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Life on a Knife’s Edge (MSNBC News) In the charnel house that was Somalia in the early 1990s, Reuters correspondent Aidan Hartley had a

Djibouti extends expulsion order as exodus continues DJIBOUTI, Aug 31 (AFP) - Djibouti on Sunday extended a deadline for illegal immigrants to quit the

Mogadishu: City of guns, money and death (Mail & Guardian) (Saturday, August 30, 2003) The allure of the Somali capital's deadly hardware and rush for quick cash in order to earn a living

Foreign terror suspects freed in Puntland NAIROBI, 28 Aug 2003 (IRIN) The authorities in the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland have freed seven foreign national

Somalian Women in N.Va. Struggle With Past, Present (Washingtonpost) ( They are, in several respects, like so many other refugees newly arrived in the Washington area.

Peace Talks Must Encompass Human Rights, Says Expert (Nairobi) (Allafrika) A UN-appointed independent expert on human rights for Somalia has said the more attention given to

Mogadishu Day (PUBLISHED 8/27/03) (Minneapolis) ( Is the most vital television news in the cities taking place on cable access?

Row over Kenya leader's burial ! Nairobi(Kenya), BBC News ( 26th August 2003 ) A row is threatening to scuttle the burial plans of Kenya's Vice-President Michael Wamalwa, with ..

Dab ka kacay xaafad ka tirsan Hargeysa Hargeisa, Axmed Saciid Cigeh - ( 26th August 2003 ) Dab ayaa shalay galab ka kacay xaafadda New Hargeysa ee bariga magaalada, waxaana ku dhintay .....

Faction leader "disappointed" by talks NAIROBI, 26 Aug 2003 - Prominent Mogadishu-based faction leader Usman Hasan Ali Ato has expre

Traffickers drown 45 migrants ( August 26, 2003) (The Guardian) (Mogadishu) At least 45 Somalis and Ethiopians trying to get to Yemen in a wooden vessel are feared drowned

Somali warlords should put country first at peace talks Nairobi(Kenya), MUTHUSI KIMWELE - ( 26th August 2003 ) For over 10 years now, Somalia has been without a government. The situation has cost the country ...

DJIBOUTI: Thousands of illegal immigrants leaving ahead of deadline ! Djibouti, IRIN ( 25th August 2003 ) Thousands of illegal immigrants are leaving Djibouti ahead of a deadline imposed by the government

First Reading of Draft Charter Concluded Nairobi(Kenya), ( 25th August 2003 ) Delegates to the Somali peace talks underway in Nairobi last week ended their first reading of the
Talking Point: WE ARE BEING LEFT BEHIND (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (Aug. 24, 03) The world is changing rapidly. Many things have happened since the days the faction leaders/warlords started talking in Eldoret nine months ago. The Liberian President/warlord Charles Taylor left the scene ala Siyad Barre.

Somali presidential hopefuls jockey for right to rule region (Taipei Times) (Sunday, Aug 24, 2003) Somalia is choosing a president in a process that people here hope will bring stability after a doze

EU to Rehabilitate a Road Linking Somalia and Ethiopia ( JEDDAH, 23 August 2003 — An official from the European Union has disclosed that the EU is undertakin

An association helps Somali women adjust to the U.S. (KnoxNews) (August 23, 2003) When Amina Aidid first arrived in America seven years ago, she left behind in her native Somalia the

Kenya's vice-president dies London - BBC News ( 23rd August 2003 ) Kenyan Vice-President Michael Kijana Wamalwa has died at a London hospital at the age of 58.He had..

Sudan peace talks adjourn, due to resume in September NAIROBI - Story from AFP ( 23rd August 2003 ) Peace talks between the Sudanese government and southern rebels adjourned Saturday after delegates

New Somali Government to be Formed Soon: Envoy NAIROBI - People"s Daily ( 23rd August 2003 ) The ongoing Somali National Reconciliation Conference is at its critical stage and a new government

Suspect charged in death of a (Somali immigrant) cabbie ! Minneapolis - BY AMY MAYRON of the Pioneer Press ( 23rd August 2003 ) A Dakota County man out of prison for less than two months has been charged with murder in the ....

