouti on Sunday extended a deadline for illegal immigrants to quit the

Mogadishu: City of guns, money and death (Mail & Guardian) (Saturday, August 30, 2003) The allure of the Somali capital's deadly hardware and rush for quick cash in order to earn a living

Foreign terror suspects freed in Puntland NAIROBI, 28 Aug 2003 (IRIN) The authorities in the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland have freed seven foreign national

Somalian Women in N.Va. Struggle With Past, Present (Washingtonpost) ( They are, in several respects, like so many other refugees newly arrived in the Washington area.

Peace Talks Must Encompass Human Rights, Says Expert (Nairobi) (Allafrika) A UN-appointed independent expert on human rights for Somalia has said the more attention given to

Mogadishu Day (PUBLISHED 8/27/03) (Minneapolis) ( Is the most vital television news in the cities taking place on cable access?

Row over Kenya leader's burial ! Nairobi(Kenya), BBC News ( 26th August 2003 ) A row is threatening to scuttle the burial plans of Kenya's Vice-President Michael Wamalwa, with ..

Dab ka kacay xaafad ka tirsan Hargeysa Hargeisa, Axmed Saciid Cigeh - ( 26th August 2003 ) Dab ayaa shalay galab ka kacay xaafadda New Hargeysa ee bariga magaalada, waxaana ku dhintay .....

Faction leader "disappointed" by talks NAIROBI, 26 Aug 2003 - Prominent Mogadishu-based faction leader Usman Hasan Ali Ato has expre

Traffickers drown 45 migrants ( August 26, 2003) (The Guardian) (Mogadishu) At least 45 Somalis and Ethiopians trying to get to Yemen in a wooden vessel are feared drowned

Somali warlords should put country first at peace talks Nairobi(Kenya), MUTHUSI KIMWELE - ( 26th August 2003 ) For over 10 years now, Somalia has been without a government. The situation has cost the country ...

DJIBOUTI: Thousands of illegal immigrants leaving ahead of deadline ! Djibouti, IRIN ( 25th August 2003 ) Thousands of illegal immigrants are leaving Djibouti ahead of a deadline imposed by the government

First Reading of Draft Charter Concluded Nairobi(Kenya), ( 25th August 2003 ) Delegates to the Somali peace talks underway in Nairobi last week ended their first reading of the
Talking Point: WE ARE BEING LEFT BEHIND (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (Aug. 24, 03) The world is changing rapidly. Many things have happened since the days the faction leaders/warlords started talking in Eldoret nine months ago. The Liberian President/warlord Charles Taylor left the scene ala Siyad Barre.

Kenya's vice-president dies London - BBC News ( 23rd August 2003 ) Kenyan Vice-President Michael Kijana Wamalwa has died at a London hospital at the age of 58.He had..

Sudan peace talks adjourn, due to resume in September NAIROBI - Story from AFP ( 23rd August 2003 ) Peace talks between the Sudanese government and southern rebels adjourned Saturday after delegates

New Somali Government to be Formed Soon: Envoy NAIROBI - People"s Daily ( 23rd August 2003 ) The ongoing Somali National Reconciliation Conference is at its critical stage and a new government

Suspect charged in death of a (Somali immigrant) cabbie ! Minneapolis - BY AMY MAYRON of the Pioneer Press ( 23rd August 2003 ) A Dakota County man out of prison for less than two months has been charged with murder in the ....

Police chief visits family of the Somali slain man ! Ottawa - By Jason Fekete of the Ottawa Citizen ( 22nd August 2003 ) In a rare personal visit, Ottawa's police chief met yesterday with the family of Bashir Sahal to ...

EU to Rehabilitate a Road Linking Somalia and Ethiopia Jeddah, Salad F. Duhul, Special to Arab News ( 22nd August 2003 ) An official from the European Union has disclosed that the EU is undertaking a feasibility study on

SOMALIA: UN concerned over "persistent" weapons flow New York, IRIN - ( 22nd August 2003 ) The UN Security Council has expressed concern over the "persistent flow of weapons and ammunitions"

Kenyan Envoy Urges Transitional Government President to Return to Talks (Nairobi) (August 18, 2003 ) Kenyan envoy Muhammad Abdi Affey, who last week travelled to Mogadishu, said he had asked Abdiqassim

Refugees demand Somali government (BBC) (Monday, 18 August) (Nairobi) Hundreds of refugees demonstrated outside the venue in Mbagathi, in the suburbs of the Kenyan

Muuse Suudi oo ka degey Kismaayo ! Kismaio, Xasan Barise - BBCSomali.Com - ( 17th August 2003 ) Wararka ka imaanaya magaalo madaxda gobolka Jubbada Hoose ee Kismaayo ayaa sheegaya in Sabtidii ...
Talking Point: FROM MY MAIL BOX (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (Aug. 7, 03) Hmm…. There does seem a lot of interesting emails pouring in this week. Some are outraged about my recent eyewitness accounts and some from US Marines former President George Bush committed to Somalia "to do God's work."

Somalia's shadow looms over Monrovia (AP) (Sunday, Aug 17, 2003) Marines in Liberia are ever mindful of the disastrous peacekeeping operation in Mogadishu, vividly

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