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Somali hopes rest with new PM (BBC) ( Nov 4 2004 ) Ali Mohamed Ghedi has been appointed Somalia's new prime minister by President Abdullahi Yusuf.

Madaxwaynaha oo Ra'iisul wasaare magacaabay Nairobi,Kenya - Abdirahman Koronto, ( Nov 4, 2004 ) Madaxwaynaha Soomaaliya, C/laahi Yuusuf Axmed, ayaa Cali Maxamed Geeddi u magacaabay ra'iisul .....

Violence looms in Haiti, Somalia and Thailand, says ICG London,UK- Reuters - ( Nov 3 2004 ) The International Crisis Group (ICG), an independent think tank devoted to preventing conflict, has

Favored Ruler of UAE Viewed As Competent Dubai,UAE - By TAREK AL-ISSAWI, Associated Press Writer - ( Nov 2 2004 ) The crown prince of Abu Dhabi, who is favored to succeed his father as ruler of the United Arab....

MADAXWEYNAHA IMAARAADKA OO GEERIYOODAY ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By - ( Nov 2 2004 ) Madaxweynaha Dawladda Isutagga Imaaraadka Carabta Sheikh Zaayid Bin Suldaan Al-Nahyan ayaa galabta

SOMALIA: Over 100 killed in clashes between Somaliland and Puntland Las-Anod,Northern Somalia - IRIN - ( Nov 2, 2004 ) Conflicting reports from the disputed region of Sool, northern Somalia, indicate that at least 100

President to go to Somalia 'soon' Nairobi,Kenya - BBC News - ( Nov 1 2004 ) Somalia's new president will appoint a prime minister soon and is to relocate to Somalia within two

AU condemns recent fighting in Somalia ADDIS ABABA, Nov. 1 (Xinhuanet) -- The African Union (AU) Monday condemned the recent fighting

Stolen Kenyan documents find huge market in Somalia Mogadishu,Somalia - By Standard Correspondent - ( Nov 1 2004 ) Stolen Kenyan passports and national identity cards are on sale in Somalia, The Standard has learnt

Little support in Somalia for AU peace-keeping force (AFP) ( Oct 31 2004 ) Mogadishu has reacted with mixed feelings to a request by Somalia's newly-elected president that the

Italy disillusions Somali refugees (The New York Times) ( Oct 31 2004 ) ROME — Not a stray human sound escapes the old Somali Embassy in a discreet and elegant neighborhood

Somali truck driver kidnapped in Iraq ! Kirkuk, Iraq - The Standard ( Reuters ) - ( Oct 31 2004 ) Kidnappers abducted a Somali driver and looted his truck in Iraq on Saturday,police in the northern

At least 65 killed in Somalia fresh regional clashes HARGEISA, Somalia, Oct 30 (Reuters) - At least 65 soldiers were killed

Fighting breaks out between Somali regions HARGEISA, Somalia, Oct 29 (Reuters) - Fighting broke out on Friday between rival Somali territories
Talking Point: ABUSING FREE PRESS Toronto Oct 29- 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 - In this age of free press, email chain letters, and sensationalizing media stories, many people are willing to believe almost anything these days. But if you do a little research you’ll find people who never set foot in Somalia to witness what has been going on the ground
Peters speak up against Somali migrant   (NZ Herald) ( Oct 29 2004 ) New Zealand First leader Winston Peters yesterday accused a Somali migrant of trying to manipulate

Yemen wants to see Somalia stabilize (Yemen Times) ( Oct 28 2004 ) Two weeks after Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed was sworn in as Somalia’s new president, hope continues to run

Ethiopia to Send Peacekeepers to Somalia Addis Ababa , Dagnachew Teklu of the Daily Mirror - ( Oct 28 2004 ) Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said that Ethiopia will send peacekeeping forces to the newly .......

Somali leader tells business: No militias allowed NAIROBI, Oct 28 (Reuters) - Somali businesses, many of which run militias to protect their interests

Full-blown emergency threatens Somali region (Mail and Guardian) (Addis Ababa ) ( Oct 28 2004 ) advertisementA full-blown emergency is threatening Ethiopia’s Somali region, the United Nations warn

Talking Point: Scepticism and caution greet election of Yusuf as war-ravaged Somalia's president (By Peter Fabricius) ( Oct 27 2004 ) "I am deeply sceptical of a president being voted into office by an unelected parliament meeting ..

Security Council says any new UN involvement in Somalia must increase slowly (UN News Center) ( Oct 26 2004 ) Anticipating a call for the United Nations to intensify its peace-building

'We're not going to be a government of exiles' (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) ( Oct 26 2004 ) Somalia’s newly elected president said on Monday his administration will not remain in exile

Somali leader rejects go-slow approach on U.N. aid ADDIS ABABA, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf rejected U.N. Secretary General

Baarlamaanka oo ka dooday qodobo iskhilaafsan Nairobi,Kenya - Abdirahman Koronto - ( Oct 25 2004 ) Baarlamaanka federaalka ku meelgaarka ah ee Soomaaliya, ayaa maanta fadhi ku yeeshay xarunta......