Police chief visits family of the Somali slain man ! Ottawa - By Jason Fekete of the Ottawa Citizen ( 22nd August 2003 ) In a rare personal visit, Ottawa's police chief met yesterday with the family of Bashir Sahal to ...

EU to Rehabilitate a Road Linking Somalia and Ethiopia Jeddah, Salad F. Duhul, Special to Arab News ( 22nd August 2003 ) An official from the European Union has disclosed that the EU is undertaking a feasibility study on

SOMALIA: UN concerned over "persistent" weapons flow New York, IRIN - ( 22nd August 2003 ) The UN Security Council has expressed concern over the "persistent flow of weapons and ammunitions"

Bantu Somali Family Moves To Boise (August 20, 2003) BOISE - A Bantu Somalian family of eight who suffered in a war torn country are now living their

Security Council updated on work of experts investigating Somali arms ban (UN News Center) 20 August – United Nations Security Council members today welcomed the mid-term oral report of the

Interim gov't sets conditions for return to talks (NAIROBI, 20 Aug 2003 ) Somalia's Transitional National Government (TNG) has formulated a reply to an official invitation

Peace talks resume after five-day break (NAIROBI, 19 Aug 2003 ) The Somali national reconciliation conference reconvened in the Mbagathi suburb of the Kenyan

SOMALIA NATIONAL RECONCILIATION CONFERENCE - Weekly Sitrep (Aug. 18, 2003) (MBAGATHI, KENYA) Weekly Sitrep no. 25 (Covering from 09th to 15th August, 2003)

Kenyan Envoy Urges Transitional Government President to Return to Talks (Nairobi) (August 18, 2003 ) Kenyan envoy Muhammad Abdi Affey, who last week travelled to Mogadishu, said he had asked Abdiqassim

Refugees demand Somali government (BBC) (Monday, 18 August) (Nairobi) Hundreds of refugees demonstrated outside the venue in Mbagathi, in the suburbs of the Kenyan

Muuse Suudi oo ka degey Kismaayo ! Kismaio, Xasan Barise - BBCSomali.Com - ( 17th August 2003 ) Wararka ka imaanaya magaalo madaxda gobolka Jubbada Hoose ee Kismaayo ayaa sheegaya in Sabtidii ...
Talking Point: FROM MY MAIL BOX (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (Aug. 7, 03) Hmm…. There does seem a lot of interesting emails pouring in this week. Some are outraged about my recent eyewitness accounts and some from US Marines former President George Bush committed to Somalia "to do God's work."

Reason to cheer (Boston) (By M.M.Afrah) (Aug. 7, 03) By MIKE LOWE, Portland Press Herald Writer -The music that wafted over Fitzpatrick Stadium that Saturday night was surely unlike any other that the neighboring community had ever heard.

Somalia's shadow looms over Monrovia (AP) (Sunday, Aug 17, 2003) Marines in Liberia are ever mindful of the disastrous peacekeeping operation in Mogadishu, vividly

U.S. Marines in Liberia say Somalia memories have faded (MONROVIA, AP) Scorched by a merciless Liberian sun, hundreds of U.S. Marines patrol the capital's war-battered

Offering help, hope to Somali women Minneapolis Shruti L. Mathur, Star Tribune ( 15th August 2003 ) When Amina Aidid first arrived in America seven years ago, she left behind in her native Somalia

Muqdisho: Kooxo rasaas isku furey ! Mogadishu - Xasan Barise - BBCSomali.Com ( 15th August 2003 ) Wararka ka imaanaya Muqdisho ayaa sheegaya in Khamiistii gelinkii dambe ay labo kooxood oo .....

