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Middle Shabelleh Officials Discuss Security Situation.


The former administration of the Middle Shabelleh region and some of the prominent figures of the region are discussing issues relating to the worsening security situation of the Region.

The meeting is fully concentrated on how they should take a decision over armed militiamen loyal to Mohamed Omar Habeb (Mohamed Dherereh) that reached the region yesterday.

Latest reports say that the situation is calm although the people in the city are scared and anxious about the security situation.

The militiamen have occupied Giohar Police station and other strategically important areas, while reports reveal that the residents of Giohar town are planning to stage a demonstration against the arrival of the militiamen in their region which caused the pull out of the aid agencies operating there such as UNICEF, WHO and INTER SOS.

Mohamed Dhereh is member of the Somali Parliament and he did not resigned from the parliament.

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