European Union set to aid Somalia Addis Ababa , The Standard - ( Oct 25 2004 ) The European Union will help rebuild conflict-ravaged Somalia but the cost is not clear, the EU’s

Somalia seeking AU peacekeepers ADDIS ABABA, BBC News - ( Oct 25 2004 ) Somalia's newly elected president is meeting the African Union's Peace and Security Council to....

Somalia seeking AU peacekeepers ADDIS ABABA, bb ( Oct 25 2004 )

Ethiopia hands over suspect in Somaliland murders HARGEISA, Somalia, Oct 25 (Reuters) Ethiopia has extradited to Somaliland a man accused of murdering

Somali refugees forced to leave UK (The Observer ) ( Oct 24 2004 ) The government forced around 100 Somali asylum seekers to leave the UK in the first half of this

POLITICS-SOMALIA: The President Without a Capital (By Joyce Mulama ) ( Oct 24 2004 ) NAIROBI (IPS) - When Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed was sworn in as Somalia’s new president

Somalia President escaped assassination (By Maina Muiruri ) ( Oct 24 2004 ) The new President of Somalia, Mr Ahmed Abdulahi Yusuf, was once a fugitive in Mombasa

New Somali president asks for 20,000 AU peacekeepers ADDIS ABABA, Oct 23 (Reuters) Somalia's newly-elected president, Abdullahi Yusuf, has asked the

Britain wants Somalia government back home Nairobi,Kenya - By Biketi Kikechi of the E.A. Standard - ( Oct 23 2004 ) Britain yesterday called for speedy relocation of the new Somali Government from Nairobi to.......

Britain willing to train Somali security forces NAIROBI, Oct 22 (Reuters) - Britain is prepared to help Somalia train security forces to disarm

EU's Solana to meet new Somali president ( Oct 22 2004 ) EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana is to hold talks this weekend with Somalia's new president

Kenyan Pilot Held in Somalia is Released Mogadishu,Somalia - Cyrus Ombati And Albert Moindi - ( Oct 22 2004 ) A Kenyan pilot who was detained together with his light plane in Somalia for the last six days.....
Talking Point: YOUR LETTERS RE THE COLONEL Toronto Oct 22- 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 Last week we received a flurry of online opinions from Somalis as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe and North America regarding the election of Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed as President of a "New" Somalia. ...
CRISIS PROFILE: Is peace possible in Somalia?     ( Oct 21 2004 ) LONDON (AlertNet) - After 13 years of civil war, has Somalia finally turned a corner?

Drought-hit Somali region facing dire situation (Mail an Guardian) (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ) ( Oct 21 2004 ) Panic is beginning to set in among drought-hit families in Ethiopia's Somali region ..

Art & Culture: Somali Ramadan in the UK: Reviving Sunnahs and Adapting to Change (By Zahrah Awaleh) ( Oct 21 2004 ) The countdown is on. In the month of Sha`ban in London, England, the Somali community is calculating

Global Fund approves 24 million dollars to fight malaria, TB in Somalia ( Oct 20 2004 ) NAIROBI (AFP) - The Global Fund on AIDS (news - web sites), Tuberculosis and Malaria has

Wafdi Ingiriis ah oo la kulmay madaxwaynaha Nairobi,Kenya - Abdirahman Koronto - ( Oct 20 2004 ) Wafdi uu hogaaminayo Xoghaye hoosaadka xafiiska arrimaha dibedda iyo barwaaqo-soornka ee dalka...

UN peacebuilding role in Somalia will depend on new government, Annan says (UN News Center) ( Oct 20 2004 ) As several organizations work on structuring a peacebuilding framework for Somalia, a call may come

Editorial: Somalia: The Path to Peace (The East African) ( Oct 19 2004 ) Not since 1994, when the revered former South African president Nelson Mandela led the

Opinion : Do Somalis Really Need Old-Style Govt? By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO ( Oct 19 2004 ) Some called it the "rebirth of Somalia," others a "triumph for Africa." It was a key moment for

COL. CABDULLAHI YUSUF IYO MUUSE SUUDI MAXAY KA WADA HADLEEN ? ( ( Oct 19 2004 ) COL. Cabdullahi Yuusuf Axmed ayaa kulamo gaar gaar ah la kala yeeshay labada xildhibaan ee

Self-proclaimed president's militia threaten, fire on journalist in Mogadishu (Africa Press Releases) ( Oct 18 2004 ) Reporters Without Borders today condemned an attack by militiamen working for businessman and

How New Somali Will Help Kenya The Nation (Nairobi) ( Oct 18 2004 ) The election of a new president for Somalia did not come by chance. It was a result of a carefully

ANALYSIS-Terror war ranks low on new Somalia's To Do list (By William Maclean) ( Oct 17 2004 ) NAIROBI, October(Reuters) - Gunmen looking for al Qaeda suspects storm a ...

Museveni warns Somalis (By Reuben Olita in Nairobi) ( Oct 17 2004 ) PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has warned Somali warlords that the Inter-Governmental Authority on

Warlords who call Nairobi ‘home’ (The Standard) (By Francis Openda and Cyrus Ombati ) ( Oct 17 2004 ) Welcome to Nairobi, the city many warlords call "home".

