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Djiboutian Delegation Optimistic About Somali Peace Conference

A top level Djiboutian delegation expressed tangible optimism Tuesday for a broader participation by the Somalis in the forthcoming reconciliation conference due to open in Djibouti on Thursday.

The delegation, which was here on an assessment tour, made the remarks after five days of serious consultations with the various communities and groups in Mogadishu. More than a dozen traditional leaders from Mogadishu accompanied the delegation on departure.

The main traditional leaders of Ugas Abdulkadir Ugas Hashi Ugas Fara-Addeh and Imam Mohamud Imam Omar are also expected to join them in Djibouti in the next two days.
Speaking briefly to the press before his departure, Osman Ahmed Yussuf, leader of the six-member delegation and advisor to Djiboutian President Ismael Omar Ghelleh, commended the people of Mogadishu for their warm welcome and acceptance of the Djibouti peace initiative.

"Mogadishu is a peaceful place which is contrary to what the people outside believe," he said. During its visit in Mogadishu, the delegation distributed invitations for traditional leaders and their companions to give a specific quota for each party.

Each of the clans, subclans and minority groups has asked for more people from their side to be included in those invited for the conference, and to some extent the delegation has convinced them all.

The delegation Monday met with the Abgal clan representatives dominating North Mogadishu.

In a launch party with the delegation, faction leaders Ali Mahdi Mohamed and Hussein Hajji Bod accepted the offer of the delegation and declared their readiness to attend the conference in Djibouti.

The delegation also met with faction leader Muse Sudi Yalahow in Medina district Monday evening and he accepted his personal invitation to attend the conference.

Although the delegation brought more invitation letters for the armed faction leaders who earlier declared their opposition to the conference, they had no any response to them.

"Those faction leaders were included in the list of those whom we