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SAPD officials, Somali Interior Minister discuss rebuilding the country, Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C. -- September 6, 2001

Today, the Washington-based Somali Association for Peace and Democracy (SAPD) held extensive talks with Minister Dahir Mohamed Sheck-Nur (Dayax), the Interior Minister of the Somali Transitional National Government. The meeting which followed an honorary reception dinner for the Minister who is visiting Washington, focused on several important aspects of current social, political, and economic situation of the country.

The Minister briefed SAPD officials of the latest developments as Transitional Government enters into it its second year with discussion on obstacles and opportunities facing the Transitional Government. During the talks, officials exchanged views on areas where the TNG needs greatest support in rebuilding institutions throughout Somalia.

Some proposals put forth included ways the Diaspora could assist morally and materially in rebuilding various regions and districts of the country. The Minister informed the officials that all he is asking for is that “Diaspora help in building their own home town and districts, no more, no less.” He emphasized that our division of opinions as Somalis, should not mean that we will never be able to rebuild our country – one village, one district at a time.” “The Diaspora has important role to play,” he added.

The Minister received advise on a number of other issues including: the need for the TNG to nominate key ambassadorial posts as quickly as possible to complete the restoration of Somalia’s international status.

It was even suggested that the Diaspora communities should be encouraged to contribute to the cost of establishing Somali missions in countries important to Somalia.

The meeting was concluded with a set of recommendations ranging from reconciliation (regional hot spots and national level) to international representation and technical assistance. SAPD officials and prominent attendees at the meeting included Mr. Abdigafar Wardere, Amb. Mahamud H. Nur, Ahmed Mahadalle, Abdulkadir Aden (Jangeli), Mumin Barre, and other dignitaries.

It was agreed that key recommendations will be distributed through official channels.

SAPD Press Washington, D.C.
September 6, 2001
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