Seek local solutions to Somalia crisis (Aug. 14, 03) (Daily Nation) (Nairobi) After more than 12 years without a government following the departure of dictator Siad Barre in 1991

Concern over low food yields in south NAIROBI, 14 Aug 2003 - A food security watchdog says lower than expected cereal production has

Between Iraq And Somalia (Al-Hayat - 2003/08/14) The fact that more than 150 newspapers have started being published in Iraq in the past three months

Somali PM Sees New Govt in Two Weeks (Arab News, Reuters) NAIROBI, 14 August 2003 — Somalia’s prime minister said yesterday he expected leaders to form a new

Somaliland has case for independence (Mail Guardian Online) The case is growing for the country to do this on one of the prickliest matters: Somaliland.

Transitional National Government Hangs in the Balance As Mandate Ends (Nairobi) (August 12, 2003 ) Uncertainty hung over Somalia's Transitional National Government (TNG) on Tuesday after prime

Somali president clings to office (Monday, 11 August, 2003) Somalia's transitional leader has announced that his government will not stand down on Wednesday whe

Somali leaders trade accusations NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) -- A dispute that could hurt Somalia's shaky peace process worsened this we

Somalia interim govt implodes as mandate expires NAIROBI, Aug 10 (Reuters) - A row that could hurt Somalia's already shaky peace process worsened at

Somali Peace Parleys See Big Breakthrough Nairobi(Kenya), Salad F. Duhul, Special to Arab News ( 9th August 2003 ) The Somali peace talks in Kenya have seen a major breakthrough in an agreement on several key ....

Shir lagu dhaliilay shirka dib u heshiisiinta Soomaalida Nairobi(Kenya), Yusuf Hassan - ( 9th August 2003 ) Shir ay maanta isugu yimaadeed kooxaha diidan hab socodka shirka dib u heshiisiinta Soomalida ee ..

Warlord quits peace talks (Aug. 08, 03) ( Nairobi Nairobi - One of Somalia's main warlords, Musa Sudi Yalahow, on Friday

Minister says Somalia should be united, denies interference ADDIS ABABA, 8 Aug 2003 (IRIN) Ethiopia has rejected calls by the breakaway republic of Somaliland for international recognition

Land of Somalia refuses to join Makadishu government (Arabic News) (Politics, 8/7/2003 ) The foreign minister of so-called "Land of Somalia republic" said that the split district will not t
Talking Point: SOMALIA'S EXODUS - PART SIX - CHRONICLING THE SEQUENCE 1993/1996(Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (Aug. 7, 03) General Aideed who crossed three continents, first India (as an Ambassador), Italy and then Ethiopia to take over the leadership of the United Somali Congress (USC) to dislodge President

Faction Leader Leaves Talks (August 6, 2003 ) Prominent Mogadishu-based faction leader Muse Sudi Yalahow walked out of the Somali peace talks in

Profile: Somalia's isolated leader Mogadishu - By Hassan Barise ( 6th August 2003 ) Somali President Abdulkassim Salat Hassan came into power three years ago with the promise of .....

U.S. Says Liberia Mission Wouldn't Be Another Somalia WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top U.S. military officer said on Tuesday any American involvement in

Plenary to Debate Draft Charter (August 5, 2003 ) The plenary session of the Somali peace talks in Kenya was due to reconvene on Tuesday to debate the

Somali refugee finds her freedom (Nashville City Paper) (August 05, 2003) Imagine trying to understand what a Social Security card is and why you might need one when you are

Somaliland: A dilemma that confronts African states (Nairobi) (Daily Nation) (Monday, August 4, 2003 ) Recent developments have made the choice faced by the international community considerably clearer

Somaliland Rejects Attempts to Bring It Into Peace Talks (Allafrika) (Nairobi ) (August 4, 2003 ) The authorities in the self-declared republic of Somaliland in northwestern Somalia have reiterated

Local Somalis Fear Kids Will Claim Abuse To Escape Tradition ( (August 4, 2003) COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Some leaders of the city's Somali community say they fear teenagers who want to

U.S. moves 13,000 Bantus to N.Y. ( (August 4, 2003 ) Many of the Somalis who fled to Kenya in the '90s have never seen modern conveniences.