Tanzania recognizes new Somali government DAR ES SALAAM, Oct. 17 (Xinhuanet) -- Tanzania has joined nine other African countries in

Somali president starts consultations to form the interim government (Arabic News ) ( Oct 16 2004 ) The new Somali President Abdullah Youssef Ahmad started consultations to chose a prime minister for

Somalia homecoming Nairobi,Kenya - Story by MBURU MWANGI ( Oct 16 2004 ) The new Somalia government of President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed will be back in its own country in...
Talking Point: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE,STABILITY HANGS BY A THREAT Toronto Oct 15 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 The good news from Mogadishu is that the price of guns has halved for the first time in more than a decade. This, according to Reuters news dispatch from Mogadishu, is due to the election of Colonel Abdullahi ...
Somaliland leader rejects unity with Somalia   (Nairobi, Kenya ) ( Oct 15 2004 ) The president of the breakaway Republic of Somaliland said on Friday his administration will only

SOMALIA: New government gets African diplomatic recognition NAIROBI, 15 October (IRIN) - Eastern and central African leaders said on Friday they would recognise

Somali leaders set to establish first government in decade ( Oct 15 2004 ) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) _ Somali clan leaders debated the virtues of 28 ...

Somali Rebel bosses and 97 MPs boycott fete ! Nairobi,Kenya - Story by DAVID MUGONYI of the Daily Nation - ( Oct 15 2004 ) Key factional leaders boycotted the swearing-in of the newly elected Somali president .............

New Somalia President takes office Nairobi,Kenya - Story by MBURU MWANGI - ( Oct 14 2004 ) Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, 67, has taken office as Somalia's first president after 13 years without a

Somali Leader to Be Sworn in Tomorrow The Nation (Nairobi) ( Oct 13 2004 ) Somali president-elect Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed will be sworn in tomorrow at Nairobi's Kasarani Sports

Militias Top List of Perils for New Leader (Port Louis) Ross Colvin - ( Oct 13 2004 ) It took two years of torturous negociations and countless walkouts before warlords and clan leaders

Somaliland warns Somalia's leader (BBC) ( Oct 12 2004 ) The breakaway republic of Somaliland has said it will use force if its borders are threatened after

OPINION: Talking down Somalia's warlords (By Ross Colvin) ( Oct 12 2004 ) Nairobi: It took two years of tortuous negotiations, occasional fist fights and countless walkouts

UAE leaders felicitate new Somali president Abu Dhabi,UAE - Khaleej Times (WAM) ( Oct 12 2004 ) The President, His Highness Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, has sent a cable, congratulating ..
Talking Point: PRESIDENTS-IN-WAITING - A GOVERNMENT BY THE WARLORDS FOR THE WARLORDS Toronto Oct 11 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -In today’s Somali politics there’s lots of stones left to turn over and see what crawls out. For a starter, none of us can gauge what are the intentions of those who lost the recent acrimonious presidential race
UN's Annan Welcomes New Somali President     ( Oct 11 2004 ) U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has praised the election of a new president in Somali

Somali president extends olive branch to warlords ( Oct 11 2004 ) NAIROBI (AFP) - Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed extended an olive branch to warlords

Cheer and fear in Somali capital Mogadishu,Somalia - BBC News - ( Oct 11 2004 ) There has been a mixed reaction in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, to the election of a new.......

Abdullahi Yusuf has been elected Somali president ( Oct 10 2004 ) Ethiopian-backed warlord Abdullahi Yusuf has been elected Somali president by lawmakers in the 14th

Profile: Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, new president of Somalia NAIROBI, Oct. 10 (Xinhuanet) -- Somali lawmakers on Sunday picked Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed as president

