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Press Release


TO: UN Security Council
CC: United Nations Arab League
Organisation of African Unity
Organisation of Islamic Conference
Somali Government
Somali Diaspora

Subject: SCF Negates Ethiopia’s Interference in Somalia REF:
SCF 01012001: 22/01/2001

Your Excellencies

Somali Circle Forum [SFS], a network of Somali intellectuals in the Diaspora is honoured to address your Excellencies to draw your attention "Ethiopia’s Involvement" is Somalia, which complicates for the final settlement of Somalia’s stability and the horn of Africa. We hereby express our grieve dissatisfaction over the direct or indirect Ethiopia’s interference in the current mayhem of Somalia affairs.

It is obvious political blunders of Ethiopians as they waged war against all their neighbours. She had fought against Somalia over the occupied land for the last two centuries. It has fought against the newly born country namely Eritrea and her militia wage border war against Kenya. Also her arming to Sudanese opposition is immanent.

Ethiopia is currently occupying a number of Somali towns in deeper area and torturing unarmed civilians. Ethiopia is also arming warlords who have lust of power to confront with recently elected civilian transitional government, which does not even have offices to run their duties so as Somalia government does not establish.

Somalia government attempts to tackle the challenges ahead to re-institute the devastated infrastructure, to feed and develop her starving people. As stated in your press release, we do need sympathetic understanding and support for international community to enable our newly established government to function. The government has promised and it is ready to talk peacefully the opposing parties however the opposing elements are not satisfied because they either have no credentials among Somalis or they fear from law and order.

We, SCF are delighted to learn that UN has eventually recognized the legitimate Somali national authority within the international community. Further more, UN representative to Somalia H.E. Mr. David Staven knows the best for the betterment to Somali people and we recommend as Somali intellectuals to listen his advise towards Somalis and Somalia.

His current remarks of Somalia does not need further reconciliation has come time of need and we urge the international community to work closely with the transitional government as it understand the best. Also within this piece of press release, we would like to welcome the peac

eful resolution between the Somali government and Dr. Hussain Haji Bood and also urge other opposing parties to narrow their differences and give chance to peace. We would like to appeal to Hussain Aidid, Musse Sudi and others to give chance to the newly elected president.

Pertinent conflicts will only take lives and property and will not enrich anyone. As claimed earlier, you have taken guns to fight against in justice how about now are you holding them to rule.

The seat is for one and the one should be accepted through compromises not I want the seat by any means. Last but not least, your Excellencies we further plea to assist the newly administration who filled the gap of ten years of no governance.

And also we urge the new administration to build confidence through harmonization and to exercise accountability to buy the trust from the people

Thank you,

Somali Circle Forum


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