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Preparation for Djibouti's conference is going as planned


The political adviser to Djibouti's President, Mr. Osman Ahmed Yusuf, informed the Somali community that the preparation for Djibouti's conference is going as planned.

When interviewed by journalists in Mogadishu the senior adviser to President Gue'lleh stated that "a great deal of work lies ahead, but the Somali across all segments of the Somali society are prepared to move forward.

They have committed their good faith and good will to this conference, their focus is on rebuilding this nation, and it is our moral obligation to assist in any way we can our Somali brothers."

During the past few days Mr. Yusuf has held various meetings with the civil organizations, intellectuals, Islamic organizations, clan elders and the business community in Mogadishu.

Mr. Yusuf went further in his speech to the Somali journalists by saying "They all have accepted the program put forward by President Guell'leh that is to put an end to the clan warfare that has destroyed much of Somalia.They all expressed to me their willingness to move forward and reconcile once the entire Somali nation."

The Somali business community appealed to all Somali to cooperate in the rebuilding of the country. Various elements representing the different groups of civil organizations were invited to the conference in Djibouti.

Several are to depart from the different parts of Somalia and abroad in the next few days toward Djibouti. Amongst the invitees to the conference is Mrs. Liin Hassan Mohamed.

Mrs. Hassan is part of the large Somali business community currently in the United Arab Emirates that is actively participating in the current dialogue.

She expressed her high hopes for the conference. When interviewed she said: "This is the best opportunity that we as Somalis have to rebuild our nation. It is time that we focus on how to stop the suffering of our people and do our part to provide a better future for our current and future generations."


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