TACSIDA MALAAQ SHOWRI MALAAQ COLOW ! Mogadishu,Somalia - By - ( Oct 11 2004 ) Allaha u Naxariistee waxaa gurigiisa magaalada Muqdisha ku geeriyooday habeen hore Duubka Xamar iyo
Col. Abdullahi Yusuf - Madaxwaynaha Cusub ee Somaliya ( ) ( Oct 10 2004) - Wararka naga soo gaarayay Magaaladda Nairobi ayaa sheegaya in Abdullahi yusuf loo doortay Madaxwaynanimadda Somaliya doorasho furan oo ka dhacday maanta wadanka Kenya , magaaladda Nairobi o ay ka soo qayb galeen dhamaan ...
Col. Abdullahi Yusuf oo Wareeegii labaad ee Doorasha Madaxwaynanimadda Somaliya ku horeeya .( ) ( Oct 10 2004) - Wararka naga soo gaarayay Magaaladda Nairobi ayaa sheegaya in wareegii labaad ee doorasha madaxwaynanimmada ee Soommaaliya uu ku horeeyo Col. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed oo helay ilaa 100 cod ayna harsan tahay ....
Codeynta Wareega Labaad - yaa ku guulaysan doono ? ( ) ( Oct 10 2004) - Waxaa saacada hada la jooga bilaabatay Codeynta wareega labaad ee doorashada madaxweynaha soomaaliya,
6 candidates go to 2nd round of Somali presidential elections       NAIROBI, Oct. 10 (Xinhuanet) -- Six of the 26 candidates will vie for the second round of Somalia's
Cabdiqaasim Salaad iyo Abdirahman Jamac Barre ayaa ka baxaya tartanka Wareegiisa labaad. (   ( Oct 10 2004 ) Cabdiqaasim Salaad iyo Abdirahman Jamac Barre ayaa ka baxaya tartanka ..
Wareegii koobaad oo tiriskiisu dhammaadey (By Abdirahman Yabarow) (BBCSomali.Com) ( Oct 10 2004 ) Waxa dhammaadey wareegii koobaad ee doorashada Madexweyninimada waxana hadda lagu dhawaaqey lixda
Malaaq Showri Malaaq Colow oo Muqdisho ku geeriyooday ( ) ( Oct 10 2004) - Duubka Xamar iyo Xamar daye Malaaq Showri Malaaq Colow oo ah duub ka mid ah duubabka mudulood gaar ahaan Beesha Mataan Cabdulle Ayaa xalay sagaalkii fiidnimo ku geeriyooday gurigiisii ....
Col. Abdullahi Yusuf oo Wareeegii Kowaad ee Doorasha Madaxwaynanimadda Somaliya ku guulaystay ( ) ( Oct 10 2004) - Wararka naga soo gaarayay Magaaladda Nairobi ayaa sheegaya in wareegii kowaad ee doorasha madaxwaynanimmada ee Soommaaliya uu ku guulaysatay Col. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed , halka uu Abdullahu Caddow iyo ....

Somalia to choose president ( Oct 9 2004 ) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Somali lawmakers plan to elect a president today in the 14th attempt in a decade Magacyada Musharixiinta iskugu soo harey Madexweyninimada Nairobi,Kenya - BBC News - ( Oct 9 2004 ) Magacyada sideed iyo labaatanka musharax ee u tartamaya jagada madaxwaynaha

Somalia: New President to Be Elected Nairobi,Kenya - - CISA : ( Oct 8 2004 ) The citizens of Somalia are set to turn a new page in the history of that Horn of Africa country..

Somali refugees find a home (The Arizona Republic) ( Oct 8 2004 ) The office building on East McDowell Road looks neglected from the outside, but the Somali refugees

Abaaraha ka taagan Gobolka Puntland ee Waqooyi Bari Somaaliya ! Garowe, Nugal - Axmed Kismaayo,bbc- ( Oct 8 2004 ) Baaritaan uu dhowaan sameeyay urur la yiraahdo Guardian, saldhiggiisu yahay magaalada Garowe ayaa

Somalian (47) Sentenced Ndola, The Times of Zambia, ( Oct 7 2004 ) A Ndola magistrate court yesterday sentenced a 47-year-old Somalian to five years imprisonment with
Flying the flag for Somali peace (BBC) ( Oct 7 2004) When the transitional Somalia parliament chooses a new president on Sunday, Asli Hassan Abade will be there to "represent the voiceless". Somalia's only female air force pilot has been waging a one-woman peace campaign, since the last attempt to choose a government in 2001.rn 2001.
Somalia: School-Feeding Programme to Be Expanded Mogadishu,Somalia - Allafrica/IRIN - ( Oct 6 2004 ) The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) plans to expand its school-feeding project
Talking Point: BORN IN THE DIASPORA - PARENTS STILL OPTIMISTIC Toronto Oct 6- 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -Many parents in North America and possibly in Western Europe are enraged to see their children talking back to them in a fowl language, like the 12 year old boy who told his father: "Daddy, you're lying, and I don't care what you and mother say!"
Gunmen, Militia Battle in Somalia     ( Oct 6 2004 ) MOGADISHU, Somalia - Gunmen sent by Islamic officials battled freelance militiamen for control of

UAE TO DISTRIBUTE DATES TO THE NEEDY IN SOMALIA ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By - ( Oct 6 2004 ) The United Arab Emirates will distribute 423 tons of dates during the holy month of Ramadan this...

ETHIOPIA: Famine-prone areas worse off - Save the Children UK Addis Ababa , IRIN - ( Oct 6 2004 ) Famine-prone areas of Ethiopia are worse off now than 20 years ago at the time of the 1984 tragedy

Blair to tour Ethiopia, Sudan London,UK- The Standard - ( Oct 6 2004 ) Four days after a heart operation that sparked debate over his future, Britain’s Tony Blair flies..

Somalis vie to be new president Nairobi,Kenya - BBC News - ( Oct 5 2004 ) Twenty-eight candidates have been approved to contest next week's elections to be Somalia's new...

Somalia Closing On Elusive Peace As Never Before Johannesburg,RSA - Dianna Games - ( Oct 4 2004 ) AS SOMALIA gears up for the election of a president next week, the sceptics are out in force.....

