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We - Somali Circle Forum [SCF], a network of Somali intellectuals in the Diaspora condemn the remote instruction that resulted the attack, kidnapping of international aid workers who have come to help and the killing, hurting, terrorizing of innocent Somalis and damaging properties in the capital city of Somalia.

We join forces among others and call upon immediate and an unconditional release of these humanitarian personnel. We believe that the instructions to execute such horrible actions were given from Addis Ababa. It is our knowledge that the militia, which took the attack, was misled with wrong information at a wrong time. It would under the responsibility of Ethiopians for any further bloodshed in Somali soil.

The clear evidence of our claim is that the continual sponsorship of shadowy building bloc and further weakening and obscuring the restoration of a Somali State. Moreover a handful individuals who have no political maturity have opted to have close relations with TPLF government to destroy our lovely country. SCF wishes to send clear message that peace-loving people will not compromise peace, stability, and good governance. Therefore, Ethiopia should see million matches for the restoration of peace, stability, and democratic government.

As an advocate group, SCF believes that transitional Somali government has attempted to reconcile the warring factions and live example was the fruitful negotiations, which brought Dr. Hussain Haji Bood and Mr. Mohamed Qanyare Afrah on board. In our understanding, the transitional government of Somalia has shown its willingness to bury the hatched and to promote regional peace and stability. We are quite confident if allowed the transitional government would succeed to reconcile with other warlords however our brotherly country namely, Ethiopia holds its historic fearful phobia of united Somalia.

The silence of the UN, OAU, IGAD, US, EU may be translated as consent of the Ethiopia’s aggressive activities in the region. We urge the secretary general of United Nations H. E. Mr. Kofi Anan to personally involve solving these complex problems.

Your Excellent, you are representing the African continent therefore you should be more responsive to its problems.

Somali Circle Forum

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