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The Delegates of the Somali national Conference in Arta, Djibouti, would like to express their whole hearted support for the popular uprising in many parts of Somalia against the futile and despotic attempts by certain local authorities to deny them their involvement, participation and support of the Somali National reconciliation, reconstruction and setting up a National Transitional Authority as envisaged by the bold Djibouti initiative of the Somali Peace Process which has been successfully going on in the republic of Djibouti for nearly nine months and now nearing its conclusion.

The Somali National Conference is dismayed by the brutal tactics used in some parts of Somalia in putting down those uprisings or in denying individuals to express their basic right of supporting or participating in the Somali Peace Process, including indiscriminate shootings, imprisonment, confiscation of property etc.

We call the International Community to put pressure on those authorities to stop the illegal killings and other forms of torture against innocent civilians in those areas.

On the other hand we call Puntland and other regional authorities not to try to go against the healthy wind of change blowing throughout Somalia and to facilitate rather than hinder their elders, intellectuals, women, the civil society and other Sections of the society their decisions to break away from the past and lay the foundation for a peaceful Somalia which embraces the rule of law, respects individual rights, guided by the will of the people and the principles of democracy and replaces harmony and good relationship with the hatred and the discord which has characterised the history of the last few decades of the Somali society.


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