Waraysiga guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka Nairobi,Kenya - Cabdiraxmaan Koronto,bbc - ( Oct 4 2004 ) Waraysi BBC-du ay la yeelatay Afhayeenka Baarlamaanka Federaalka Shariif Xassan Sheekh Adan, ayaa

Three Somalia presidential hopefuls say no to new fee Nairobi,Kenya - By Allan Kisia of the Standard - ( Oct 4 2004 ) Three Somali presidential aspirants yesterday protested over the $2,000 (about Shs160,000).......

Somali woman kidnapped in East London ( Oct 3 2004 ) A 20-year-old Somali woman was abducted in East London yesterday while her companion struggled

Somali FA officials want FIFA resume funding Mogadishu, Somalia, 10/02 - A seven-man delegation from the Somalia Football Federation (SFF)

Talking Point: Somalis’ Seven Social Sins: Reflections by Muhiadin M. Ahmed (Ottawa - Canad) (by ( Oct 1 2004 ) The term of “sin” tends to be applied in a religious context. However, I believe, like Mahatma Gand

SOMALIA: AU welcomes progress in peace process Nairobi,Kenya - IRIN - ( Sep 30 2004 ) The African Union (AU) has welcomed recent progress made towards the reestablishment of a.........

Govt repatriates Somali militiamen Garisa, By Victor Obure of the East African Standard - ( Sep 30 2004 ) Nine Somali militiamen who fled into Kenya following fighting in their country have been.........

Burglars hit Somali shops in Minneapolis (Minneapolis - US) ( Sep 29 2004 ) Burglars who scaled scaffolding to break into a Somali minimall in south Minneapolis early Tuesday

Somalia's Transition: The Role of Senior Professionals and Scholars ( Sep 29 2004 ) A Seminar Held in Windsor Club Nairobi, Kenya September 20 - 24, 2004 Sponsored by ..

Markab lagu haysta meel u dhow Eyl Eyl,Somalia - Axmed Kismaayo,bbc- ( Sep 29 2004 ) Markab kuwa xamuulka ah oo dhowaan lagu afduubay meel u dhow degmada Eyl ayaa weli halkaa ku.......

SOMALIA: Heavy rains leave 300 families homeless in Sanaag region Sanag Region,Somalia - IRIN - ( Sep 28 2004 ) Heavy rainfall has lashed the Sanaag region of the self-declared republic of Somaliland destroying

Unforeseen dangers at the Somali peace talks (EAS) (By Abdikadir Mohammed) ( Sep 28 2004 ) The Somali peace talks at Mbagathi are in their final stage and they will result, it is hoped

Pirates' Paradise ! Mombasa - GITONGA MARETE and MSHENGA MWACHARO of the Nation - ( Sep 28 2004 ) Off the coast of Somalia, the hunter becomes the hunted when pirates pounce on merchant and fishing

Somali warlord rejects presidency Nairobi,Kenya - BBC News - ( Sep 28 2004 ) A Somali warlord, who has returned to the peace process in neighbouring Kenya, says he will not.... Editorial: DEBATING FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION (FGM)! - A RESPONSE FROM FAIZA JAMA MOHAMMED - (Faiza Jama Mohamed is Africa Regional Director of Equality Now). This is a response to Doreen Lwanga's comment. To use Lwanga's own words ..
Editorial: DEBATING FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION (FGM)! By Doreen Lwanga, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA

Boost for Somali peace talks Sept 27 - 2004 - BBC -Mediators have welcomed the return of a Somali warlord to the peace process in neighbouring Kenya.

General Morgan was the only major faction leader not taking part in the election of a new president.

Somali footballer tells of migrant dangers Sept 27 - 2004 - BBC -Abdullahi Dahir Ali used to play football for Somalia's national team. But since 1991, his country has been wracked by fighting between rival warlords and he decided to flee. He was recently sent back home after illegally entering Libya and tells BBC News Online his story.
Somalis reject Morgan ! Nairobi,Kenya - By Victor Obure and Boniface Ongeri (East African Standard) ( Sep 27 2004 ) Somalia warlords yesterday rejected plans to include Mohammed Hirsi alias General Morgan in the....

SOOMAALI LAGU XIDHAY DUBAI & IMAARAADKA OO KA AAMUSAY MAGACAABIDDA SEERJITO ! Dubai,UAE - By - ( Sep 26 2004 ) Warar xog-ogaal ah oo naga soo gaadhay Dubai ayaa sheegaya inay ka socoto maalmahan magaalada olole

Soomaali iyo Itoobiyaan ku dhintay doon Aden,Yemen - BBC News - ( Sep 26 2004 ) Doontaasi oo dabaysha ku kacday dabadeed uu jaho-wareerkii ka dhashay ayaa waxaa ku dhintay dad...

