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Commentary: Desperate She-Monkey


By Ahmed Waberi

We Somali's are in a deep state of confusion. We have lost our orientation in time and in place. Our orientation in self is so far preserved. We have not lost it as yet;or rather I had better say most of us have not abandoned our dignity,our religion,our culture,our values and our rich heritage of which we are so proud. Any real Somali would rather die than discredit his or her own people. Unfortunately few so called Somali's lost their orientation in self as well. They are no more Somali's for they wittingly or unwittingly have stripped themselves of Somali Nationality. They have gone stray and have no clue of where they are headed to. Their simile is that of blindfolded donkey on their way to the well or it is even worse than that for the poor donkey is just performing his duty.

Recently Ayaan Hirsi, -oops!- I had better not refer to her as Ayaan for Ayaan is some one who is fortunate and this individual who so far has only proven to be unlucky, has been in the limelight recently. Not because she is a poor nomad from the horn of Africa but all of a sudden she had something to say. Has she postulated a new scientific theory that needs to be proven by gray haired scientists or has she developed a chemical formula that might cure all human diseases, a panacea. She has been up to something but unfortunately nothing in that direction. For Ayaandaran, the miserable, thought by divulging blasphemy about Muslims in general and about Somalis in particular, she might create a golden bridge for herself that would take her swiftly to the the Dutch Parliament. Ayaandaran is not in touch with reality as she is in an intractable psychosis. Be assured of that for that is not the way to Den Haag. She is a suicidal who simply managed to throw herself into a frightfully dark and deep abyss.

Ayaandaran is so fickling that no sensible person would trust her with a position that requires equanimity and determination. Ironically, She was a devotee of the late Pim Fortuyn who preached intolerance and hate crimes against blacks and other minorities. I wonder how safe would Ms Hirsi have been, had all the Dutch people embraced Pim Fortuyn's ideas. Would she have been able to grow a new white skin to stay alife?

So cretin and dumb as she is, by associating herself with the skin head, she was foolishly taking part in her own demise. In a short span of time she has changed from the skin head to the Labour Party ( PVD ) to the People's Party for Freedom ( VVD ). She has no tangible political mettle that she cannot stick with one party or idealism and it is unrealistic to expect her of that while she is suffering from schizoaffective disturbances and multiple personalities. As soon as the neuroleptics prescribed by her treating psychiatrist are eliminated from her body, without a warning , her positive symptoms, the hallucinations and the delusions haunt her interminably. Her hallucinations include terrible voices that tell her that women are beaten in the horn of Africa.

She is like a lonely and a desperate she-monkey who for want of a better life, deserted her own family and received a slap in the face from the very same monkeys she had refuged to collect some miserable alms. This is Ayaandaran and this is her fate. A miserable life in a mental asylum for the rest of her remaining years! No matter how much alms she receives she will live in abject poverty and moreover she will spend the rest of her life hiding herself in embarrass lest she be recognized by some one who might caveat the passers by of a rotten figure. Oops! A'uudu Billaah! There goes Ayaandaran.

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