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Spaghetti war hotting up in Mogadishu

With new opportunities in private business, lines of conflict are being drawn between rival spaghetti entrepreneurs.

A legacy from the Italian colonial era, pasta remains a popular commodity throughout Somalia and importers of Italian spaghetti have succeeded in doing a lively business throughout the last decade of war and anarchy.

But now these importers are facing tough competition from local manufacturers. Two pasta factories have recently opened in Mogadishu, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) reported on Monday.

The first, a noodle factory in the city's Huriwah district, can produce more than 7.5 mt per day - although an administrator told the agency that the production lines are sometimes shut down as supply still exceeds demand.

A second factory, producing spaghetti under the local brand-name of Deeqa is giving the previously popular Italian Paganni brand a hard time, DPA reported.

This factory was opened with investment from the huge Somali telecommunications company, NationLink.



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