Fleeing warlord calls for peace Nairobi,Kenya - By Victor Obure and Boniface Ongeri - ( Sep 26 2004 ) There was nothing about the frail, exhausted man who surrendered to Kenyan authorities on Thursday

Somalia road accident kills at least 16 ( Sep 24 2004 ) MOGADISHU, Somalia -- A speeding bus collided with a pickup truck near the Somali capital on Friday,

Militiamen Raid Mogadishu Radio Station Mogadishu,Somalia - Reporters sans Frontières (Paris) - ( Sep 24 2004 ) RSF has condemned a 22 September 2004 raid by militiamen on a local FM radio station in Mogadishu

Somalia: Hundreds of Thousands Desperate for Food Aid After Severe Drought Mogadishu,Somalia - Allafrica/IRIN - ( Sep 24 2004 ) The 3rd worst rain season in a decade has exacerbated an already desperate food security situation

Somali parliament picks deputy speakers, defer presidential poll NAIROBI, Sept 24 (Reuters) - The newly constituted Somali Transitional Federal Parliament that has

WRAPUP 1-Sudan could see Somali-style anarchy-US envoy NAIROBI, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Sudan risks falling into Somalia-style anarchy if peace talks aimed

Somali regions clash over border Las-Anod,Northern Somalia - BBC News - ( Sep 24 2004 ) Fighting has erupted between the forces of the self-declared Somaliland Republic and those of .....

UN warns warring Somali militia could cause famine NAIROBI, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Somalis could face a repeat of the kind of famine that killed hundreds

Seven dead in Somali tribal warfare ( Sep 22 2004 ) Seven people were killed and 13 wounded when gunmen exchanged fire in the Somali capital Mogadishu

Ex-Pop Star Cat Stevens to Be Deported from U.S ( Sep 22 2004 ) WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ex-pop singer Cat Stevens, a Muslim, will be deported to Britain after being

Eritrea imposes fuel rations Asmara, BBC News - ( Sep 22 2004 ) Eritrea has imposed fuel rationing - although there has been no official announcement of the move..

ETHIOPIA: Somali Region "near emergency" say government and aid agency ADDIS ABABA, IRIN - ( Sep 22 2004 ) Parts of the Somali Region in eastern Ethiopia are facing "near emergency" conditions, government..

Doorashada Guddoomiye Ku-xigeenada Baarlamaanka Nairobi,Kenya - Barise and Koronto, - ( Sep 22 2004 ) Maxamed Cumar Dalxa, ayaa ku guulaystay doorashada guddoomiye ku xigeenka koowaad ee baarlamaanka

Somali MPs sign declaration committing to observe peace NAIROBI, Sept. 22 (Xinhuanet) -- Somali members of parliament (MPs)on Tuesday signed a declaration

Somalis lament fresh violence on Peace Day NAIROBI, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Fresh fighting in Somalia cast a shadow over an anti-war

Somali livestock stakeholders meet on export embargo Mogadishu,Somalia - Angola Press - ( Sep 21 2004 ) A two-day meeting on ways to lift the embargo imposed on Somali livestock and restore the crucial

Somali Families Go Back Home As War Stops in Two Villages Dobley and Hosingo - Somalia - (The Nation ) - ( Sep 21 2004 ) A group of Somalis who fled their country following heavy fighting between factions have returned

US launches $231 million programme on food security ADDIS ABABA, IRIN - ( Sep 20 2004 ) The United States is to launch a US $231 million programme aimed at ending food insecurity, hunger

Hundreds flee violence near Kismayo ( Sep 20 2004 ) NAIROBI, 20 Sep 2004 (IRIN) - Some 500 people fleeing factional fighting near the southern Somali

Somali presidential election to be hot contest as MPs postpone vote ( Sep 20 2004 ) NAIROBI, (Xinhuanet) -- Members of Somalia's newly formed Transitional Federal Parliament

Somalia is the hen in a fox-brokered peace (By ABDULLAHI AHMED BARISE and AFYARE A. ELMI) ( Sep 20 2004 ) Violence against Somali civilians paid off handsomely for the warlords and the

Somalis flee fresh fighting Dhoobley - Somalia - East African Standard Team - ( Sep 20 2004 ) Hundreds of Somali nationals yesterday fled from their war-ravaged country into Wajir District.....
Talking Point: FEMALE CIRCUMCISION: Women in Affliction Toronto Sept 20 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -Many African women groan whenever you mention words like female circumcision or infibulations. So I wondered why these words are very sensitive or taboo for many people in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti), Egypt, Sudan, parts of Kenya and West Africa.
Ethiopia denies undermining Somali peace talks, threatens to arrest warlords       ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, Sep 18, 2004 -- Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin has denied that his

Film explores Somali girls' views about culture, family and identity (Pioneer Press) ( Sep 19 2004 ) Somali teenage girls in Minnesota get asked that question every day. It's just one example of how

Religious persecution in Eritrea Asmara, By Jonah Fisher - Former BBC correspondent in Asmara ( Sep 18 2004 ) If you are Catholic, Muslim, or a member of the Orthodox and Evangelical churches in Eritrea then..

Ethiopia begins producing Aids drug ADDIS ABABA, East African Standard - ( Sep 18 2004 ) An Ethiopian company has started producing generic drugs to treat HIV/Aids that it plans to sell..

Somali warlord flees after battle Dhoobley,Kismaio - BBC News - ( Sep 17 2004 ) General Morgan and his forces have retreated after a third day of fighting in southern Somalia.....

