Statement on the Promotion of Peace and Reconciliation in Somalia

Issued in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

April 16 - 17, 2003





On the 16th and 17th of April 2003, members of the Somali Business Council and the Center for Research & Dialogue (CRD), an affiliate of WSP International, jointly organized a Forum in Dubai, UAE to discuss the continuing problems of conflict and statelessness facing all Somalis. This is a matter of grave concern to members of the Somali business community, who hope to see their homeland reach its full development potential and return to a rightful place in the international community.


This Forum represents a historical opportunity for the Somali business community whose leverage and potentiality in the current political, economical and social crisis has not been utilized. The Forum brought together the Somali business groups to exchange their ideas and views about peace and reconciliation efforts for Somalia. As a result of the documentary films shown by CRD in the forum and the discussions that followed, the attended members of Dubai Somali Business Council have expressed their commitment to the peace and reconciliation processes for their homeland.

The continuing conflict limits the role of a growing economy and active business community in providing employment for the Somali people and increased access to essential services. In the absence of a recognized governing authority, even basic activities that provide Somalis with commodities and market items, electricity, communications and travel, may unintentionally provide resources to the conflicting Somali parties.


The only way to bring lasting peace and reconciliation is to establish justice and equality to all Somalis. While engaging with the antagonists in the Somali conflict remains an essential component of finding a negotiated solution to the problem, further support is needed to foster mutual trust amongst the Somali people and support them to determine their own future.

Since the Somali Business Council includes individuals drawn from all Somali territories and clans, its members are perceived as being in a position to support an inclusive and influential dialogue. In this regard, participants at the Dubai Forum resolved they will undertake the following:


      Continue to remain engaged in discussions and learning about the Somali crisis and the opportunities available to promote peace and reconciliation.

      Promote business initiatives that will help in the alleviation of humanitarian needs and contribute to sustainable development for all Somalis.

      Work to ensure that ongoing business activities do not contribute to the Somali war economy and the perpetuation of violence and statelessness.

      Engage in discussions with Somalis and representatives of the international community to determine the best ways of contributing to ongoing peace, reconciliation and development efforts.

      Affirm that the outcome of this Forum will be implemented thoroughly in cooperation with other stakeholders inside and outside Somalia.

      Establish a periodic consultative/advisory meeting between the Somali Business Council with CRD and other Somali institutions.

      Utilize the connections and ties of the Somali Business Council for nurturing and enhancing the ongoing peace and reconciliation conferences both inside and outside Somalia.


To these ends, members of the Somali Business Council have decided to create a Peace and Reconciliation Committee that will continue to collect information on the opportunities available to the Somali business community to support peace and reconciliation and to raise support amongst all Somalis to take advantage of such opportunities.


In conclusion, the participating members of the Somali Business Council express gratitude to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the brotherly United Arab Emirates for facilitating the deliberations. Further appreciation goes to WSP International based in Geneva, Switzerland for its continued interest in helping the Somali people, and the Somali Business Council requests their continued assistance to support the achievement of the resolutions described above.




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