Somalis make their mark in the UAE (Zawya) (2 August 2003 ) DUBAI - The Somali community has been making their presence felt in the UAE over the last five years

Al-Qaeda suspect's ordeal (BBC on June 2, 03) A Kenyan man who was held for five weeks in three different countries wrongly suspected of belonging

Somalia talks to continue despite leader's pull-out (Saturday, August 2, 2003 ) (By NATION ) (Nairobi) Somalia peace talks will proceed despite the Transitional National Government leader's withdrawal.

Talking Point: SOMALIA'S EXODUS - PART FIVE - CHRONICLING THE SEQUENCE 1993/1995 (Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (Aug. 1 , 03)The Americans apparently assumed that the Somalis wouldn't bite the hand that was feeding them. This has turned out to be a risky assumption to make.General Aideed was not interested in altruism, and like many Somalis believed that

Talks On Course Says Kenyan Mediator (Allafrika) (August 1, 2003 ) (Nairobi) Ambassador Bethwel Kiplagat, the chairman of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

We'll need peacekeepers, Somali mediators say (MSNBC) (NAIROBI, Aug. 1 ) Mediators trying to end anarchy in Somalia said on Thursday they hoped to form a government soon
TNG withdraws from peace conference in Kenya (Arab News) (Somalia, Politics, 7/30/2003 ) News reports in Kenya said that the delegation of the Somali provisional government withdrew from the peace conference, held in Nairobi under the pretext that the conference got out of track and the persistence of Somali groups on what the delegation called to Balkanize (fracture it) the country and deprive it

Talks "will not stop" despite president's walkout NAIROBI, 30 Jul 2003 (IRIN) - The UN Secretary-General's representative for Somalia, Winston Tubman,

SOMALIA: Draft charter should be scrapped, says independent survey NAIROBI, 30 Jul 2003 (IRIN) - An independent assessment of the draft Somali charter, which is

Somaliland: Democratisation and Its Discontents (July 29, 03) (ICG) Recent developments have made the choice faced by the international community considerably clearer:

Envoy Urges Less Haste in Finalising Peace Accord Nairobi(Kenya), IRIN - ( 29th July 2003 ) The ambassador of Somalia's Transitional National Government (TNG) to the UN has stressed that ...

Additional Somali refugees could be headed to Sioux Falls (Associated Press) SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - As many as 150 refugees from the African country of Somalia will settle in Sioux

MINNEAPOLIS: Suspect charged in cabdriver's slaying (Minneapolis ) (Pioneer Press) A Minneapolis man was charged Monday with first-degree murder in connection with the shooting death

Wararkii ugu danbeeyay ee shirka Soomaalida Nairobi(Kenya), Yusuf Hassan - ( 27th July 2003 ) Waxaa muuqata in shirka uu hadda marayo meel aad iyo aad xasaasi u ah, oo wax kasta laga filan karo

Additional Somali refugees could be headed to Sioux Falls SIOUX FALLS Associated Press ( 27th July 2003 ) As many as 150 refugees from the African country of Somalia will settle in Sioux Falls over the ..

Warning of loosing security in Somalia;Saleh: tripartite coalition not directed against any side Adis Ababa, Arabic ( 25th July 2003 ) The Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has stressed that the tripartite "Yemeni, Ethiopian and

Talking Point: SOMALIA'S EXODUS - PART FOUR - CHRONICLING THE SEQUENCE 1993/1994(Toronto) (By M.M.Afrah) (July 25, 03) Each time the Army Rangers and the Delta Force get the lead via the CIA (based on misinformation by double agents) regarding general Aideed's new hideout, the ordinary people were caught in deadly spiral of ...

Peace Talks to Move to Third And Final Stage (July 24, 03) (Nairobi) The organizers of the Somali peace talks in Kenya say a plenary session will start early next week


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