Somalia edges closer to its first government ( Sep 17 2004 ) Nairobi - With the election of a speaker of the newly formed parliament, Somalia has edged closer to

Somalia Shows Signs of Stability for First Time in 13 Years (NATIONAL) ( Sep 17 2004 ) Somalia, which had been engaged in a protracted civil war that even

Finally Somalis elect speaker Nairobi,Kenya - By Patrick Mathangani, East African Standard - ( Sep 17 2004 ) Vice President Moody Awori yesterday appealed to the international community to assist in the.....

Group of Somali militia killed in port battle ( Sep 16 2004 ) Mogadishu, Somalia - Gunmen loyal to a Somali warlord and a clan-based faction battled for

Perils of Somali migrants in Libya (BBC correspondent in Mogadishu) ( Sep 16 2004 ) Libya has started expelling hundreds of Somalis that had tried and failed to reach Europe.

Somalia's fledgling parliament elects speaker NAIROBI, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Somalia's newly inaugurated parliament elected a speaker on Wednesday,

Dorashadii Afhayeenka oo gashey wareeggii ugu dambeeyey Nairobi,Kenya - Cabdiraxman Yabarow/Abdirahman Koronto (Mbagathi) - ( Sep 16, 2004 ) Ka dib markii shan mudane ay u soo baxeen wareeggii 2aad ayaa saddex mudane ay ka tanaasuleen.....

Warlords clash near Somali port (BBC) ( Sep 15 2004 ) Several people have been killed in fighting between rival militias

Somalis to elect crucial post (BBC) ( Sep 15 2004 ) The newly inaugurated Somali parliament is due to elect the speaker of the transitional assembly

Trouble looms as Somalia elects parliament speaker, president NAIROBI, Sept. 14 (Xinhuanet)-- Trouble is looming in the newly born Somali Transitional National As

Diyaargarowga doorashada afhayeenka baarlamaanka Nairobi,Kenya - BBC News - ( Sep 14 2004 ) Maanta, ayaa magaalada Nairobi, waxaa ka socda olole codad raadsi ah oo ay wadaa ilaa kow iyo toban

Blatter expects action on Addo London,UK- By Osasu Obayiuwana - BBC Sport, ( Sep 14 2004 ) Fifa president Sepp Blatter expects Caf to comply with its ten-year ban on disgraced Farah Addo by

More illegal immigrants brought in ! Haywharf, Malta - Times of Malta - ( Sep 13 2004 ) Another 21 illegal immigrants were brought to Haywharf by the Armed Forces of Malta after they were

We've Been Cheated, Say Somalia Women ! Nairobi,Kenya - Samuel Siringi of the Nation - ( Sep 13 2004 ) Somalia women yesterday said there was a plot to under-represent them in the country's transitional

Prosperity Hopes As Somalia Prepares to Elect President ( Sep 13 2004 ) With its 37 ports under the control of clan warlords, Somalia is a land where

School adopts refugee Somalian family Holland Township, USA - By KORTNI CHRISTIAN - ( Sep 13, 2004 ) Smiles light up the room as Abdi Ali Noor, his wife and four children enter a room full of donated

First Bantu refugees arrive in Blacksburg Blacksburg - By Tonia Moxley of The Roanoke Times - ( Sep 12 2004 ) Five families from Somalia will eventually settle in Blacksburg through a U.S. State Department...

Annan oo ka walaacsan xaalka Ethiopia iyo Eritrea New York, UNITED NATIONS - Maxamed Caddow-BBCSomali.Com ( Sep 11 2004 ) Mr Annan waxaa uu sheegay in ilaa iyo haatan aan la haynin xal siyaasadeed oo lagu...........

Somali warlord 'to rejoin talks' (BBC) ( Sep 10 2004 ) A Somali warlord, whose advance had raised fears of renewed violence, has agreed to rejoin peace

Sudan anger over genocide claim Khartoum,Sudan - BBC News - ( Sep 10 2004 ) Sudan has categorically rejected a statement by US Secretary of State Colin Powell in which he.....

Somalia's new government lifts business hopes Nairobi,Kenya - By Finbarr O'Reilly - ( Sep 9 2004 ) Businessman Sharif Ahmed hopes Mogadishu's men with guns can soon be replaced by men in suits and..

Somalia: Kismayo Port City Calm But Tense Kismaio,Somalia - Allafrica/IRIN - ( Sep 9 2004 ) Somalia's southern port city of Kismayo was calm but tense on Wednesday as fears grew that forces..

US Military Receives Education On Terrorism in Horn of Africa Washington, DC - Jim Fisher-Thompson - ( Sep 8 2004 ) The threat of terrorism in the Horn of Africa is real, longstanding and growing, former U.S. .....

