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SOMALILAND: Investigation results awaited over murder of aid worker


The Somalia Aid Coordination Body (SACB) expressed its "deepest regret" over the death of project manager Peter Krasemann of German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Somaliland on Tuesday.

SACB comprises donors, UN agencies and NGOs working in Somalia, and works in concert regarding security issues - particularly kidnappings and killings of aid workers - in Somalia.

GTZ and the German embassy requested that the Executive Committee meet on Wednesday to discuss the incident, which was the first killing of a foreign aid worker in Somaliland.

A statement released by the SACB said Krasemann was stabbed while sitting in his car in Burao, and died almost instantly. His assailant was immediately arrested and an investigation was underway by the Somaliland authorities.

The SACB said it was waiting for the outcome of the investigation before deciding what action to take. Peter Krasemann "had earned a reputation for his enthusiasm, commitment and dedication, even in the short time he had been working in Somaliland", said the statement.



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