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Somali Presidential Race

The ongoing talks for the allocation of the Transitional National Assembly seats for Hawiye and Darod have not produced a final agreement. With the negotiation still in progress, the list of the presidential candidates for the top position of the interim government is shaping up.

The most number of candidates is from the Hawiye camp, although candidates from the other clans are also discussed. Several delegates and observers present at the conference have indicated 10-12 people as actively seeking the job of interim president.

The delegates present at the conference have circulated candidate names without a direct show of support or rejection. Now that the actual debate is seen as approaching, delegates are presenting their views on those candidates that have shown interest in the position.

The fact that the majority of the candidates running for the presidential post are from the Hawiye clan was not well received by everyone. Especially, those candidates from the Habar-Gedir-Hawiye sub-clan are currently under scrutiny.

Some openly expressed their opposition to Habar-Gedir presidential hopefuls. Elders, delegates and representatives of the civil society opposing these candidates indicated their willingness to move forward in the re-pacification process, but questions the motives of these candidates.

One of the delegates from the south central Somalia stated that "electing one of them is like rewarding those who caused and are still causing us the most suffering.

This Conference was convened to re-unite all Somalis. Therefore, we ought to elected a president and prime minister that will uphold to this commitment not candidates that aim to maintain the status quo".

Djibouti's government is gearing up all its apparatus to ensure that the process goes smoothly. A dateline for the elections of the interim government was not announced.

But, based on the experience gained on the last three months everyone is preparing for a lengthy process.



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