Somalia's New parliament amidst enormous challenges NAIROBI, 8 Sep 2004 (IRIN) - The swearing-in of Somalia's transitional parliament on 22

Somali warlord prepares assault on rival as peace talks falter ( Sep 8 2004 ) Somalia is bracing for fresh hostilities after talks aimed at stabilising the troubled region broke

Igad team warns Somali warlord on activities (Nairobi) ( Sep 7 2004 ) Somali warlord General Mohamed Hersi, alias Gen Morgan, and his associates risk a travel ban to

Dib u dhaca fadhiga maanta ee baarlamaanka kmg ee Soomaaliyeed ! Nairobi,Kenya - BBC News - ( Sep 6 2004 ) Fadhigii baarlamaanka lagu waday maanta in uu yeesho ayaan si rasmi ah u qabsoomin, iyadoo laga soo

SOMALIA: Watchdog demands release of editor detained in Somaliland Nairobi,Kenya - UNIRIN - ( Sep 6 2004 ) A US-based press freedom watchdog has urged authorities in Somaliland, the self-declared republic..

Militia advances on Somali port Kismaio,Somalia - BBC News - ( Sep 6 2004 ) Hundreds of residents in the southern Somali port of Kismayo are fleeing from forces loyal to.....
Talking Point: THE WAIT IS OVER, BUT WHAT NEXT? Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) Sept 6 - 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -Reading the papers or listening to the radio these past few days must have caused a mixed feelings among the Somali people at home and abroad. And why wouldn’t it be? From the first polluted “peace talks” ...
BOOQASHADA COL. CABDULLAHI YUUSUF EE IMAARAADKA ! Abu Dhabi,UAE - By - ( Sep 5 2004 ) Sida ay soo warisay wakaaladda Wararka Imaaraadka (WAM),waxaa madaxa walaayadda Puntland ee Waqooyi

New Somalia President to Be Sworn in September 22 The East African Standard (Nairobi) ( Sep 3 2004 ) A new president for Somalia is expected to be sworn in by September 22, following a unanimous

Ministries fight over Somalia peace process (Standard Team ) ( Sep 3 2004 ) A bitter fight for the control of the Somali peace process between two Kenyan ministries threatens

Editor of independent daily in Somaliland arrested for 15th time ( Sep 3 2004 ) Reporters Without Borders called today for the immediate release of the editor of the independent

Somali peace hopes rise as parliament meets Nairobi, Sep. 02 ( - Prospects for peace in Somalia improved this week, as members of

New parliament elects temporary chairman NAIROBI, 2 Sep 2004 (IRIN) - Somalia's newly constituted transitional parliament held

Somali peace hopes rise as parliament meets Nairobi, Sep. 02 ( - Prospects for peace in Somalia improved this week, as members of

AU deployment of peacekeepers to Somalia on course ( Aug 31 2004 ) Nairobi, Kenya, - The African Union (AU) peacekeeping force for Somalia is set for

U.S. lauds Somali transitional body ( Aug 31 2004 ) The U.S. State Department Tuesday welcomed the inauguration of the Somali Transitional Federal

Sore Losers May Threaten Somali Deal -Mediators ( Aug 31 2004 ) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Keeping the goodwill of the heavily armed losers will be as important as support

Somalia edges towards democracy ( Aug 31 2004 ) Somalia has moved closer to establishing its first central government

275-Member Somalia Parliament Inaugurated The East African Standard (Nairobi) ( Aug 31 2004 ) The Somali Peace process made a major stride yesterday when a

Somali parliament brings smiles to Mogadishu ( Aug 30 2004 ) Mogadishu - Residents of Mogadishu welcomed the news on Monday that a new Somali parliament

Somalia's New Parliament Is Inaugurated ( Aug 30 2004 ) Somalia's new parliament was inaugurated Sunday at a ceremony in Kenya's capital.

African Union chief hails new Somali assembly ( Aug 29 2004 ) African Union chief hails new Somali assembly

'Significant turning point' for Somalia ( Aug 29 2004 ) Addis Ababa - The recent swearing-in in Nairobi of Somalia's transitional federal parliament is

Somali hospital finds its feet (BBC) ( Aug 27 2004 ) Staff at Mogadishu's newest maternity hospital are already saying the recent re-opening of the

Kalonzo Removed From Somali Peace Talks Role (Nairobi) ( Aug 27 2004 ) Environment minister Kalonzo Musyoka has been quietly removed as chairman of the Somali and Sudan

UN aid agencies push for Somali peace ( Aug 25 2004 ) Nairobi, Kenya, - UN aid agencies working under the Somalia Aid Co-ordination Body (SACB), hav

Somali football secretary dead (Nairobi) ( Aug 25 2004 ) The secretary general of Somali Football Federation (SFF), Mohammed Yusuf was buried yesterday at Ka

U.S. welcomes Somali parliament ( Aug 24 2004 ) The United States Monday welcomed the formation of a transitional parliament in

SOMALIA: Swear in the remaining MPs, US urges NAIROBI, 24 Aug 2004 (IRIN) - A day after Somali leaders inaugurated a new parliament in the Kenyan
Talking Point: WARLORDS ITCHING TO BECOME PRESIDENT Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) Aug 23- 2004 - TALKING POINT BY M. M. Afrah © 2004 -The itch to become a President of tattered Somalia by a bunch of war criminals meeting in Mbgathi made my head spin and every drop of blood in my veins tingles with indignity and unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth.
Somali parliament opens works in Nairobi     ( Aug 23 2004 ) The new Somali parliament for the interim phase opened its deliberations yesterday

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