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Somalis Hail Result of Parliamentary Election

Demonstrations were held Monday throughout Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, to celebrate the successful election of the speaker of the interim parliament of the country which has no central government due to a decade civil war.

Administrator of Banoda telecommunications Abdulwahab Sheikh Adan jumped up and down in happiness after the election result was announced last night at Arta, Djibouti, where a peace conference has been held since May to end the civil war in Somalia.

Abdulla Dero Issak, secretary-general of the Rahwein Resistant Army, was elected last night as head of the 245-member provisional parliament of Somalia, gaining 75 percent of the 194 votes cast.

Mukhtar Malaq, one of the popular elders of Rahanwein in Gurban district, characterized the nomination of the speaker of Somalia National Assembly ( the interim parliament) as "a gigantic step forward".

Malaq said he believed that the Rahanwein people are now for the first time being well represented in Somalia's top politics in history.

According to the technical and secretariat committee in charge of the election, the parliament will elect the president in the next few days, adding that 45 candidates have so far forwarded their documents to run for the presidency of Somalia.

Those who can obtain at least two thirds of the votes in the parliament will stand for the election, but the one who gets at least 123 votes will become Somali president in the interim period of three years, according to the committee.


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